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The Four Symbols Ancient City, one of the famous capitals of the Asura World in the west, was jointly guarded by the strongest Dragon King Qing Zhi and the Barbarian King Yan Lan. It was the largest city outside of the Evil Emperor Pavilion’s territory, it was extremely bustling with activity, it had the largest auction house in the west, and was one of the biggest sources of income for the Evil Emperor Pavilion.

Although Ye Xuan and the others had successfully taken over the headquarters of the Evil Emperor Pavilion and the Evil Emperor City, they hadn’t managed to take the ancient city into their pockets yet.

According to the news from Qing Tian, Li Chunyang and the rest, Bing King Poseidon, Heartless Sword King Xiang Chu and the rest came to the Four Symbols Ancient City right after they left.

It was likely that they wanted to meet up with Dragon King Qing Zhi and even form an alliance with him.

Naturally, Ye Xuan and the others couldn’t just sit by and watch as this happened. Thus, they immediately rushed towards the Four Symbols Ancient City with Lin Feng and the Holy Demon Derek.

This was the best chance for them to capture all of the Ice King Poseidon, Heartless Sword King, and Xiang Chu in one fell swoop, taking the opportunity to take the Four Symbols Ancient City into their pockets.

In the center of the Four Symbols Ancient City was a grand and imposing manor. It had an extremely imposing name — — Four Symbols Manor!

In the Four Symbols Ancient City, the Four Symbols Manor held an unshakable, supreme status and was the center of power. The Dragon King, Qing Zhi, lived in this magnificent manor.

In the conference hall of the Four Symbols Manor, the king, Qing Zhi, gathered all the patriarchs of the clans, leaders of the major powers, and elders of the surrounding cities. An important meeting with over thirty people was taking place.

The Dragon King was about fifty years old, with a rough face and striking long green hair. He wore a long robe embroidered with green dragons, and sat at the head of the meeting hall. As he looked at the chattering crowd, a glint of light flashed across his sharp eyes.

Beside the dragon king, Qing Zhi, was another master. However, this master’s seat was empty.

It was originally the position of the Barbarian King, but it was already dead.

The eyes of the dragon king, Qing Zhi, swept over the surroundings before gently pressing down with his hands. The noisy meeting room immediately quietened down.

Everyone tactfully kept their mouths shut as their gazes simultaneously landed on the Dragon King Qing Zhi, waiting for him to speak.

As the strongest amongst all the Evil Emperor and one of the nine great demon kings of the Asura World of the West, the Dragon King Qing Zhi was the strongest within the Four Symbols Ancient City.

“Following the Evil Emperor’s retreat, the headquarters of the Evil Emperor Pavilion was breached, and the city fell into the hands of the remnants of the Demonic G.o.d Hall. Once they completely stabilize the city, they will take action against our Four Symbols Ancient City. Everyone here is a reputable person within the boundaries of the Four Symbols Ancient City. My purpose for gathering everyone here is to discuss the future of the Four Symbols Ancient City … “

The Dragon King Qing Zhi’s eyes swept across everyone present as he spoke in a deep voice.

When they heard the words of the Dragon King Qing Zhi, the hearts of the people present had a feeling of quietly letting out a sigh of relief. After all, with the attack of the Evil Emperor Pavilion headquarters being breached, the Evil Emperor Yunyou had gone into seclusion to not ask about the secular world, the Divine Demon Palace had swiftly risen to power and was eyeing them covetously. As the subordinates and members of the Evil Emperor Pavilion, they were all somewhat worried, feeling that the future was bleak.

Now that they heard that the dragon king, Qing Zhi, had taken the initiative to gather them to discuss this matter, they had a new backbone. Furthermore, based on their understanding of the dragon king, Qing Zhi, he must have thought of a good solution.

Immediately, someone impatiently asked: “Lord Qing Zhi, have you thought of a good solution?”

“That’s right, Lord Azurespike, since you’ve summoned us here, you must have a good idea, right?”

“Master Green Conch, if you have a good idea, you can tell us!”

Looking at the excited crowd, Dragon King Qing Zhi pondered for a moment before nodding his head. He slowly opened his mouth and said in a deep and serious voice, “Actually, I won’t hide this from all of you. During this period of time, I have received many invitations, including letters of welcome from the Demonic G.o.d Palace and the five emperors.

Hearing Dragon King Qing Zhi’s words, everyone present nodded in agreement. Amongst this group of people, there were indeed some who had received a recruitment from the Demonic G.o.d Palace.

In fact, a portion of them had already secretly decided to surrender to the Demonic G.o.d Palace.

After all, the Evil Emperor was in closed door training right now, so with his strength, he couldn’t fight against the Demonic Palace at all.

Surrender seemed to be a helpless action, but it was still a good choice for them.

“To tell you the truth, Lord Qing Zhi, all of us present have basically received a notice from the Demonic G.o.d Palace to surrender us …”

Someone hesitated for a moment before whispering.

“Then what are your opinions?”

The expression on the face of the dragon king, Qing Zhi, did not change at all as he gently nodded his head.

“The Divine Demon Hall is powerful now, and the successor of the Demon Lord, Ye Xuan, is even stronger. We’ve thought about it many times and have decided to surrender …”

“Right now, Lord Evil Emperor is only interested in fighting and not the secular world. With our strength, we are unable to fight against the Divine Demon Palace, so we can only submit helplessly!”

“Yeah, if you look carefully, there doesn’t seem to be too many losses due to submitting to the Divine Demon Palace. So …”

“Obedience my a.s.s, we are members of the Evil Emperor Pavilion, we have to fight the G.o.d Demon Palace to the end!”

“That’s right, we have to go against the Demonic G.o.d Palace to the end. Don’t underestimate the Demonic G.o.d Palace, they’re just the Five Emperors and the Immortal Emperor that don’t care about them, they’re just preparing for the Conferred G.o.d Battle half a year later!” If the Five Emperors and the Immortal Emperor have enmity with the Demon G.o.d Palace, then submitting to them is courting death! “

“Don’t look at how arrogant the Divine Demon Palace is right now. In half a year, they will have to play in the Conferred G.o.d Battle, so we will persist until the end with the Divine Demon Palace!”

“The way I see it, nothing changes!”

Just as the Dragon King Qing Zhi finished his words, the people at the scene started to argue and express their opinions.

Some of them wanted to submit to the Demon G.o.d Palace, some of them were neutral, and some of them wanted to fight the Demon G.o.d Palace to the end.

Upon seeing this, the Dragon King Qing Zhi frowned. He gently pressed down with his palm, and the scene immediately became quiet once more. “I have heard everyone’s opinions.” Honestly speaking, with our current power and reserves, if the Divine Demon Palace leads many experts from the Sky Evil City to attack the Four Symbols Ancient City, we won’t be able to defend the city … “

Hearing this, a trace of sadness and unwillingness flashed across the eyes of everyone present, especially the people who threatened to fight to the death with the Demon G.o.d Palace.

Taking in the expressions of everyone present, the dragon king Qing Zhi continued to speak, “But there is still another way!”

“What method?”

The words of the dragon king, Qing Zhi, caused everyone present to be shocked. A rich joyous expression surfaced on their faces as they looked at the dragon king, Qing Zhi, with eyes filled with antic.i.p.ation.

“From what I see, although Submission to the Divine Demon Palace can resolve this temporary crisis, in the end, it’s still a path of death. After all, the Five Emperors and the Immortal Emperor are their enemies! Although the Great General of the Evil Emperor did not care about the martial path nor the secular world, he would eventually return. In half a year’s time, the Lord Evil Emperor would return as the king of the Conferred G.o.d Battle! We were all promoted by the Lord Evil Emperor, we should all follow him and be loyal to him … “

The dragon king, Qing Zhi, asked with a tone that was neither too fast or too slow.

When their voices fell into the ears of the people present, they could not help but nod to themselves.

“Thus, based on the above considerations, I have used our connections to contact Ice Emperor’s and Broken Love Pavilion, and have made an alliance with them. They are willing to send a large group of experts to our Four Symbols Ancient City to help us fight the Divine Demon Palace, and they will also send experts from both the Green Emperor’s Pavilion and the Sword Emperor’s Pavilion later on to support us. So, I would like to propose to everyone here, that everyone here can join hands with us to deal with the Divine Demon Palace, and overcome the crisis together.

After the Dragon King Qing Zhi finished speaking, his gaze landed on everyone as he waited for them to express their stance.

“This… “Lord Qing Zhi, may I ask when the reinforcements from the Ice Emperor’s Pavilion and the Broken Love Pavilion will arrive at the Four Symbols Ancient City? This way, we can have some confidence!”

Everyone looked at each other. Finally, someone asked in a low voice.

“There’s already a batch coming!” Men, welcome to Sword King, Ice King, and all lords of the Dark King! “

The dragon king, Qing Zhi, seemed to have long been prepared. With a smile plastered all over his face, he waved his hand and spoke in a heroic manner.

Following his words, under the lead of two attendants, Heartless Sword King Xiang Chu, Ice King Poseidon, Dark King Polo Zhuo, and Gu w.a.n.g Nan Chu, as well as Shui Mei, walked into the meeting hall step by step. Wave after wave of powerful auras spread out from their bodies, causing everyone present to feel an extremely huge pressure.

Looking at Heartless Sword King Xiang Chu, Bing w.a.n.g Poseidon, and Dark King Polo Zhuo, all of them felt a strong and extraordinary Qi coming from them. Deep shock and joy emerged on the faces of everyone present, as ecstatic and shocked voices sounded out from their mouths.

“It’s Lord Xiang Chu of the Heartless Sword Sect, Lord Gu w.a.n.g Nan Chu and Lord Shui Mei …”

“There’s also Ice King Poseidon of the Ice Emperor Pavilion and Lord Bolzow of the Dark King …”

“Haha, a total of five supreme experts have come. Furthermore, Lord Qing Zhi even said that there will be experts from the Qing Emperor Pavilion in the future. By this time, our Four Symbols Ancient City will be saved!”

Towards the arrival of Xiang Chu, Poseidon and the other experts, the people present were undoubtedly extremely excited and excited. The rough and resolute face of the dragon king, Qing Zhi, was also filled with smiles at this moment.

Just as he was about to speak, a guard ran in hastily and reported to the Dragon King, Qing Zhi. “Reporting to Lord Qing Zhi, the Tyrant Sky Saber G.o.d, Lord Lei Ba of the Green Emperor Pavilion, and the two great masters, Ru Yue, are here!”

“Invite him in quickly!”

A joy surfaced on the Dragon King Qing Zhi’s face when he heard the guard’s words. He hurriedly opened his mouth and spoke.

As his words fell, a middle-aged man, whose entire body was burning with a strong murderous aura and who carried a Sky Tyrant Blade with a domineering aura, and a seductive woman with a devilish body and an angelic face, who appeared extremely s.e.xy, walked into the hall very quickly.

He was one of the core members of the Azure Emperor Pavilion, the Heaven Saber G.o.d Lei Ba and the Scarlet Widow, Ru Yue. However, they’d already been subdued by Ye Xuan to serve as his spies in the Azure Emperor Pavilion!

Currently, the strength of Tyrant Heavenly Blade, Lei Ba, and the Scarlet Widow, Ru Yue, had undoubtedly received an overall increase. They had become even stronger.

“Haha …” Brother Batian, please come in! “

Seeing Lei Ba and Ru Yue approaching, Dragon King Qing Zhi, Sword King Xiang Chu and the others all spoke up with a smile.

Just you two have arrived? Are the people from the Sword Emperor Pavilion not here yet? “

The Heavenly Saber’s Divine Thunder Ba’s gaze swept across his surroundings, but he did not discover the people from the Sword Emperor Pavilion. His brows raised as he spoke with a smile.

“Who said our people from the Sword Emperor Pavilion aren’t here?” Aren’t we already here? “

Just as Tyrannical Sky Blade’s Divine Lightning Ba’s voice fell, a vigorous and imposing voice rang out quietly at this moment.

Under the gazes of the Dragon King Qing Zhi and the Tyrant Sky Saber G.o.d Lei Ba, three cool figures walked into the meeting hall.

The leader was a man around 30 years of age, with striking golden hair and a set of Angel Battle Robe robes. He was the strongest G.o.d of the Sword Emperor Pavilion, a terrifying third ranked existence of the Western Asura World’s 36 G.o.ds, the Divine Light Orb!

The other people standing on either side of the Divine Light Orb were also the G.o.d of the Sword Emperor Pavilion. They were the ancient G.o.d Huo Tian, who was dressed in a gray suit, and the G.o.d of h.e.l.l, who was dressed in a black robe that looked extremely eerie.

“Haha …” “Ah Lei, Huo Tian, please take a seat!”

Seeing the arrival of the G.o.d of Light, the Ancient G.o.d Huo Tian and the others, the faces of the Dragon King Qing Zhi and the others were filled with smiles as they laughed heartily.

The faces of everyone present were filled with ecstasy as the huge burden in their hearts had finally been lifted.

“Servants, serve the wine!”

At this moment, the Dragon King Qing Zhi waved his hand and said in an extremely heroic manner.

Soon, the servants brought the wine over.

The Dragon King raised his cup high in the air. The people present also began to raise their in succession.

The Dragon King’s green conical eyes swept across the Divine Light Orchid, Sword King Xiang Chu, and the others. He laughed loudly and said, “With the help of the elders such as Ao Lei, Xiang Chu, Poseidon, and the others, why would the experts of the Four Symbols Ancient City be afraid of the G.o.d Demon Palace?” Even if all of the members of the Demonic Palace were here, the only outcome would be death! “

“Come, cheers for our cooperation and for the future of the Four Symbols Ancient City!”

However, just as Long Linzi finished his words, his ice-cold voice suddenly rang out at this moment.

“Ladies and gentlemen, isn’t it a little early for you to be drinking and celebrating at this time of the year?”