Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 339

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Chapter 339: Stay Like This Forever (1) Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Over the past few days, he had been caught up at work, so he didn’t have the time to go look for her. She was purposely avoiding him, so they hadn’t met for quite some time.

That night, he had a dinner meeting at Eldorado. As he left the company, he even purposely took a detour to a florist to purchase a bouquet of flowers and placed them in his car. He messaged Tang Nuan, asking her out for a date.

The dinner was two hours long. After he sent the satisfied client away, he pulled out his phone. There were many messages and spam texts, but there was nothing from her. Qin Yinan sent another message to her and stared at his phone, waiting for a reply. There was none. While waiting for the waiter to come back with the bill, he used the opportunity to use the bathroom.

While he was in the middle of relieving himself, a middle-aged man walked in, and the man kept sneaking glances at him.

There were many open urinals inside the bathroom, but the man purposely used the one beside him. As the middle-aged man undid his belt, his gaze kept drifting Qin Yinan’s way.

He was confused and annoyed by the man. Qin Yinan quickly finished his business, zipped up his pants, and strode toward the door.

As he pushed open the door, a familiar voice drifted into his ears.

“Since you no longer care about him, why are you reacting this way? Or have you been lying to me all along, and you still love Qin Yinan?”

He recognized it as Tang Nuan’s voice. She sounds unhappy, is she in the middle of an argument?

Qin Yinan walked out of the bathroom without hesitation. He cleaned his hands at the public sink outside hurriedly, pulled out one of the paper napkins, and headed toward the corridor as he wiped his hands. He was going to go help Tang Nuan.

Before he could take the step outside, another familiar voice drifted into his ears; it was not Tang Nuan this time but Song Qingchun.

“Tang Nuan, stop harping on about the fact that I once loved Brother Yinan; even if I didn’t, I would have come out to stop you when I saw what happened just now!”

I once loved Brother Yinan… The phrase was like a bolt of lightning hitting Qin Yinan right on his head, petrifying his whole body.

Song Qingchun and Tang Nuan seemed to have reached a lull in their argument because they had gone quiet.

However, Qin Yinan felt his whole world had just been upended; in fact, he felt like he was dreaming.

In those several minutes, multiple emotions arose in his heart. Before he could process what Song Qingchun had just said, he heard the girl press in a severe tone, “Tang Nuan, do you actually love Brother Yinan, or are you just leading him on? If you’re doing this simply because you hate me, then I can tell you now, it is really unnecessary because it won’t work…”

What is Song Song talking about? I don’t understand what’s happening. Tang Nuan is leading me on because she hates Song Song?

Qin Yinan started to frown, but then Tang Nuan’s voice began again. “Is that so? But based on what I’m seeing now, I feel like my plan is working just fine…”

“Also, aren’t you tired of always questioning my love for Qin Yinan? Didn’t I give you a perfectly clear answer five years ago? Do you want me to repeat it once more for you?”

Five years ago? How is what they’re talking about related to stuff that happened five years ago?