Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou ~Yometachi to Sugosu Ki mama na Seikatsu~ Chapter 39

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Chapter 39: Demon King, Once Again


「I will dispatch it immediately」


「Umu, I’m counting on you」


Audience hall.


When I came because I want to ask something concerning Grimoires to the King, but that King was somehow troubled.


The man that he was meeting with earlier jumps out of the audience hall.


「Ou-sama, what happened?」


「Oh? Isn’t it my Senjukou. What is it today」


That’s my line, what is it with you.


You’re making a face that you’d die anytime.


「Are you okay, Ou-sama, your complexion is really bad」


「Can you tell……no, it’s nothing」


The King feigned his expression.


「Do you have something you need, my Senjukou」


「Ou-sama, let me of Ou-sama’s help」




The King, as if he was moved, he had wobbly eyes.


「I got it. Either ways, it’s not something that can be hidden forever. Actually, the Demon King resurrected」


「Demon King? Is it Balthazar?」


I remembered that I resurrected him by reading a Grimoire recently.


「No, it’s not that Demon King. Balthazar’s descendant, it’s Balthazar the 7th」


「Balthazar the 7th?」


「Umu, he should’ve been defeated by the Brave of time thirty years ago, but he resurrected recently, so posed an announcement to the whole world. He said submit to him. Because of that the whole world is on panic」


「I see……by the way, isn’t there a Brave?」


「Just born recently……he’s still one month after birth」


That would be useless huh.


「There is the predecessor Brave, but when I sent a messenger, it was immediately after his wife ran away because of gamble and alcohol」


It’s a downfall life〜.


「And I am just troubled of what to do」


「I see」


「Rather than that, what does Senjukou need」


「It’s nothing much〜, it’s only about the library. If it was like that I’ll just come again」


I said that and went outside of the audience hall, and left the palace.


「Well then」


I stretched while taking a breath of the air outside.


「I’d do(kill) it huh」


I became to like this world.


I like this world where I am able to use magic, live freely and wilfully with Sylvia and Nadia.


I don’t want this world’s peace to be disturbed by a Demon King or whatever it is.


I decided the subjugation of the Demon King.


I choose the magicーーI used it.


「Character Search: Balthazar the 7th」


After I used the magic, a radar-like something emerged inside my head.


It’s an image where I was in the middle, and there was a point in a place at a distance.


「There huh. Transform: Dragon」


I used the next magic, and transformed into a giant dragon.


I flew relying on the radar inside my head.


I flew with full speed.


After flying for an hour, I reached the place where the point was lighting.


It was a castle surrounded by poisonous swamps.


The sky was covered by lightning clouds, and lightning was falling without stop.


It was a place that really felt like the Demon King’s Castle.


「Then it means, on the top floor right, the Demon King」


I flew and landed on the top floor while in dragon form.


「Who are you?!」


「Bingo huh」


That was a wide room, there was also a throne.


In the middle, a woman with heavy make-up was sitting.


It was a woman whose around 30 years old, there were horns that grew on her head, wearing a mantle and clothes that have a high exposure.


I returned to human from dragon. The woman was more and more surprised.


「Where is the Demon King?」


「A child? What did you come for」


「Can you not reply to a question with a question. Where is the Demon King? I asked」


「I do not know who you are, but. I am the Demon King」




「O〜hohhohoho. That’s right, I am the current Demon King, the one who inherit the blood of the Great Demon Lord, I am Balthazar the 7th」


「He〜, you were his descendant huh」




The 7th scowled. Her face had a sudden change.


It was a very angry expression with her veins popping.


「That way of talking, deserves certain death」


The 7th swung her hand. She raised her hand after making it claw shaped.


That became a shockwave, and gouged the room’s floor.


Five scars that were thicker than an adult’s body, extended from the groundーーto the walls and ceiling.


「Kneel, take back what you said right now. If you do that, I will kill you with one breath」


「That way of talking, it’s similar to Balthazar」


I have memories that I was also told like that at that time.


When I said that, the 7th was more and more p.i.s.sed off.


「You arrogant!」


She reached out her hand and chanted.


An instance, my surroundings exploded.


It was an explosion that even shook the room. It was a Demon Lord-like, magic with high destruction powers.


It was magic powers that was even equal to Balthazar.


Well, I made a barrier with magic before that so I’m uninjured.


「Goodness, are you in the age with low temperance」


「What! Why are you uninjured」


「Rather than that, they said that you’re plotting for world domination」


「Of course」


「That, can you stop?」


「Gibberish. Domination is my joy, my happiness is when humans suffer」


Wa〜, it’s a cliche〜.


「I am Balthazar the 7th. I will dominate the world this time for sure, and return humans to their original domesticated appearance. My monster subordinates had already scattered throughout the world, invade with one of my command, and the world will fall within three days」


It looks like it’s a situation that I can’t be leisure.


「Haven’t you release your command」


「I was thinking of waiting for the surrender reply, but I changed my mind. After I tear you into pieces, I’ll drive in the world after」


「I see, then, it can’t be helped」


If it ended with persuasion, that’d be good enough, but I decided to use force.


I gathered magic powers, and chanted one of the only few, magic that was completely for attacking.


「Meteoric Best Nine」


Breaking through lightning clouds, meteor fell.


Straight towards Balthazar the 7th, it fell.


「Na!ーーthis is」


「It’s a magic that makes meteors fall nine times consecutively. Your ancestor, Balthazar had endured all nine of them, but what about you」


「W-Wait, stoーー」


Changing her face colors, she tried to say something to me, but before that, the meteor that fell hit directly.


The meteor, continued to fall.



「Mysterious meteor strikes. .h.i.t the Demon King’s Castle directly. Because of that, the fate of the Demon King is unknown.But, seeing that the monsters around the country had calmed down……」


「The Demon King died, huh」


The next day, when I came to the audience hall, the King was talking again with the messenger.


Different from yesterday, their talk were not tense, but their expressions weren’t bright.


「Continue to investigate the situation, be sure to not let your guards down」




The messenger left. I approached the King.




「Ohh, my Senjukou. What is it today」


「What about Ou-sama? It looks like a good thing happened today」


「Umu. We still can’t let our guards down, but it seems like the threat of the Demon King would pa.s.s」


It already pa.s.sed〜, I tried to say that but I stopped.


It’s because that coward of a Demon King that disappeared without trace after four shots doesn’t matter.


Rather than that, I wanted to finish what I originally wanted to do yesterday.


「Rather than that, Ou-sama, this」


「This is?」


「Grimoire……the copy of it, I duplicated it. It would be nice if you were able to read it with this」


Continuing after the anime, it was the second shot to make the King learn magic.


「Ohh, as expected of my Senjukou」


The King was moved.


He received the manga from me and started reading it.


He was able to read the manga, but it seems like he couldn’t use magic.