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Chapter 182: Twelve Zodiacs—Saga Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Qin Ruo’s party obviously came out from the deep Silentdeath Jungle and in turn entered the Mythical Battlefield region closer to Demon Faction’s boundary. That explained why they were now seeing the spectacularly huge raid group from Demon Faction.

This large party before their eyes actually had the same intention as Slayer’s Heart gang. They planned to grab some Pet Eggs from Silentdeath Jungle, which had a relatively higher Boss sp.a.w.n rate across the Mythical Battlefield, after the introduction of the Pet System. The best reward would certainly be the Boss-tier egg. A Level 47 Malevolent Archdemon, a Level 48 Shadow Archdemon, or even a Level 48 “Blackscale Bloodbeast” Pet Egg was easily stronger than any common Pet Egg found in the Pet Shop, which could be used to ma.s.sively boost the power of their Clan’s elite members!

They were unexpectedly very lucky to find a rare Mutant monster not long after they entered Silentdeath Jungle. Moreover, the Mutant monster was actually a Boss-tier monster!

It was commonly known that a mere Mutant monster has remarkably high drop rate as compared to a normal Boss monster of the same tier, let alone a Mutant Boss. The Demon Faction players, who had similar experiences in the past, immediately decided to keep their discovery a secret. Twenty people were instructed to spread out to the surrounding area and were prohibited from contacting anyone from the outside. The rest of them were all partic.i.p.ated in the intense siege battle against the Boss.

The Clan by the name “Twelve Zodiacs” was regarded as one of the few powerful ones from Demon Faction. Besides, all members in their current party were selected among the elite fighters within the Clan. These players were all well-equipped and exceptionally skilled! Even though the fight was extremely dangerous throughout, they still managed to take on the Boss’s attacks at the moment…

“Saga” the Field Commander of Twelve Zodiacs Clan as the main commander of the battle, was both nervous and excited at the same time as he witnessed the HP of the Mutant Darkshadow Archdemon being trimmed down gradually.

‘A Mutant monster as powerful as a Level 47 Elite Boss, but has a much higher drop rate than the latter! That’s unthinkable!

‘What would the dropped items be?

‘Dark Gold Equipment at the very least… Or even Legendary is possible!’

In addition to that, he was also antic.i.p.ating that this Mutant Boss would drop a Pet Egg. That will certainly be a pinnacle of all existences, which would surpa.s.s every previously hatched or unhatched pets alike!!!

After all, the drop rate of a Mutant Boss was terrifyingly high and could not be measured by usual probability…

By binding a “Mutant Darkshadow Archdemon” as one’s pet, not only would it enhance a player’s combat power to reach or even exceed the level of a Field Commander, but there was also a high chance for the player to reach Tier 5 with the monster’s aid!

‘This is truly a priceless treasure!’

Under the command of Saga who was highly focused, the “warmongers” began to repeat their constant speed of 7~800 damage per 5 to 6 seconds unstoppably, which gradually reduced the HP of the ‘Mutant Darkshadow Archdemon’.

The Mutant Darkshadow Archdemon possessed a hundred thousand HP, so this little damage was considered slow progress.

However, they were deep in Silentdeath Jungle, where no other players would enter under normal circ.u.mstances. So as long as they could succeed in the end, he did not care how much time it would take…

Besides, such little damage was insufficient to enrage the Boss immediately. The Mutant Darkshadow Archdemon had yet to fight seriously. It was just continuously venting its anger toward the adjacent Beastblood Berserkers that surrounded it, as well as the few groups of Elementalists who had taken turns to attack it from the periphery…

It is indeed an existence that is close to the pinnacle of Tier 4. Tier 4 Single and AoE Shadow attacks were frequently cast by the monster. Those attacks nearly exterminated the few Beastblood Berserkers closest to the monster several times.

However, all the seven Beastblood Berserkers were Twelve Zodiacs’ most well-equipped tanks. Not only were their HPs beyond 2,000, but they were also holding a heavy s.h.i.+eld. The amount of HP Potion (L) carried by them was also more than sufficient! Furthermore, they were each a.s.signed with a Radiant Priest to support them with buffs. So whenever they were in grave danger, they could immediately respond and recover through the support of others!

After a few minutes, the Mutant Darkshadow Archdemon’s silver white pupils suddenly flashed and slowly emitted red rays. Its roars were also becoming deeper!

The monster finally lost its patience. It failed to slaughter a single human adventurer after a few minutes. This made it vaguely sense it was in danger, especially after it had gradually lost more than 10000 HP… Based on its intelligence, it would not allow such a situation to continue any longer.

“Be careful!”

“The Boss is going to reveal its true strength!!”

“Saga” heart tightened and he warned his party loudly! His mind was filled with unprecedented anxiety… The true battle was going to start now! A Tier 4 Elite Boss surely possess Tier 5 magic. If they could not handle it well now, their efforts spent previously would all be in vain.

No matter what, they could not afford to lose this battle! This was a decisive moment that dictated whether he could be standing at the pinnacle of “H&G” or not!

As everyone in Twelve Zodiacs was busy defending, none of them realized a blurry “human shadow” had silently fallen back by tens of meters…

Qin Ruo had once witnessed the formidable power of a Tier 5 AoE Magic back at Devil’s Swamp. The additional aftershock effect of the magic alone easily dispelled his Aquamorph. He did not wish to expose himself in front of tens of Demon Faction players at this very moment. If that happened, their plan to watch the fight from afar and reap the benefits from Twelve Zodiacs would mostly come to naught.


As soon as he retreated to the safe zone, Qin Ruo heard a horrendous sound akin to the depths of h.e.l.l coming from the battlefield. The strong soundwave immediately broke the silence of the jungle, which was quickly followed by a ferocious magical fluctuation and exclamations from tens of Demon Faction players…


“…Be careful!”


“Hold on!!!”

The uproar however was swiftly muted. Judging from the Mutant Darkshadow Archdemon’s angry yet helpless roar, the battle situation seemed to have slowly returned back to order.

The cooldown of a Tier 5 AoE skill was rather long. The Tier 4 Boss would not be able to cast the skill again by at least half a minute, so Qin Ruo took advantage of this interval and lurked back in silently to get a sneak peek and was a little startled by what he saw!

On the battlefield, the thirty-meter radius around the Mutant Darkshadow Archdemon had turned into a dark, scorched land. It also gave off a putrid and corrosive stench. What surprised Qin Ruo was that none of the seven Beastblood Berserkers were hurt or killed. Similarly, the Elementalists who were supporting from the periphery had survived unscathed. In the face of a Boss that was close to the pinnacle of Tier 4, this party was able to stand their ground without any losses…

Except that there was an additional player in the field!

The Ignis Swordmaster”Saga”, who had been commanding the fight from the side all this while, now joined in the fray to surround the Boss with a body covered in visible Fire Combat Aura. He was like a fire dragon that swirled freely around the Mutant Darkshadow Archdemon. Several sword radiances from the swordsman firmly blasted the Mutant Darkshadow Archdemon body and left a clear burnt mark on it!

In truth, Fire-attribute attacks would inflict an extra 5 to 10% damage on Dark-type creatures. Nonetheless, what astonished Qin Ruo was not the damage Saga dealt, but the spot where each and every Saga’s attack was landed on the Boss’s body. It was very similar to Slayer’s Heart’s attacking style of targeting critical points and body parts of the Boss which would move next.

This was what Brother Da tried hard to imitate throughout this journey, which Saga was able to replicate with a similarity of 70 to 80%… Even though the damage inflicted was not anything near Slayer’s Heart, the Ignis Swordmaster swiftly retreated from the battlefield without any hesitation once the seven Beastblood Berserkers had completely recovered. Obviously, Tier 5 AoE skill cast by the Boss was successfully interrupted due to his timely arrival, releasing them from imminent danger.

This discovery caused Qin Ruo to gasp in surprise!

“This person… is very strong!” He at least matched 60% of Slayer’s Heart power.

To exploit their fight, Slayer’s Heart’s initial strategy was to cause a commotion near the end of the battle. Then, with indirect help from the Mutant Darkshadow Archdemon, they could greatly reduce the amount of battle power of the opponent’s party. After that, Qin Ruo would further aggravate the situation and gift them a “little present” to speed up the elimination of the Demon Faction opponents. Regardless of whether they could finish off the near-death Mutant Darkshadow Archdemon later on, they would definitely gain huge profits by defeating the Demon Faction party first. However…

They did not realize a powerful Ignis Swordmaster was hidden in this party then, when they were planning the ambush.

This neglected Ignis Swordmaster was apparently a dangerous wild card. Luckily he discovered this beforehand, so they had enough time to restrategize…

“In this Mythical Battlefield, those who lead a team would never be a weakling. The leader must at least a Field Commander in a Clan. Within Twelve Zodiacs, there is only one powerful Ignis Swordmaster who fits—the Level 48 Saga.”

Right after Qin Ruo’s information, Slayer’s Heart replied swiftly.

“You even understand a Clan from the Demon Faction this well?” Brother Da interjected through the party’s voice channel. Slayer’s Heart shook his head and said, “Nay. Someone from my clan told me this.”

Slayer’s Heart paused for a while, then continued calmly, “Don’t worry, let’s follow our initial plan. As for Saga, leave him to me.”

With Slayer’s Heart determined tone, Qin Ruo’s confidence and battle intent surged immensely.