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The green gowned elder’s expression changed. He looked at Xie Yi with vigilance.

“Who do you want?” Xie Yi turned his head and asked Luo Lang.

“The one in grey.” Luo Lang pointed at the grey gowned elder.

The two elders were burning with anger when they saw the two young men picking and choosing them like they were buying fish in a fish market. This was an utter humiliation to them.

Before they could teach these two young men a lesson, Luo Lang and Xie Yi started rushing towards them.

The green gowned elder saw Xie Yi coming towards him with a fist wrapped in a lifelike lightning dragon. The dragon opened its giant maws at him.

He had suffered from power behind the lightning attack once already so he retreated quickly. As for Luo Lang, he suddenly appeared behind the grey gowned elder with a dagger in his hand. He tried to stab the dagger at the elder’s heart.

The elder in grey flicked his sleeve, blocking Luo Lang’s dagger.

Luo Lang quickly rushed to the side and sidestepped in front of the grey gowned elder.

The grey gowned elder sneered. “How dare you use such cheap tricks.”

This kind of movement was extremely effective against people at the Qi-Jin stage or below, but it was a joke to domain realm masters, as domain realm masters were able to detect all forms of attack through detecting killing intent. At the same time, their domains protected their bodies so such a simple method wouldn’t work against them.

“As long as I stopped you, it’s enough.” Luo Lang smiled sweetly and his beautiful face turned even more enchanting.

“Are you a man or a woman?” The grey gowned elder teased him.

This sentence angered Luo Lang and his gaze turned even colder. His mesmerizing face turned serious, and he changed from an enchanting beauty to a cold ice beauty.

“I didn’t expect such beauty to exist in the world. Haha, seems like even G.o.d thinks that I shouldn’t die so he sent you here to me.” The grey gowned elder seemed excited. With this beauty in hand, Hades would be willing to help him to become a t.i.tled domain realm formidable warrior

People like them were already half a step into the coffin. They were willing to serve Hades because they hoped that he could help them to advance to the t.i.tled domain stage, as that would elongate their lifespan.

The grey gowned elder had already angered Luo Lang. Yet, he continued provoking Luo Lang, eventually causing Luo Lang to explode in anger.

“Activate domain!”

A calm Luo Lang walked out from behind and stood beside him. The expression on his face never changed like still water.

“What combination do you want?” The calm personality asked indifferently.

“I want to tear him to pieces.” Luo Lang gritted his teeth.

“I understand.” the calm personality replied.

If this was what the primary personality wanted, he would satisfy him.

“Dark personality, wild personality, come out.” The calm personality turned back to the mindscape and talked to the personalities in Luo Lang’s mindscape.

“Hahaha, it’s finally my turn.” A rough voice resounded through the room and a crazy-looking Luo Lang walked out from behind Luo Lang. The wild expression on his face caused him to look sickly beautiful.

“I didn’t expect you to think of me.” A sinister voice resounded through the room next and a Luo Lang with a dark expression stood behind the primary personality.

The grey gowned elder was stunned when he saw four different Luo Lang’s appearing in front of him.

“What kind of domain is this? Are those his clones?” If he didn’t feel the domain energy coming from those people, he would think that they were quadruplets.

The grey gowned elder turned serious when he saw Luo Lang’s special domain. It looked like his prey was not easy prey. If he wasn’t careful enough, he might become the prey instead.

“Although this is our first time working together, I believe that you can fulfill my desire to tear that old man apart.” Luo Lang believed in his personalities.

“Of course,” the wild personality replied.

The dark personality smiled slightly. Surprisingly, his cold gaze subsided a little.

The calm personality looked at the wild personality and the dark personality. As long as they interacted with the primary personality once, they would know how lucky they were to become the secondary personality of this primary personality.

“Well then, let’s merge,” the primary personality shouted. The four Luo Lang started merging together.

After the merging was done, the one Luo Lang slowly opened his eyes. There were no emotions in his eyes. It was calm as still water.

He spread his arms wide and two thin silver chains appeared in his palm. There was a cone-shape arrow at the end of the chains. They raised their heads like a furious snake. If the grey gowned elder moved, they would attack him instantly.

The grey gowned elder activated his domain too.

The grey gowned elder was a special domain realm master too. Luo Lang couldn’t tell what his domain was, but there was a decaying smell in the air. It made everyone in the vicinity feel uncomfortable.

However, this didn’t affect the calm personality. After all, he was able to become the boss of all the secondary personalities because he was able to keep his cool in the face of every situation.

The domain energies of the two people started clashing with each other. Loud popping sounds could be heard in the middle of two of them.

Almost simultaneously, both of them attacked.

Luo Lang stabbed his cone-shaped arrow at the grey gowned elder. The grey gowned elder jumped in the air and flew down, evading multiple attacks from the arrows in the process.

Suddenly, he disappeared from the air and appeared a distance away, just standing there motionlessly. The chains quickly changed its direction and flew towards him. However, just as they were about to touch him, they stopped.

While the chains were following the grey gowned elder, they got entangled. The chain didn’t straighten up so Luo Lang didn’t know that they were tangled.

The grey gowned elder just stood there and smiled arrogantly. He pulled his hand and a few grey lines appeared in the air. Suddenly, multiple figures appeared behind Luo Lang and started attacking the unprepared Luo Lang.

Luo Lang’s chain was entangled so he couldn’t retract them back. Was he going to get hurt?

In the face of crisis, Luo Lang suddenly laughed crazily.

The grey gowned elder thought that he was going to win, but when Luo Lang laughed, he felt a chill down his spine.

Those figures immediately stopped when they were an inch away from Luo Lang.

Crack! The sound of chains turning and snapping could be heard. The grey gowned elder looked at what was happening to the chain and his expression darkened.