Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou ~Yometachi to Sugosu Ki mama na Seikatsu~ Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: World War c.o.c.kroach




I heard Sylvia’s scream from the kitchen.

Together with Nadia, I ran to the kitchen in a hurry.

I saw there, Sylvia who was making herself small in a corner.


「Sylvie?! What happened?」


Nadia asked. Sylvia was trembling while she makes herself small, and pointed at the opposite direction of the kitchen.

I looked there, I looked at it as if nothing’s wrong with it.


「Ah! It’s a c.o.c.kroach」



Nadia said, and Sylvia screamed again.

When I look at it carefully, there were really one c.o.c.kroach there.

I see, this is the reason for the scream.

I approached Sylvia, and asked.


「Sylvia. Sylvia isn’t good with cocーーthis huh?」




She didn’t even have the leisure to give a reply, *PuruPuru* Sylvia turns towards the opposite direction where the c.o.c.kroach was, trembling.

Well, she’s a girl, being not good with those which shines with black light is something that can’t be helped.

On the other hand, Nadia looks like she was quite okay with it.


「How dare you, making Sylvie this frightened……Eiiii!」


Nadia took the broomstick nearby, and jumped at the c.o.c.kroach while swinging that down.

She swung it from the top of her head, and the broomstick was growling while it hit the ground.

But, it doesn’t hit.

*ZuZaZaZa* the c.o.c.kroach ran away.


「Take this! Take this! Hit it!!」


*BunBun* after a minute of the broomstick swinging, the c.o.c.kroach that pettily ran away was finally exterminated.

I took the flattened c.o.c.kroach, and threw it outside of the house.




「It’s okay already, I exterminated it」



Sylvia embraced Nadia.

With tears on her eyes, she seemed like she was very moved.

She took care of the c.o.c.kroach, so to Sylvia, she might really look like a saviour.


「But, this isn’t good. “If there is one c.o.c.kroach think that there’s an hundred of them”, that was often told」



*Bishi!* I think I heard a sound of something hardening.

Sylvia looked at me, it’s a face full of despair……this isn’t good.




「Ufu, ufufufufufu. Ahh……the stars are so pretty」

「Sylvie?! What happened, Sylvie, you okay」

「Ne〜, let me out from here? Please let me out, ne〜」



To the too much shock, Sylvia went to a garden paradise.

This is bad.





I casted a sleep magic to Sylvia. It effected quickly, and Sylvia fell into sleep.



「It would be better if we let her sleep for a while」

「I think so too」


I carried Sylvia who fell asleep on the floor to the bed, laid her down, and returned to the kitchen after that.


「Ne〜, is what you said earlier true? The if you see one think that there are hundreds-thing」

「It’s common knowledge you know」

「No way, what should we do……if there’s really a hundred of that Sylvie wouldn’t take it」

「There’s no other way than to exterminate them」

「But, we don’t know where they are」



I pointed at the corner of room.

At the place where we saw the c.o.c.kroach earlier, there was a small hole in the corner of the room.

A small hole that a c.o.c.kroach can pa.s.s through.


「I think that is connected to their nest」

「I see」

「Enter from there, and destroy all of them at once in their nest」

「Enter? What do you mean?」



I casted magic to myself.

My body became smaller, and got small enough to pa.s.s through the c.o.c.kroach’s hole.

Relatively becoming a giant insteadーーI said to Nadia who looked like a giant.


「With this I’ll enter, and do a search and destroy of the nest」

「I will go too!」

「Nadia too?」

「Un! I can’t forgive the c.o.c.kroaches that made Sylvie-chan scared」

「……I got it. Small」


I casted magic to Nadia also, and made her the same size.

The broomstick she was holding became small too.

I thought for a while, and casted a different magic.


「Flame Enchant」


The broomstick shines with a red light.


「Wawa, what’s this?」

「I infused it with the power of flames. You should be able to fight with that」

「ーー! Thank you! Lucio-kun!」


Nadia was very moved.

*BunBun* she swings the broomstick.


「Un! It looks good!」


She said with a very confident way.

We entered inside the hole.

Different than usual, an unfamiliar structure’s inside.

I felt like that I’ve become a small dwarf that borrows a house.

Without being able to savor that feeling, we soon encountered a c.o.c.kroach.


「You came out, you monster. Get ready!!!」


Swinging the broomstick of flames, Nadia charges to the c.o.c.kroaches.

Because we became smaller with Small, the c.o.c.kroach like a saint bernard, it became the size that is close to that of large dogs.

Honestly, it was disgusting.

But Nadia didn’t falter at all and charged.


「Flame Laser」


I covered fire with magic.

Broomstick of flames, and magic flames. Attacking at the same time, the c.o.c.kroach burnt black and cut into two.


「Yosh! Let’s go like this Lucio-kun!」


I exterminated the c.o.c.kroaches together with Nadia who was very eager.

I didn’t tell Nadia, but to be sure, I casted Boost Magic like Build-Up and Speed-Up on her, so we could exterminate the c.o.c.kroach safely.


Because we explored the corners of the house while being small, we successfully free the house from the c.o.c.kroaches.