Life Mission Vol 3 Chapter 70

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In the few days that he left the cyborg for repair, he got 2 appointments. Koharu and Kyoko, and Ghost Gun Lim Si Hyun. He will be meeting the sisters soon.

He has gone into a 3000 point mission to test the cyborg. Park Jin Hyuk will be coming in as well. The time is coming for them to become a 4-person party.


They had not spoken after quitting the mission, so there will be a lot that they are wondering about. He was to meet with Lim Si Hyun the week after the next. There are 12 days left.

Han Chang Jin will also be coming out then. He will need to hear what Lim Si Hyun has to say, but his image is not bad. He can tell that the man is upright.

Lim Si Hyun had been active in North America as well, so they were in parties together and they had come face-to-face a few times, but he had never seen Han Chang Jin because he is in South America.

There are 13 of the 36 rankers that Cha Jun Sung has never seen before. Han Chang Jin is among those. That is how wide the continent is.

If they do not look for each other, it is harder than looking for a needle in a haystack. Whatever it is, he will be able to hear what Han Chang Jin is thinking when they meet in person.

“I’ll leave it to you.”

Cha Jun Sung shook off his thoughts and pat the cyborg’s shoulder. There is no reaction. Its artificial intelligence has been minimized.

Communication is done by inputting a few commands in adjustment. This was also barely settled with a part from the Wolf Kill and 80,000 points.


Since they entered as soon as they formed the party, Cha Jun Sung’s summon was the fastest. How many minutes had pa.s.sed? Koharu, Kyoko, and Park Jin Hyuk came in.


“Welcome, Koharu, Kyoko.”


The situation in Slayer’s Prison had not allowed them to properly meet.

“Female party members!”

Park Jin Hyuk smiles widely. It is such a dumb laugh that the sisters join in laughing as well. They know that it is out of pure intentions.

“Is that the cyborg you fixed?”

“My Wolf Kill is inside of that, so it’s been dismantled part by part.”

Park Jin Hyuk circled the cyborg and examined it carefully. If the metal armor is taken out of account, it is basically a pro-wrestler.

“How about its ability to fight?”

“It’s output of power falls short with its current state, so it’s similar to 1 or 2 level 3 mutants.”

1 strong one and 2 weak ones. The negative is that even though it is an advanced cyborg, the quality of the parts is low and it can only give an intermediate performance.

They have to be thankful if it even does that. Even a middle cla.s.s goes for 1.5 million.

Cyborgs below levels 1 and 2 in power are more helpful in everyday life than they are in battle, and they are a waste of points. It would be better to buy weapons instead.

“If we ride this bus, I think we’ll gather points easily. There’s less danger too.”

Park Jin Hyuk is right, but they need to pay attention to achievement points too. If they raised all the points they need and fall short of achievement points, they are at a dead end.

“Pails, what are achievement points? And what’s this cyborg?”

Koharu intervened in the conversation. She and Kyoko quit and left the mission before the cyborg was summoned. They do not know anything about it.

Cha Jun Sung explained it. The women were told what happened after they left the mission as well as what achievement points are.

Cha Jun Sung did not leave out anything regarding the cyborg, level C mission, or store either.

“It was too dangerous! Why didn’t you let us partic.i.p.ate?”

“Because it isn’t my life. I can’t ask others to risk their lives. That kid doesn’t matter because he isn’t scared of anything.”

Park Jin Hyuk smiled proudly and put up a V with his fingers.

He was far from the Destroyer, so he would have had time to quit the mission in the worst case scenario.

“It’s a pity.”

“Since we’re a fixed party now, we’ll give a lot of help. Don’t regret it too much.”

It would become busy because they need to practice working together. Koharu asked everything she did not know about level C missions. Cha Jun Sung and Park Jin Hyuk took care of a sister each.

The men did not act bothered by it. The women became surprised as they heard more. It was a new world.

“Question! What do I do? I can’t fight.”

“It’s okay.”

Kyoko is a medic. She cannot earn achievement points by killing mutants. Her mission is to follow Lifers around to treat them.

“Apparently at the end of missions, helpers show integrity and give points to medics appropriately. I think the distribution system is different for out of combat jobs than they are for combat work.”

This is what he heard from Odin. The helpers built a balanced system to keep everything fair. They do not miss anything.

“We’ll need to start by seeing the cyborg’s ability. If it is as useful as we think it is, we’ll be able to complete level D missions with these members.”

Whether 4 people can go into level D or not is dependent on the cyborg.

While going into 3000 point missions several times, they need to figure out how to communicate with the cyborg. They will go into level D if they are ready. They cannot ignore the atmosphere either.

“Mutant in the front.”


The cyborg speaks. It is a monotonous and prosaic voice. Its sensor must have captured a mutant. It is not able to detect the numbers of them though.

The cyborg’s battling power is middle cla.s.s, but everything else is lower.

“Kill all of them.”

“Mission received! Annihilation!”

The cyborg took out the Wolf Kill and ran forward. Cha Jun Sung’s group watched and ran after it in a relaxed state.

They wanted to see its skills.



The cyborg showed force. It is not well armed, so it used its strength to kill the mutants by ripping them apart, crushing them, and twisted them.

Dozens of angry level 1 mutants join in the melee.

Not even attacks from level 2 mutants are able to penetrate its metal armor and outer sh.e.l.l. The cyborg rolled over the mutants and crushed them as if it were a tank.

“What a spectacle.”

“They get stuck at the metal armor.”

Cha Jun Sung and Park Jin Hyuk were not surprised because they had seen the cyborg fight before, but the Koharu sisters showed their shock.

“A fly’s going to go into your mouths. That’s pretty weak too. It was a few times stronger than this when it was fighting the Destroyer.”

It slaughters the mutants with the Wolf Kill as they approach it. It does not need the vibration function. It can slice them up with the cutting blade and its own strength.

-[You have earned 20 points and 2 achievement points.]

-[You have earned 20 points and 2 achievement points.]


Point build up in Cha Jun Sung’s PDA. The points only go to the owner of the cyborg that is killing the mutants. They were not distributed to the party members.

No one complained. They had come into this mission to test performance.

“It toys with level E.”

“You said that the cyborg doesn’t need points, but parts?”


“Then I’ll buy the parts you need and give them to you.”


“If we help it out, it’ll find its original features quickly.”

They are receiving aid. They would like to make deals with points but since they cannot do that, they are trying to give him parts. If the cyborg becomes stronger, it is beneficial for the party as well.

“We’ll help as well!”

“What do you need?”