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The two loggerheads finally started their battle.

Boom! A dull sound echoed through the room. When Little Four and Little Blossom clashed with the force that was attempting to format them, their faces turned pale.

Little Four turned at looked at Little Blossom beside him. He said in a low voice, “Little Blossom, thank you.”

‘Thank you for not giving up on me during my most dangerous time.’

Little Four reached out his right hand and pushed Little Blossom away. Little Blossom was caught off guard so he got pushed out of the world.

This was Little Four’s world. Little Blossom took a lot of effort to find this world. However, if Little Four wanted him to leave, he could do so easily, as this was Little Four’s power. In his world, he was G.o.d! Unfortunately, the protocol came from his chip. He couldn’t stop it.

“Little Brother Four!” Little Blossom’s angry scream echoed throughout the s.p.a.ce.

Little Four retracted his hand and placed his fingers in his mouth. He kissed it lightly and smiled brightly. “Little Four, good job.”

Without Little Blossom’s strength, the whirlpool of numbers managed to enter Little Four’s body. Little Four started dissipating from his limbs.

“Boss, I’m happy to have known you. I’ve learned many things from you. If I can, I hope that I can follow you forever and watch you create your own empire. I want to see you fulfil your dream and give birth to a pretty little baby. I want to travel around the world with you, oh, and that stupid Little Blossom too.”

Little Four’s tears fell to the s.p.a.ce beneath him. They turned into sparkling particles before disappearing. Little Four didn’t want to give up. However, he had tried his best to fight against the power but he still couldn’t hold on. He still had to say goodbye to the people he loved.

“Since you still want to follow me, why did you give up before I came?” Ling Lan’s old voice sounded beside Little Four. Little Four widened his eyes in shock. He saw a scary-looking black and red aura spreading around him. Ling Lan, who had released all her force of presence, appeared in front of him.

“Hmph, get back!” The red aura around Ling Lan shot out towards the whirlpool of numbers.

The numbers, which were attacking Little Four crazily, hurriedly scurried back as though they had seen something frightening.

“Little Blossom!” Ling Lan raised her finger and a red light from her fingers split the darkness into two.

At the opposite side of the red light, Little Blossom’s figure could be seen faintly.

“Here!” Little Blossom followed the red light and came to Ling Lan’s side instantly. With the help of his master, he once again found his way into this world.

“Help Little Four.” Half of Little Four’s body had disappeared. Although she could scare away the data that was destroying Little Four’s body, Little Four still had to get rid of the data that had already entered his body. It might be hard for him since he was already half gone so Ling Lan called Little Blossom over to help him. After all, Little Blossom had to power to devour foreign data in Little Four’s body.

“Yes, master.” Little Blossom nodded. He flew over and came beside Little Four. He disregarded Little Four’s irritating smile and grabbed his shoulder.

Little Four felt that Little Blossom was quite strong. He even felt pain from just him grabbing his shoulder… he wasn’t supposed to be able to feel pain. Why was he having such a sensation?

While Little Four was thinking too much, a powerful string of data flowed from Little Blossom’s hands into his body.

Little Four trusted Little Blossom but when his data entered his body, Little Four couldn’t help but feel like resisting. Fortunately, he reacted in time and stopped his body’s natural reaction. This allowed Little Blossom’s data to flow into his body smoothly.

This happened because Little Four and Little Blossom’s data were on two different ends of the spectrum. If they didn’t become family due to a series of coincidence, they would end up being enemies of one another.

The moment Little Blossom’s data entered Little Four’s body, it started devouring the foreign data. As time goes by, Little Blossom’s face turned even paler. Just like what was mentioned earlier, the foreign data was not so easy to deal with. If Little Blossom wasn’t careful enough, he might injure himself.

Little Four’s body started condensing together again. The limbs that had disappeared grew out slowly.

Earlier, Ling Lan heaved a sigh of relief when Little Four was still not gone yet. She searched through the entire learning s.p.a.ce and finally found Little Four’s presence. However, when she broke through the barrier and entered his s.p.a.ce, Little Four was already half gone. She got furious and scared. If she had found him a minute later, her adorable and playful younger brother would be gone.

The malicious intent in her heart rose again when she thought of this possibility. She looked at the numbers that were still congregating their energy. She narrowed her eyes. Killing intent filled up the entire s.p.a.ce. “What are you? How dare you hurt my Little Four! You are looking for death.”

Ling Lan used her right finger as a sword and slashed it at the whirlpool that was threatening her.

An ice sword flew out from the tip of her finger and chopped the whirlpool into two. However, something strange happened. The two halves of the whirlpool merged together again, but the huge ice sword turned into numbers and seeped into the whirlpool.

Ling Lan frowned. She didn’t know what kind of power this was at the start but now she knew. It was the power that could turn anything into raw data. No wonder Little Four couldn’t do anything to it.

“Boss, this protocol came from my core chip. Unless we know what is the pa.s.scode of the protocol, we can’t stop it.” Little Four quickly told Ling Lan where this whirlpool came from.

“Who knows the pa.s.scode?” When Ling Lan saw the whirlpool attempting to move again, she emitted her devil blood aura and suppressed the whirlpool. Although her ice sword was useless against it, it seemed to be afraid of her devil blood aura.

“I don’t know. I wonder if your instructors know…” Little Four didn’t want to disappear. Hence, he searched for ways to stay alive.

“I understand.” Ling Lan broke the barrier again and grabbed Number Five who was caught off guard.

When Number Five entered Little Four’s world and saw the powerful whirlpool made of numbers, he spat out the of sunflower seeds from his mouth and shouted, “Ling Lan, why did you pull me in? That thing is able to format us too.” That thing was the scavenger of the learning s.p.a.ce. Anyone who met it would die.

“What’s the pa.s.scode? I want to cancel the protocol,” Ling Lan asked directly.

Number Five gave a bitter smile. “How will I know?” He was only here to watch over Majesty Four. He wasn’t the person who invented that scavenger.

“Who will know?” Ling Lan didn’t give up.