I'm Actually A Cultivation Bigshot Chapter 53

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Chapter 53: Ant Discovered the Sky

Li Nianfan had an idea.

Qin Manyun was clearly a role model. She seemed to be cultured, so she must be good at chess. Maybe she could be a great opponent!

Daji was trash at Chinese chess. He could not play with her.

It was hard to find a good opponent in the middle of nowhere.

He had to ask. “Lady Qin, do you know how to play Chinese chess?”

Qin Manyun hesitated, then nodded. “The basics.”

Li Nianfan lit up. He could tell she was being humble. He immediately replied, “Great, let’s play!”

“Sure, go easy on me, Mr. Li.” Qin Manyun would never reject him since it was a great opportunity to bond with the expert.

She was slightly nervous, blus.h.i.+ng and overthinking it.

What if her chess skills were too great for the expert? Should she lose intentionally?

She heard from elders that hidden experts loved to play Chinese chess even though they were bad at it. Moreover, they would glare at their opponent with rage once they lost. How troublesome.

What should she do? How should she please him without him noticing?

The game started.

Li Nianfan had the black pieces. He smiled and said, “You start.”

Qin Manyun cleared her mind. She looked serious. She had to showcase her abilities to impress him!

She took a white p.a.w.n and looked at the chessboard.

She was taken aback.

The chessboard looked normal, but at the center of the board was a watermark with the words ‘Heaven And Earth’!

Qin Manyun felt dizzy. She was in a white, hazy dimension when she opened her eyes again.

There was nothing in the dimension except for black and white chess pieces. They were floating around without bothering each other.

The chess game was in another dimension?!

Qin Manyun stood there alone. She felt tiny and insignificant as if she was a single speck of dust in the vast universe.

The power she felt in this dimension was overwhelming.

It was like an ant discovering the sky. She was a mortal facing a G.o.d!

Small, weak, and helpless.

She clenched her jaw and made her move.


Instantly, the balance between black and white was thrown off. The dimension was in chaos.

Qin Manyun was shaken but Li Nianfan seemed indifferent. He took a black piece and moved it!


Qin Manyun was shaking because of the black and white pieces. The game had started and she was caught in the middle of the conflict. She was like a small boat lost at sea. She felt like this was her end.

How horrifying!

What type of treasure was this chessboard? It secretly contained a whole other dimension!

This level of Insights was beyond her. It was way too scary!

This was not a chess game—it was a test of Heaven and Earth!

Of course, she should have expected it. Li Nianfan used a new dimension as his chessboard. She should have known it was not a simple game.

Qin Manyun finally figured out why Daji had so much Insights. Even pigs would be able to fly if they played Chinese chess with Li Nianfan constantly.

This was the Heaven and Earth dimension! It seemed like n.o.body in the world would be able to discover another dimension like this.


The expert was blessing her with the best of luck!

It must be because of the Thousand-Year Black Ice. She had pleased him with her sincerity, so he decided to bless her with this experience!

The actions of an expert were indeed determined by their mood. They could casually bless their disciples with the best gifts just because they felt like it!

Qin Manyun was determined to impress and please Li Nianfan.

She looked up at the floating black and white chess pieces. They were changing chaotically in a blink of a moment. It was blowing her mind.

This dimension was too deep and mysterious for her. She barely understood the meaning behind the changes of the chess pieces. Most of the time, she was perturbed and dizzy.

It was like a preschool student looking at calculus. Nothing made sense and she was getting a headache.

Qin Manyun clenched her jaw and held on. Being blessed with this opportunity, she needed to stay strong.

That being said… An ant would not last long against the sky.

It had only been five minutes but Qin Manyun already could not hold her pieces.

Li Nianfan sighed quietly. He did not show it, but he defined Qin Manyun as a total noob.

Her chess skills were worse than Daji’s. If Daji played like a kindergartner, playing with Qin Manyun was basically like playing chess with yourself.

He thought she was being humble, but really, she was being arrogant!

She did not know the basics. She could not play at all.

Sigh, what a newbie.

It was fine that she was a beginner, but she was sweating hard. It made Li Nianfan speechless.

It was just a chess game. Her reaction was over the top.

She was sweating bullets and panting like she was engaging in hardcore sports.

“Mr. Li, I can’t do this anymore…” Qin Manyun said weakly. She looked at the board and was instantly humiliated.

Eleven moves in total and she was defeated completely. People would laugh at how badly she lost.

She was thinking too much when she wanted to go easy on him.

Li Nianfan shook his head and said in exasperation, “I can tell.”

Luo s.h.i.+yu looked at the chessboard excitedly.

Qin Manyun was a Saintess at the Linxian Palace. She did not expect her to suck at Chinese chess and lose this hard.

‘It is my time to s.h.i.+ne!’ Luo s.h.i.+yu thought to herself.

As a princess of the Ganlong Immortal Dynasty, chess was her favorite hobby from a young age. She saw herself as a great player, or at least she was not as bad as Qin Manyun.

She had to show off her chess skills to impress the expert. She could please Li Nianfan for sure if she took advantage of the chess game.

She was excited. Hopefully, this would lead to a better life.

She instantly chimed in, “Mr. Li, how about you let me try?”

“Oh? You can play?” Li Nianfan looked at her.

Luo s.h.i.+yu smiled and said, “Of course. In the Ganlong Immortal Dynasty, I’m known as the best player. No opponent can defeat me.”

“Alright, play.”

Li Nianfan said casually. It was just a pastime hobby to him anyway. It would be great if Luo s.h.i.+yu was a masterful player.

Luo s.h.i.+yu excitedly sat across Li Nianfan. She was baffled when she looked at the chessboard.


Was this chess?

She went blank like a kindergartner attending a college exam. She blacked out and did not understand what was going on.

Luo s.h.i.+yu felt like she was worse than Qin Manyun. Once she was in the game, she almost had a mental breakdown. It was too horrifying.

It took her all her might to pick up a chess piece. She was helpless.

How foolish of her. This was not an ordinary chess game. No, not when it came to the expert. No wonder Qin Manyun could only make eleven moves.

The Insights in the chess game were startling!

The entire mortal realm would not be able to handle this chess game of the Heaven and Earth dimension.