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Chapter 112

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“Shut the f.u.c.k up!”

Violet poured curses and jabs of her spear out on the mutants drooling all around her. They will not stop coming at her. They call for death.

‘Oh, I was out of my mind.’

She snapped out of it. Her hot temper had created another mess. She needs to tone her temper down if she wants to get married, but she becomes a madwoman with the blink of an eye.

She calmed down and she identifies the overwhelmingly adverse situation. Killing is another issue, but she is about to be swept away by the wave. She needs to come up with a plan.

-[Battleshoot’s remaining energy….. Less than 39%! Charging is urgent.]

Because it is the basic model, the energy runs out quickly. The battleshoot she completed in the virtual version could take a full day of this type of warfare.

It is the difference between a great sports car and a run down car that is about to become sc.r.a.p metal.

Violet adjusted the booster. She will need to get out of here first.

She cannot go on the ground because it is occupied by mutants, so she will have to make a path in the sky. With 39% energy, she will be able to fly for about 10 minutes.

“Let go!”

Several tails fly up and wrap around Violet’s ankles. They are like whips. She cannot fly because a couple of mutants have a hold on her.


She eventually lost balance from the booster’s output, and plummeted to the ground. The mutants did not miss this chance to crush her.

She can see mutants ripping the battleshoot apart through the screen in her helmet. She can strengthen the outer sh.e.l.l and hold out for now, but it is like getting drenched in a drizzle.

“I can’t die like this!”

It is what everyone says right before they die. Those words came out of Violet’s mouth as well. She needs to live. She lives to live… but by what means?

-[4 battleshoot signals detected 90m in the rear! Reinforcements are here!]

Unless the signal is blocked, they can transfer locations of battleshoots nearby. Gaia had read Cha Jun Sung’s signal.

There is a shockwave right in front of Violet. It is a concussive sh.e.l.l that Lifers like to use. The mutants. .h.i.t with this thrash.


Cha Jun Sung fell out of the sky with his Wolf Kill over his shoulder. The surface trembles and dust from the ground flies. It was an extremely stylish entrance.

To Violet, he looked like prince charming of fairytales.

“Get your senses together.”


Pew pew pew pew!

Park Jin Hyuk and Kyoko started shooting from the roof. Dozens of mutants die. They do not shoot randomly, but aimed for the mutants around Cha Jun Sung first.


The level 5 watches from the roof and screams. It can be interpreted to something like ‘Go catch them’. A section of the higher levels went in their direction, but they had already been prepared.

Pew pew pew pew!

Hercules blocked the path up and fires with the vulcan cannons in both of its hands. Its armed state is impressive, so it resisted from a large distance.

Koharu killed the level 3 and 4s. The level 3s are easy, but the level 4s took some time. Even still, she undertook her mission well.

“I’ll open up the path to the Karakan, so wrap that up.”

“Oh right! That a.s.shole!”

“…… Excuse me?”

Violet covered her mouth with her hand. She had cursed without realizing it. Cha Jun Sung thought that she would become a party member who is hard to control.

She makes a slip even when they are meeting for the first time. If they get on friendly terms, the future is obvious.

Cha Jun Sung ran first. He brandishes the Wolf Kill with not just his arms but his entire body. He rotated it like a windmill and cut up everything that came at him.

If a mutant somehow avoided the Wolf Kill, he beat it with his hands and feet. Violet was enchanted with this image. He is rough and concise.

“Who is he?”

There is a high possibility that he is a ranker since he is using a battleshoot, but there is no Lifer who matches up. When Cha Jun Sung changed his sword, his fighting style had also changed.

If he had been sharp like a samurai wandering the world before, he is now like a general commanding a battlefield. Of course she does not recognize him.

“What are you doing!”

“I’m going!”

Violet had been staring blankly when she went into the open path at Cha Jun Sung’s yell. The Karakan is hiding somewhere fairly far from the battlefield.

It is the type to stay behind the scenes. It must be surprised. This unexpected variable had changed the tide of the battle.

Violet watches Cha Jun Sung and his party members as they work everywhere.

Their skills are one thing, but the party has a great balance. 2 people snipe while a cyborg protects them. There are who target their enemies’ shortcomings.

The blader who seems to be the leader is specialized in close encounter fighting and runs around as if the world is small. For a party of just 4 to be like this. It really is impressive.

From the way they act, they do not look to be part of a federation or large guild.

‘We can deal with questions later.’

There is a lot that she wants to ask, but they need to handle the battlefield first.

Though they will have to get rid of individuals regardless, killing the Karakan will bring down the command.

They can make an aggregate under one leader become more of a rabble.

Violet rushes at the Karakan. Cha Jun Sung took care of the higher levels that were trying to protect their leader. If any of them got through him, they were sniped.

“I told you I would kill you!”


The Karakan also realized that it has nowhere to retreat to and stopped running away.

It is a level 5 but its fighting ability is closer to a mid level 4. Running away can only be done when the situation allows for it. If there is no other option, it cannot keep retreating.



Violet’s javelin went through the Karakan’s head and stuck in the building. The mutant’s organs cannot function and the moment its head is. .h.i.t, it dies.

The mutants’ mental control is lifted. They are confused and look at each other. Then they gradually regain their natures.

The higher levels attack the lower levels and eat them. The lower levels run for their lives. It became a different kind of chaos than it was a few seconds before.

“Let’s kill the higher levels first. At this rate, half our points are going to go away.”

“Ah! Yes!”

Cha Jun Sung went around looking for the level 3 and 4s. Violet did the same. Each of the party members already had their own targets.

Once the Karakan was dead, everything went smoothly.

They cannot kill tens of thousands of mutants in a short amount of time. It will take a couple days. They first took care of the ones that wanted to attack them.

After about 6 hours, they were done with the level 4s that they could see and nearly done with the level 3s. They decided to go after the lower levels after realigning.

-[Everyone come down.]

The situation was stabilized, so Cha Jun Sung called Park Jin Hyuk and Kyoko down too. Koharu was already on the ground, so she joined them without being called.

“Is anyone hurt?”

“We’re not.”

“How about you?”

Kyoko took out her medical devices and looked back and forth between Cha Jun Sung and Koharu.

When they said that they are fine, she asked Violet as well.

“I’m alright as well. I thought you were a sniper, but you’re a medic?”

“Yes. The sniper is him.”


Kyoko motioned to Park Jin Hyuk. He straightened his shoulders and pretended to be cool. All he has done is to shoot at anything and hit it.

“How did you get here? It wouldn’t be through an open mission.”

Violet is curious. Though she was in danger, the mission had not opened because she was engaged in it. This party had found her while they were inside.

“Our party’s starting point is a city a couple days’ distance from here.”

“A free mission?”


It is standard procedure to do normal missions through the PDA and helpers.

Free missions are when they go through an area where it can be a hit or a miss. She had only heard of it and had never thought that there would be a party to do it.

How good are they that they do this without hesitation?

Honestly, this is the first time Cha Jun Sung is doing a free mission as well. After playing Life Mission for a long time, he can feel when some place has a high difficulty.

That was the case with Volgograd, which is close to this place. As Russia’s big city, the population is over 1 million. It could even be a level C advance or level B.

Would a high level mutant live in the middle of the road? Calculating these types of issues, he traveled this distance to rescue Violet.

If it had been too dangerous, he would have waited until the level C mission she was in had opened up. Though she is a candidate for their party, their lives are priority.

Violet pulled her helmet back. Being surprised is one thing and being grateful is another. She had been able to avoid a dangerous situation because of Cha Jun Sung’s group.

“I’ll formally introduce myself. I’m Violet Florence, from Britain.”

Her mysterious purple eyes showed once the helmet was down.

Koharu and Kyoko are attractive as well, but Violet’s unique characteristic is evident unlike the sisters who have normal black hair and eyes. She has a rarity.

Cha Jun Sung was stunned for a second and came back to his senses. Park Jin Hyuk was also staring blankly, mesmerized. He has fallen into her sea of seduction.


They all took their helmets off as well. It is courtesy to accept her introduction.


Violet secretly hoped that Cha Jun Sung’s appearance would be over average.

His impression had been good until now. His entrance and first impression were the best. As long as he does not slip up with appearance, she could even become interested in him.

She is completely satisfied with the results. He is not extremely handsome, but he is soft and sharp. He also looks to be at least 6 feet tall. He pa.s.sed.

“I’m Cha Jun Sung from Korea.”

“Park Jin Hyuk.”

“I’m Kyoko from j.a.pan.”

Violet looked at Koharu. If they are going in order, it is her turn.

“I’m Kyoko’s sister, Koharu. Excuse me, but I have something to ask you.”

“I’ll answer everything.”

“Uh….. That spear and your battling style.”

“Excuse me?”

“The 36 rankers. Are you Empress of Light, who was active in Europe in the virtual version?”

Violet’s eyes become narrow. Koharu is asking as if she knows who she is, so she has put her guards up. How did she know?

Have they come from the Venter family? Or royalty? Are they with the World Federation?

‘No, they can’t be.’

External factors are not applicable in Life Mission. Even if they knew the name of the mission she entered, meeting would have been impossible unless it was by chance.

“I’m Amhu from South America. You don’t have to put your guard up like that. To run into you like this. This world is a small place. Well, since this is also Earth.”


Violet blinked. She had heard about Koharu. She is one of the 6 female rankers. Is she the true leader of this party?

“Jun Sung, you tell her too.”


He is embarra.s.sed to say his game name at this age, but he will say it a hundred times if it will help.

“So you really are Empress of Light. I’m Overload of South America.”