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316. V4C316: A Stormy Night, No Prisoner of War Accepted (IV)
Translator: Ning LL

The little maid praised, “Sister, you are such a great person. Our lady is so lucky to have you around her. I have heard from a sister who serves Madam that our madam also thinks highly of you. Madam even told your families to find a good family for you to marry into.”

Little Lotus blushed and spitted, “Little girl, what nonsense are you talking about? We are still too young to think about that!” Then she sighed, “No one is a fool. Your G.o.dmother only told us to watch our lady closely for the latter’s own good.”

The little maid nodded, “That’s right, that’s right.”

Little Lotus snorted, “Actually, if Madam really wants to deal with our lady, she only needs to let our lady make mistakes and then ruin our lady once and for all. Madam just couldn’t bear to do that because she pities our lady for her hard works for all these years. Speaking of this, that Madam who lives in the Auspicious Hall is best at playing that trick!”

In the Auspicious Hall, the middle of the main yard of Marquis Ningyuan’s mansion.

The night had just fallen. Old Madam Qin was in a bad mood right now with a wave of anger coming over her and almost crushed the teacup with her well-preserved hand. After she had been taunted by Old Madam Yang in the afternoon, she still hadn’t thought of a solution yet. Now she had to deal with another issue.

Zhu shi stroked her belly, seeming to have some difficulties standing there, and said smilingly, “Mother, don’t get angry. I’ll blame myself so hard if anything happens to you. It’s a good thing that Third Master can have more children. I’ve already sent some servants and maids to look after Xin’er. She’ll be fine.”

Old Madam Qin clapped her hands hard and cursed Gu Tingwei who was kneeling in front of her, “You unpromising thing! You are not good at studying or martial art, but you truly are an expert in doing those filthy things! How can you hurt your wife, such a virtuous woman?! How am I able to face her father!”

Gu Tingwei felt his knees aching after kneeling for so long, but still didn’t dare to say anything. Zhu shi could only try to persuade Old Madam Qin, “Mother, don’t blame Third Master. Xin’er is a smart and cute girl, even I like her a lot. The child she gives birth to will be a great helper to Xian.”

“Nonsense!” Old Madam Qin scolded, “That little fox is so scheming. I have ordered the servant to send her birth control medicine. Little did I know that the girl would pour the medicine out secretly! Even if I want Tingwei to have more children, I won’t accept that b.i.t.c.h’s child! Now, send someone to tape her up and take her to one of estates. After that, put the abortion medicine in her mouth, I don’t want her to contaminate our mansion!”’

“Mother!” Gu Tingwei called Old Madam Qin with a heartbroken face, “Xin’er is just a weak girl. If we do that to her, she will not only lose the child, but also her life…”

“Shut up! How dare you disobey me!” Old Madam Qin shouted fiercely. Gu Tingwei was always obedient to his mother, so he had to bear with it.

Old Madam Qin turned around and held Zhu shi’s hand gently, “My good girl. Don’t worry. No one would dare to bully you as long as I am here.”

Zhu shi, ashamed and touched, said, “Mother, is it appropriate?”

“You can leave this matter to me now. I know what to do.” Old Madam Qin said resolutely, “You should be careful of your own body now. Now, go back to have a rest. I have to give a few instructions to this wicked boy!’

Zhu shi answered with a yes. Then she leaned on the maid’s body and walked out.

Seeing Zhu shi walking out and the curtains being put down, Gu Tingwei said in a low voice, “Mother, are you really going to deal with Xin’er? You have sent her to me, don’t you remember?”

Old Madam Qin took up the teacup and took a sip of the tea, “Get up now. Stupid boy, that girl only spoiled rather than accomplish things. How dare she disobeyed my words secretly! Today she had the guts to do this kind of things because she used to be close to me, in the future she would surely disdain her madam! There’s no need to feel sorry for her death.”

Gu Tingwei felt a heavy blow in his head. Then she got up from the ground slowly, “But, Xin’er…”

“Never mention about her again!” Old Madam Qin flew into a rage. However, as she looked at the only son she had, she couldn’t help but get her heart softened. Then she said gently, “Why couldn’t you understand my intention? Now we have to rely on Earl Chengping’s family. Your father-in-law only has one daughter. You, you… forget about it, let’s talk about something else. You cannot work in your former position anymore, I…”

Gu Tingwei who were in low spirits with his head drooping raised his head when hearing that, “Mother, you don’t need to worry about that. Second Brother has already found a new post for me. There is a vacancy in the Troops and Horses department lately.”

Old Madam Qin got dazed first. Gu Tingwei then added, “The jobs in the Troops and Horses department are much more lucrative than the ones in the imperial guard team.”

After a long while, Old Madam Qin said slowly, “Your Second Brother is always a capable man.”

“My second sister-in-law’s eldest brother-in-law, who’s also the Second Master of Marquis Zhongqing’s mansion, is governing all the administers in the city now. I’d like to know this guy who has a reputation for his forthright and braveness.”

“Your second sister-in-law is a capable woman.”

Old Madam Qin loosened the arms of the chair. With that well-preserved face, she looked like a forty-year-old woman. However, the crow’s feet by the corner of her eyes were hard to cover. Those tiny winkles interlaced with each other like a spider web.

She put on a mystical smile, “I guess that she would definitely handle everything in this family well.”

The strong wind at night made the windows creak. The thick and delicate paper satin kept bulging like an unruly moth clapping its wings in a hurry regardless of its delicate body in order to get rid of the constraint of the darkness. Minglan sat by the warm censor with her half-wet hair coming down on her shoulders and one of her hand on the table while listening to that wonderful sound.

“Madam, Master sent someone to tell you that he would be discuss the business affairs with Sir Gongsun until very late and you should go to sleep first.” Danju walked in softly with a dry and soft towel. Then she started to dry Minglan’s hair slowly.

Minglan nodded, still remaining silent. Danju asked curiously, “What are you thinking now, Madam?”

“It’s going to rain, judging from the sound of the wind.”

Danju chuckled, “Yeah, every time there was a rain, it would only get colder.”

“The snakes, insects, mouses and ants would all come out.”

Minglan looked at the slightly twisted light around the censor and smiled gently. Some things were destined to happen no matter how much you afraid of them. Negotiation was also a vainly attempt, because someone just didn’t accept prisoner of war.

Seven days later, Old Madam Qin handed contracts of all the ancestral properties to Gu Tingye and asked the elders in the Gu’s clan to supervise the whole procedure. After half a month, the people of the Princess family sent a matchmaker to the Gu’s family to fix the engagement date.