Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 50: 100 Days Of Cohabitation (10)

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Song Qingchun was shivering so hard. She raised her hands multiple times, intending to shove Su Zhinian away, but in the end, she let them fall weakly on him. This was part of her contract with him… If she resisted, he might claim that she’d broken the contract…

When Su Zhinian’s lips were one millimeter away from her face, he suddenly stopped. He took in her anxiety clearly. Her lashes were shaking, and her lips were also quivering. Due to their close contact, he could read her heart, and she really did not want to have any relationship with him…

Su Zhinian stared at Song Qingchun for a while before turning his head away to look out the window. There was a trace of pain in his eyes, but it only lasted for a moment. He then turned his head back to study her. He was about to take his hand off her waist when her thoughts once more popped up in his mind. How could I possibly deserve Brother Yinan’s love if I’m so dirty?

Dirty? The word was like a sharp knife tearing at Su Zhinian’s heart. She means being with me is dirty? Am I nothing more than a source of depravity in her life? Does she look down on me so much? Then again, why am I surprised? Of course, she does!

Su Zhinian’s hand stopped moving and iciness returned to his face. His eyes narrowed dangerously at Song Qingchun.

Wait… How come he stopped? Song Qingchun seemed to realize his sudden lack of reaction and these questions floated up in her mind. Could it be that he has lost interest? Shall I make use of this opportunity and come up with a reason to reject him? But what kind of reason will make him let me go and not anger him?

Song Qingchun’s mind paused to ruminate on it. That’s right, period… He can’t be so disgusting as to want to take a woman during her period and have a b.l.o.o.d.y battle, right?

Song Qingchun then faked that she suddenly remembered something and opened her eyes to tell Su Zhinian, “Mr. Su, I don’t think we can do this today, it is that time of the month for me…”

Song Qingchun’s voice became increasingly small as she continued due to shyness. Su Zhinian did not say a word in reply but stared at Song Qingchun coldly.

Song Qingchun shuddered under his scrutiny. Could it be that he has seen through the lie? Then again, if I insist that it is true, I doubt that he would be brazen enough to pull down my pants to check, right? This will not work long term, but at least let me survive tonight first…

Song Qingchun silently cheered for herself. She turned to look at Su Zhinian and continued in a sincere tone, “I am not lying, it is real…”

Survive tonight first… This thought at the bottom of her heart shredded his last vestiges of rationality. Suddenly, he pushed out his hand to squeeze Song Qingchun’s chin and glared deep into her eyes. In a monotonous manner, he declared word by word, “Song Qingchun, your period just came two weeks ago, so you’re telling me your period comes twice a month?”

Song Qingchun’s frightened eyes widened as she stared at Su Zhinian for at least ten seconds. Then she realized she’d fainted from severe period pain last week and it was Su Zhinian who’d brought her home to take care of her…

In her hurry to look for an excuse, she had completely forgotten about this detail…

Anxiety was written all over Song Qingchun’s face, as her lie was exposed. Her gaze that was forced to look at Su Zhinian was drifting about nervously.