I'm Actually A Cultivation Bigshot Chapter 427 – I Won't Allow You To Harm My Sister

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Chapter 427: I Won’t Allow You To Harm My Sister

Lord Kunpeng’s face darkened. He was not pleased.

This happened all of a sudden, nothing went as planned. The changes were turning him crazy!

The demons he sent out were unable to vanquish the dog demons and the Nine-Tailed Fox. Following that, the Southern Sea Dragon King and Kirins’ brains were somehow malfunctioning that they pulled out from this! Furthermore, the Heavenly Temple seemed to have antic.i.p.ated his attack. They came well prepared!

Why did this happen? Which part of the plan went wrong?

He was the Lord Kunpeng! Since the Prehistoric era, he had made no miscalculations. He would seize up all deals and all opportunities. If not, he would not have lived until now. And yet, the world seemed to have weakened. There were also so many changes?

Everything was not going as planned!

Kunpeng quickly shook his head. He did not want to think about it. If not, he would become unstable.

He threw them a cold look and said in a low voice, “Even though I have a stupid pig by my side, I can use my capability to make up to that. I can fight you all without a problem!”

With that said, he lifted his hands and a paG.o.da made of white stone appeared in his hands. With a gesture, the paG.o.da turned into light and rushed toward the Pig Demon.

“This is the Four PaG.o.da, it can repress one’s vision. Take this and quickly repress the rebels!”

“Yes, Lord Kunpeng!”

Pig Demon received the Four PaG.o.da and instantly let out an evil smile. It went back to the battlefield and waved his flag again. The flag rose with unlimited flames coming out of it like a tsunami. The flames rushed toward Daji and her group. Following that, the Four PaG.o.da flew out from its hand and fell from the sky. It was about to fall on the group from above!

The Empress’s face changed. “How did you get hold of the Four PaG.o.da as well?”

Lord Kunpeng laughed out loud. He said happily, “All these years, I’ve been hiding in the Northern Sea. I don’t come out easily and stay away from many robberies. Can you tell me why?”

Of course. He picked it up from someone else.

The Empress straightened her expression. “Kunpeng, ask your pig to stop the attack. You cannot attack the Nine-Tailed Fox and Fire Phoenix!”

“You’re threatening me? They’re merely two Taiyi Golden Immortals, why can’t I attack them?” Lord Kunpeng asked nonchalantly. He clapped and the Sky Stamp inflated again and launched at the Empress!

On the other end.

The Pig Demon was laughing out loud as the flames surrounded Daji and the rest. On top of the flames, the Four PaG.o.da was cras.h.i.+ng down!

The paG.o.da was tall but not big. As it fell, the surroundings started behaving strangely. There were illusions of fire, wind, and water cras.h.i.+ng down along with the paG.o.da.

Daji made a gesture and a handkerchief flew out. It formed a s.h.i.+eld in the air.


The Four PaG.o.da crashed into the s.h.i.+eld. Instantly, the handkerchief was in danger. Daji’s face had gone pale as well.

The fight consisted of treasures and power.

With this. .h.i.t, Daji’s power was weakened and the treasure was gradually losing its glow.

The handkerchief could only take a few hits.

Daji gritted her teeth and used up all of her demonic energy. She lifted her hands and a golden gourd appeared in her hand. It was giving out a glow and she pointed it at the Pig Demon.

The Sucking Gourd’s Qi was overwhelming. Every demon felt their hearts thump. They let out looks of terror and respect!

“The Sucking Gourd’s actually with her! No wonder she claims herself to be the Demon King!” Lord Kunpeng’s eyes glinted with a chill. “I must keep her!”

Was the Sucking Gourd not made by Nuwa? How did it turn into a gourd now? It seemed that many changes were happening in the world.

The Pig Demon saw the golden glow. Instantly, it became perplexed and felt it calling from within. It had a sense of duty as if the gourd had the power to conquer all demons.

Its consciousness was about to get sucked in.

It quickly shook its head and looked down. Its heart was feeling chilly. When he looked up, a fluffy small fox appeared in front of him. Pink bubbles were starting to appear around it. The atmosphere was cute and adorable.

It could not help its tongue from reaching out. It started drooling with its original pig face showing. “Wow, what a beautiful little fox…”

As long as the Pig Demon zoned out twice, they would then seize the timing to capture him.

Xiao Chengfeng flew with his longsword. Instantly, 10,000 swords condensed into one point, glinting with violence!

With the addition of Deluxe Merit, the longsword quickly cut through the Pig Demon’s s.h.i.+eld. It was stabbing at it!

Fire Phoenix raised her hand and a rope flew out like a spiritual snake, tying down the Pig Demon.

They attacked from both sides!

With the well-coordinated attack, the Pig Demon felt its hair standing up all over it. It snapped out of its illusion and jolted vigorously.


The longsword pierced into its shoulder and went right through it. Its right arm was cut off!

It cried out in pain and instantly looked angry and fierce. Its demonic power was like the sea and its flag was exuding an eye-stabbing glow. The flaming sea engulfed the rope, making it futile.

“You took advantage of me without my s.h.i.+eld? You shall all die!”

It growled with its eyes reddened. It was triggered and went back into its original form. A black wild pig with terrifyingly sharp fangs emerged. It was gigantic!


It transformed into light, shooting toward Xiao Chengfeng. Its fangs were just as good as a treasure. It was attacking Xiao Chengfeng!

Xiao Chengfeng’s eyes turned red. He gathered all of his power and was unwilling to back off. “I want to fight with this pig! Come, sword!”

The longsword returned to him. It was exuding a lot of Sword Qi that rushed up and crashed back down at the Pig Demon!

He knew the current situation. Even though the three of them joined hands, they were still not worthy opponents of the Pig Demon. However, everyone had their own value. Daji and Fire Phoenix must not be harmed. He could only sacrifice himself.

‘For the expert, sacrificing myself is a gain!’


The longsword crashed into the Pig Demon. Xiao Chengfeng instantly flew away like a cannonball. He was thoroughly worn out and was at his weakest state.

With a loud ‘ping’, he fell into the forest and a dent was caused as he landed.

A wound appeared on the right eye of the Pig Demon. The scar had fresh blood oozing out.

The sword contained Deluxe Merit! If it was an Ultimate Spiritual Deluxe Merit item, the Pig Demon would not even take it! It would instantly run away from it.

“How dare you harm me!”

It was furious! It did not care for its wound and turned toward Daji’s direction.

Meanwhile, the flag and paG.o.da were already wearing out Daji and Fire Phoenix.

“Sister!” The little fox hid behind Daji. It was so terrified but even more anxious.

The Pig Demon was powerful. It was a powerful Daluo Golden Immortal! It had thousands of glows circulating it. It had messed up the balance in this area until the sky was pressing down on them. It was very terrifying and unstoppable!

Along with the help of the two treasures, a normal Taiyi Golden Immortal would have been crushed into powder by now.

Although Daji and Fire Phoenix were only at the peak of Taiyi Golden Immortal, they followed Li Nianfan around and had learned many laws from him. The teachings from Li Nianfan helped them to withstand this attack!

Daji had fresh blood oozing from her lips. Her face was pale and her eyes cold. No matter how dangerous it was, she must help her master to conquer all demons. If they lost, her master would be disappointed.

She gradually raised her hand and a Gaming Console appeared in her hands. Her fingers worked on the console.

Instantly, thousands of glows rose from her feet!


She thought these were not enough. She spat out another mouthful of blood. Her power was strangely going up while the Gaming Console instantly shot out an extreme glow with thousands of shadows circulating it. There was a violent chill freezing the path ahead, rus.h.i.+ng toward the Pig Demon.

There were also countless defense formations appearing in the air. They were blocking the flame and the paG.o.da.

Meanwhile, one of her nine tails behind her was cut off!

The little fox covered its mouth with its tiny claws. Its eyes widened with tears running down its face. It was helpless. “Sister! How…how can I help you?”

It wanted to cast the love spell again but the Pig Demon was already immune to it.

‘Waa… I’m so weak! If only I was clever!’

Fire Phoenix had a similarly heavy look. A flaming red flame lotus gathered on her palm. She spat out a mouthful of blood and the lotus started spinning rapidly. Instantly, it turned golden.

The golden item was constantly changing. It finally turned into a Three-legged Golden Crow.

The flame of the Three-legged Golden Crow was gained from Li Nianfan’s painting of it back in the days. Fire Phoenix had been keeping its law.


The Golden Crow cried out. Like a small golden sun, it rushed toward the Pig Demon.

The flag covered the Pig Demon, its strange flame crus.h.i.+ng the spells cast by Daji. It was wild and threw another attack at them!

The Jade Emperor and Empress saw the terrifying sight. Their eyes widened and they gasped in terror. They felt their scalps itching.

“You’re over!” The Empress looked at Lord Kunpeng. She said in a serious tone “Hurry up and ask your pig to stop. It should kneel on its knees to ask for forgiveness. It might still be saved!”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Lord Kunpeng was shocked. He could not believe his ears. He scoffed coldly, “Are you trying to affect my mentality with such claims? What a childish thought!”

The Empress said in a low voice, “I won’t hide this from you anymore. The Nine-Tailed Fox and Fire Phoenix have an expert supporting them. You cannot offend this expert, hurry up and stop it!”

“An expert? I’m an expert myself!”

Lord Kunpeng laughed out loud. “Unless he’s a Saint? I, Lord Kunpeng, have seen a lot! If he’s a Saint, I’ll see it for myself!”

The Empress quickly said in a panic, “He’s way beyond a Saint! I won’t joke about this. No matter what, ask the pig to stop it first!”

“What nonsense! Ha! You’re speaking nonsense! Why can’t you bear to lose?” Lord Kunpeng mocked and scoffed with a serious look. “This is such a low-grade lie! Are you insulting my intelligence? Wait for it, I want to see if the so-called expert will get involved!”


Pig Demon ran toward them. The frozen path had been cracking up. The flag gave off flames that collided with the Golden Crow’s flames. With a loud sound, the demonic power strengthened. The Four PaG.o.da crashed into their s.h.i.+eld, layer by layer. The Pig Demon was heading for Daji and Fire Phoenix!


More and more visions appeared above the Four PaG.o.da. There were mountains, sun, moon, as well as a roaring dragon and tiger. Fighting against such power, Daji was about to be worn out.

The Pig Demon’s eyes glinted with excitement. Its eyes were flaming. “Crush them!”


Thousands of spells shattered like a broken mirror in the air. Instantly, the visions vanished. The Four PaG.o.da was still as powerful and the s.p.a.ce had been twisted due to the pressure. All of the Spiritual Qi fried out in this instance. It became a vacuum zone.

Daji’s face had turned pale, along with Fire Phoenix. They had turned into a fox and a phoenix.

The Jade Emperor and the rest watched with terror. They felt chills all over. They wanted to save them, but they were caught up in their own fight. They could not escape.

Ye Liuyun and the rest rushed over, risking their lives. Their eyes had turned red.

They would rather die themselves than watch Daji die. If the expert was disappointed…

They did not dare to think about it! So terrifying!

The Four PaG.o.da was getting closer to Daji. They were pushed to the verge of collapsing. They felt their hair standing up!

“The ignorant fool has no fear! The ignorant fool has no fear! Kunpeng, do you know you’re a pig? You messed up!”

The Jade Emperor scowled without caring for his image anymore.

He was the most anxious of all. After all, the expert did tell him in person to take good care of Daji. Now that this happened, he might as well die! He was about to die!

“How dare you scold me!?” Lord Kunpeng said coldly. “You’re asking for death! Where’s the so-called expert you speak of? Where is he? Ask him to come out if he dares!”

Meanwhile, out of the blue, a shocking Qi emerged.

Even though it was a faint hint of its entirety, it was adequate to cause terror in the crowd.

As they looked over to the source of the Qi, the little fox was standing in front of Daji. It had tears in its eyes. Due to its terror, its fur stood up all over and it wore a look of determination. It glared at the Pig Demon with its nine tails swaying behind it.

Even though it was a newly immortalized fox, it had some kind of terrifying energy awakening inside its body.

Following that, its body was gradually getting bigger and bigger. It pushed through the sky while exuding an extremely terrifying Qi from within.

This Qi was too powerful, so powerful that it was beyond Lord Kunpeng’s understanding. It was as if the world was at the little fox’s feet.

At this moment, everyone, including the Quasi-Saints did not dare to move at all!

“I won’t allow you to harm my sister!”