Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou ~Yometachi to Sugosu Ki mama na Seikatsu~ Chapter 103

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Chapter 103 – Wives Making a Doujinshi

「Lucio! Please give me the magic that draws a picture!」

When I was reading Grimoire/manga in the garden under the clear weather after a while, Veronica came rushing.

「What happened」

「It is not what or whatever. Please give me the magic that will make me good at drawing」

「……you’re not good at drawing?」


Gulping, Veronica regained herself.

It was written on her face that she came to ask me for magic but didn’t think that I’d point that out.

「N-Not like that. I-I am average」


「Yes, average

「Hmm〜. Show me what did you draw」

「That does not matーー」

「It’s here〜」

Nadia who suddenly appeared, she had a piece of paper with her.

「Here, Lucio-kun」

「Let me see……」

I received the paper from Nadia, and looked at the drawing.

Mu, this is……is it……

「A crushed dragonfly?」

「It is Lucio’s face desu wa!」

「What, this is my face you say!」

I couldn’t help but shout.


Nadia laughed out lout. Looking at her at the side, I stared at the drawing.

My face……my face……

「Veronica……is it that, you hate me」

「It is not like that! I love you desu wa!」

「Oh〜, *Grinning*」

「T-That does not matter! Give me the magic that would make me good at drawing!」

Nadia who was smiling mischievously, and Veronica with a flushed face.

She asked for the magic once again.

「I see, I got the story」


「Did Nadia not draw?」

「I did〜」

She took out another piece of drawing with a face full of smiles and pa.s.sed it to me. She waited for my comment with a smug face.

「This is me, and this is Nadia. Veronica, Balthazar, and Sylvia. Complete with everyone huh」

The drawing was far better compared to Veronica’s. It was a drawing that is corresponding to an 8-year-old’s, but it was on the level that its model could be distinguished.


「Is it just me, Sylvia looks better」

「I can draw Sylvie’s face even if I don’t see her you know」

「I see」

As expected of best friends huh.

「Is there other ones?」

「Fufun. Jajaja〜n」

Making sound effects with her mouth, she took out another drawing.

「It’s Sylvie’s you know」

「Let me seeーーoh, looks good!」

The drawing that Sylvia made was super good.

With stars shown like those in shoujo mangas, a well proportioned super handsome man was drawn.

「Sylvia’s amazing huh. She might be able to draw manga with this. What character is this?」



Nadia became dumbfounded, and I became dumbfounded.

And there, Veronica said with a sigh while rolling her eyes.

「What are you saying? No matter how you look at it, is that not Lucio」

「I’m this super tall handsome guy?! This guy could be like the student council leader or some super cool businessman or anything」

「I do not know what student council leader or anything is, but」

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「That is really Lucio-kun」

「Are you serious……」

I looked at it once again, the background was shining……it was completely a shoujo manga’s omnipotent ikemen.

「Are you serious……」

I whispered once again.

I regained myself from the strange shock, and ask furthermore.

「Where’s Balthazar’s?」

「Hacchan wasn’t around so she did not draw」

「Not around?」

「Yes, she is probably somewhereーー」

「Bal, she’s here you know?」


The three of us got surprised and raised our voices at the same time.

Balthazar came suddenly, and hugged my waist.

「Hacchan, where did you go?」

「To find new b.u.t.terfly friends」

She reached out her hand, the purple colored b.u.t.terfly that was there fluttered its wings and flew away somewhere.

「I see. I searched for Hacchan you know」

「It might be better if we start searching in places where b.u.t.terflies are」

「Bal, you searched for her?」


Making a shining full smile, Nadia explained what was going on with a happy face.

「Lucio-chan’s portrait……」

「Hacchan wants to write too?」


Balthazar made a huge nod.

Nadia trotted to somewhere, and trotted back.

Receiving the paper and pen, Balthazar started drawing crouching to the ground.

Nadia and Veronica watched her by the side.

It looked pleasant, and I felt a little good.

I read the manga that I was reading until the end. And while I did that, I searched inside my head for the magic that would probably be needed very soon.

「I finished it」


「This is……amazing」

It looks like she finished drawing.

「Lucio-chan, Bal properly draw it you know?」

「Let me see itーーhey, isn’t this an ukiyo-e!」(Picture of everyday life in the Edo period)

I couldn’t help but tsukkomi.

What Balthazar drew was like an ukiyo-e. I couldn’t really tell it, but from how the clothes looked, it’s probably me.

「Hacchan’s amazing, it completely looks like Lucio-kun」


「Ehehe〜……Bal, she’s confident when it comes to Lucio-chan you know?」

No, I think it would be better if you can be confident about other things.

「I really hate to say this, but……I lost by a thin line」

No, Veronica’s drawing is out of the question.

「Ne! Let’s draw some more. I mean, isn’t it only me who drew everyone. Lucio-kun’s good, but let’s make everyone」

「Draw something other than Lucio-chan? Bal thinks that more Lucio-chan, motto Lucio-chan is good you know?」

「That is good as well desu wa」

「I know! Let’s collect it after drawing and make it a book」

Please stop the book.

Not minding my calls, the three left gleefully.

Even Veronica, she forgot the reason why she came in the first place, and left happily.

I thought of many kinds of magic, but it looks like it wasn’t needed.

My wives looked like they were having fun, so I leave it like that.

The House of Martein is also peaceful today.