I'm Actually A Cultivation Bigshot Chapter 431 – Kun Is Big, One Pot Cannot Contain It

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Chapter 431: Kun Is Big, One Pot Cannot Contain It

Soon, the Empress thought of how she only gave away the Flat Peach seed two months ago.

He…grew a tree in two months?

Did they not take at least 3,000 years to ripen?

Since when did they ripen so fast?

Li Nianfan picked up the little fox and placed it in front of him. He picked it by its tails.

The little fox looked at Li Nianfan innocently. It was even blinking with its hands open. It looked as if it did not know anything.

However, its mouth was puffed up. It was evident that it was hiding something in it.

“Peaches are good, but don’t eat the seed.” Li Nianfan placed his hand in front of the little fox. He said, “Hurry and spit it out. If you swallow it, it’ll grow into a peach tree inside your tummy.”

Grow a peach tree inside its tummy?

The little fox’s eyes sparkled right away. Without hesitation, it shrank its neck and swallowed the seed.

It even had a look of antic.i.p.ation.


Li Nianfan helplessly touched his head. It was impossible to take it out. Luckily it was only a seed, it was not a big deal. He could only place the little fox back on the ground.

He looked at the Jade Emperor and the crowd. Seeing that they were waiting for more, he said, “Xiao Bai, bring over more peaches and other fruits.”

He halted and said helplessly, “I’m sorry, I only have one peach tree for now, so the peaches are limited. Please, bear with me. Once the other peach trees are grown, you’ll all have more than enough.”

The crowd quickly waved it off. They said honestly, “Not at all, we don’t mind at all. Lord Saint’s too humble.”

Since when would anyone ‘mind’ about having Spiritual Immortal Fruits?

And…what kind of experience would it be like to ‘have more than enough’ Flat Peaches?

Why would the expert use such words?

Li Nianfan took out his painting. He placed it in front of the crowd and asked curiously, “Right, since you all fought against Lord Kunpeng, what does he look like? Is this similar?”


Jade Emperor and the rest looked at Li Nianfan’s painting. This was challenging.

After some hesitation, they decided to tell the truth. “To be honest with you, Lord Saint, we’re not as powerful. Even though we fought against Lord Kunpeng, we haven’t been able to see his original form. Ever since Prehistoric times, Kunpeng never revealed his original form. Almost n.o.body has seen it.”

However, they were very certain that it must be Lord Kunpeng’s original form in this painting. How would the expert ever have it wrong?

They had not seen Lord Kunpeng in his original form. It made sense. However, it would not make sense for the expert to not have seen it!

Furthermore…judging by the Qi, the Lord Kunpeng in this drawing was more powerful. The real Lord Kunpeng was not even as powerful!

“I see, what a pity.” Li Nianfan shook his head with regret.

Following that, he looked at the corner of the painting and had a thought. He said, “I recall that this sentence isn’t complete yet. Daji, prepare some ink for me.”

“Yes, Mr. Li.” Daji smiled. She had not helped the expert prepare ink in a long time. This was so loving and nostalgic.

He was…about to write?

The Jade Emperor and the rest felt their hearts twitching. They all held their breaths in unison.

They could not help looking at the unfinished sentence on the painting. ‘In the northern ocean, there’s a fish…’

What would he continue that with?

They felt as if he was about to p.r.o.nounce its final sentence. How would the expert sentence Lord Kunpeng?

So excited! So nervous!

Li Nianfan picked up the brush and looked at the Lord Kunpeng in the painting. There was a hint of displeasure in his eyes.

This Lord Kunpeng wounded his Daji as well as his friends. They were put in so much danger! He was wrong to have painted this Lord Kunpeng!

‘I know you’re powerful, but does that mean you can do whatever you like? It’s just that I can’t beat you up! If not… I would’ve cooked you into a bowl of soup for Daji!’

At this instance, the wind stopped. The clouds stopped. Everyone could sense the change in Li Nianfan’s att.i.tude. This rush of Qi was even more terrifying than the angered sky. As if almost in an instant, he was about to determine the livelihood of any being in the world!

They were so nervous that they almost ran out of breath. The atmosphere was so heavy and tense.

The expert was evidently…unhappy!

Suddenly, Li Nianfan’s lips curled into a smile. He knew how to finish the sentence.

He was going to write the original sentence from the poem ‘A Happy Excursion’. After all, it was an inspiring work anyway. However, he was not in the mood now, so he decided to change it!

His brush landed on the paper. He continued the sentence.

[In the northern ocean there’s a fish, called the Kun. It is big, a pot cannot contain it fully. This Kun changes into a bird, called the Peng. It is huge, so it needs two barbeque grills. One part to be cooked with a special sauce, the other slightly spicy!]

He wrote in one fluent movement. Since he was not pleased, his words were heavier than usual, with an extra hint of…violence! Everyone watched with terror in their eyes.

When they read the words on the paper, their lips twitched and gently gasped.

The meaning of the words was not difficult to understand. It was not mysterious at all. One could even conclude it with five words—’I want to eat Kunpeng’.

As this sentence appeared in the painting, the painting started to change under the eyes of the crowd.

The originally calm ocean was now unstable. The surface of the ocean started to give off water vapor as if it was boiling.

Water vapor, unlimited water vapor.

However, the water vapor was different from earlier. It was no longer gentle and cool. It was now heated. Everyone could feel it burning. They felt a sense of uneasiness rus.h.i.+ng up from the bottom of their hearts.

Anger. The expert was obviously angry!

At this moment, the ocean was no longer an ocean. It was now a big pot with everything in it, including Kunpeng!


The familiar sound was heard again. However, this time, it did not have the sense of authority like before. In fact, it was a helpless cry full of panic.

Regardless if it was the fish in the ocean or the bird in the sky, due to the newly complete sentence, their states had been changed. There was a sense of a struggle to escape!

It was as if they were having the last protest before being cooked into a soup.


Li Nianfan looked at his work with satisfaction. He smiled, “d.a.m.n it, this Kunpeng! I even dedicated a painting to him. At least I feel better now.”

Since they could not fight him, at least he could prank him.

The Jade Emperor instantly said, “Lord Saint, don’t worry. If we have a chance again, we’ll kill this Kunpeng!”

“It’s not easy, he’s been around for a long time.” Li Nianfan shook his head. “Thanks for offering though. Don’t have to do it intentionally, safety comes first!

“I wrote these for fun. Don’t take it seriously. The painting’s ruined now. Sorry to have embarra.s.sed myself here.”

He said as he crumpled the paper and tossed it into the bin.

Following that, they talked for a little longer before the crowd bid their farewell.

When they walked out from the four-part architecture, the Jade Emperor and Empress exchanged a look. They then let out a long sigh with a bitter face.

The Jade Emperor shook his head and said with guilt, “It’s our fault for not capturing Kunpeng.”

Ao Cheng comforted, “Jade Emperor, don’t say that. k.u.mpeng’s too powerful, the expert didn’t blame us.”

“The expert’s displeasure is the biggest crime! We…we didn’t help the expert to fix his troubles!” The Empress understood how the Jade Emperor felt. She said with the same tone, “The Heavenly Temple owes a lot to the expert. Without the expert, the Jade Emperor wouldn’t have been able to come out, to regain our duty, and we wouldn’t have deluxe merits. Without the expert, I can’t imagine what the world would look like by now! And yet, we can’t even do a small thing like this!”

Her tone was filled with guilt.

To the expert, Lord Kunpeng was merely an ant. And yet, they let the ant upset the expert! They neglected their duties. They had severely neglected their duties!

“Hurry and make up for it.” The Jade Emperor’s eyes flashed. He said, “The expert first asked what Kunpeng looked like. He then wrote the poem. It’s very obvious that he wants to drink Kunpeng soup! Let’s not waste any more time. This is the time where we help the expert fix his troubles!”

The Empress nodded. “Jade Emperor’s right. In the northern ocean, there’s a fish. It’s probably where Kunpeng is. The expert already made it very clear. If we still can’t get it done, we’ll be too ashamed to face the expert again!”

“The expert has helped us too much. Thanks to him, we managed to taste many things we dared not think of in the past. Now that he wants to drink Kunpeng soup, we must make it happen even if we have to die!” Ao Cheng said with a determined tone. He paused and continued, “The northern ocean should be the northern sea. My Eastern Sea Dragon Family can rush over anytime!”