I'm Actually A Cultivation Bigshot Chapter 412 – Xiao Chengfeng Boasting

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Chapter 412 Xiao Chengfeng Boasting

Juling Shen was unlikely to make it back anytime soon.

Li Nianfan could only send his condolences to him in his heart. If only he knew better, he would have warned him. Now that this situation occurred, Li Nianfan did feel…rather amused…


He said, “I’d like to see Xiao Chengfeng. Call for the General.”

“Yes, Sir!”

Instantly, the group of Heavenly Soldiers went ahead.

Li Nianfan looked at Lan. “G.o.ddess Lan, if you need a hand, I can refer someone to you.” Lan was excited. “That’d be delightful! Thank you, Lord Saint.”

If she went alone, she might not be able to invite any important figure. Without the proper invitation, she could only use her connections. Although she was one of the Seven Princesses, her status was lower than the Heavenly Guards. Furthermore, she did not know a lot of people in this current Heavenly Palace.

“Hhha, this is nothing. We’re all trying to keep the place in order.” Li Nianfan waved it off.

He could not help recalling what happened in the Xia Kingdom. The plague broke out as well. Due to that, he arranged for humankind to preach the medical knowledge he pa.s.sed onto them to treat the plague. However, this time, the plague was caused by the Plague G.o.d. He did not know if there was any difference.

Birth, aging, illness, and death were the basics of life. The existence of the Plague G.o.d was to control this circle so that the plague did not lose its momentum. In the ‘Invest.i.ture of the G.o.ds’, the Plague G.o.d was given the power to ’cause and stop the plague when needed’. This showed that the Plague G.o.d was quite powerful.

However, the Plague G.o.d had lost control in the ordinary realm. Instead of controlling the plague, he was now causing the plague to harm the people. n.o.body knew why.

Meanwhile, an orb of light was traveling from further away. It was rus.h.i.+ng in and left a trail behind as if the person’s b.u.t.tock was on fire. It was quite a sight! It took no time before it crossed the Heavenly River to the Palace of the Deluxe Merit Saint. It abruptly stopped to show up with a formal and respectful att.i.tude.

Xiao Chengfeng stood on the long sword while dressed in Heavenly Armor. Somehow, he had a long beard that he did not have before. He was flying in the air, looking powerful.

His face was slightly flushed and he seemed rather excited.

Moments ago, he was still acting cool in front of the other Heavenly Soldiers. He was trying to appear powerful and took joy in doing that. However, the moment before he was about to meet the Deluxe Saint, he dropped his act. He even took out his armor and held it in his hand while he flew over at a high speed.

Faster. And faster!

This was not the time to act cool, nothing was as important as meeting the Deluxe Merit Saint!

He made a gesture and smiled. He said politely, “Deluxe Merit Saint, you called for me?”

“General Chengfeng, come and have a seat.” Li Nianfan smiled and waved at him.

Xiao Chengfeng cautiously landed, “Thank you.”

Li Nianfan asked Dragin to pour him a bowl of soy milk. “I happen to have some soy milk left. It’s hot, hope you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind! I don’t mind at all!” Xiao Chengfeng waved it off. He looked at the soy milk and swallowed his saliva. This bowl of soy milk alone made his journey worthwhile.

He lifted the bowl and drank it. The liquid pa.s.sed through his body, he felt the heat all over.

Ah! How relaxing! What a treat! He quickly said, “If there’s anything, Lord Saint, please, tell me. I’ll try my best to do it. Please, just say the word.”

It was his privilege to be thought of by the Lord Saint!

Li Nianfan said, “There’s a problem, the Plague G.o.d from back then is now messing up the ordinary realm. I’d like you to have a look at it with G.o.ddess Lan. Try to soothe it.”

“There’s such a thing?” Xiao Chengfeng stood up. He looked serious. He accepted without hesitation, “It’s my duty to keep the order! Don’t worry, Lord Saint, you can count on me!”

Li Nianfan smiled. “That’d be delightful.”

Xiao Chengfeng was quite a good friend, he was so helpful!

Xiao Chengfeng patted his chest. “This is my pa.s.sion. If Lord Saint encounters any problem, you know you can count on me!” LI Nianfan looked at Lan. He said, “G.o.ddess Lan, is the plague serious in the North River area? What symptoms do they have?”

Lan said with a serious tone, “It’s quite severe. All the infected ones have high fevers and coughs that won’t go away. Some are also confused. The plague is spreading rapidly.” Li Nianfan halted. He could not help mumbling to himself, “Why does this sound like…influenza?”

He found it strange. He did pa.s.s on his medical knowledge, so they should have cured this according to the symptoms. Perhaps the knowledge had not been pa.s.sed on to this area?

That would make sense. This world was too big, especially for an ordinary man. It was a very difficult and challenging world to survive in.

After a moment of hesitation, he stood up and smiled. “What about this. Since I have time and I’m planning to make a trip back to the four-part architecture, why don’t you all come with me? I’ll give you something.”

Since Li Nianfan already said so, Xiao Chengfeng had no way of turning it down. He quickly nodded. “Of course!”

Chang’e smiled. “Sister Lan, I’ll come with you all. I’d like to have a look at the ordinary realm anyway.”

Instantly, the group quickly packed up and left on a cloud from the Heavenly Palace toward the ordinary realm.

This time, Li Nianfan was not in the mood to go for fun. He did not want to go because he had treated the plague before and did not like to be in such places. Secondly, it was the Plague G.o.d, after all, it was just like a drug lord! Although Li Nianfan had advanced medical knowledge, he was not immune to the plague. A Deluxe Merit Saint did not entail immunity! Who knows, he might die from breathing in the plague! The plague was so harmful, he had to be cautious.

It did not take long before he had arrived at the familiar four-part architecture.

Unknowingly, he had parted from this place for half a month. He watched the familiar Fallen Immortal Mountain with a hint of nostalgia.


Along with a gentle click, Li Nianfan pushed open the door and saw Xiao Bai moving with a big bowl. There were some condiments inside. It also had a stick in hand. It was stirring and mixing.

There were some vegetables around it, including some fruits and meat.

The four-part architecture was empty but it was seemingly busy.

When Xiao Bai saw Li Nianfan, it called out with delight, “Welcome home, my master.”

Li Nianfan could not help raising an eyebrow. “Xiao Bai, why are you alone here? Blackie’s not back?”

“Yes, master. Blackie came back but left.”

“What an idiotic dog! Why’s he running out all the time? Is he not afraid of demons?” Li Nianfan shook his head. He wondered and asked, “Xiao Bai, what’re you working on?”

Xiao Bai said, “Blackie made friends with a bunch of dog friends. I had to prepare more dog food. If not, it’s not enough.’ “Wow, that’s good. Blackie started to become more sociable.” Li Nianfan could not help smiling. “No wonder Blackie’s been running out lately, do you know where he is? I want to look for Blackie.”

“Probably a place called Dog Mountain in the Immortal Realm.”

“How did it get to the Immortal Realm? Dog Mountain? Is it a playground for the dogs?” Li Nianfan was intrigued. He questioned, “Perhaps Blackie had befriended some powerful Dog Demons? He made it to the Immortal Realm? I must find Blackie.”

Li Nianfan turned to Xiao Chengfeng and asked, “General Chengfeng, do you know where the Dog Mountain is in the Immortal Realm?”

“I haven’t heard of it.” Xiao Chengfeng shook his head and asked, “However, don’t worry, Lord Saint, this place has such a unique name, I don’t think there’s another place like this in the Immortal Realm. I’ll ask around the Heavenly Soldiers.”

“Alright.” Li Nianfan nodded. That was not too difficult.

He put this thought aside. He asked Xiao Chengfeng and the rest to wait for a moment as he went into the utility room. He started looking for things while making some noise.

It did not take long before Li Nianfan walked out with a bag and a special bottle.

“I won’t come with you to the North River area. You’ll face the Plague G.o.d while I’ll try to help out in the ordinary realm.” Li Nianfan shook the things in his hands. He smiled and said, “This bag contains blue lozenges. It’s helpful for cough and fever. You put them into the water for the patients to drink. As for this bottle, it’s a disinfectant liquid. The best option is to quarantine and disinfect. Bring these over, perhaps you could use them on the ordinary people.”

Of course, Li Nianfan did not have time to make these items. These were given to him by the System. The System had been quite generous in giving necessary items like these. However, they were useless to him. He had too many of these. They took up too much s.p.a.ce and were not as useful.

Lan carefully received the items. She said in a small voice, “Okay…okay.” She hugged these carefully. She became even more nervous and timid than before. Although these things seemed very ordinary and did not give out any glow, she did not dare to look down on these powerful disinfecting liquids.

Powerful, indeed. Things given by the expert were indeed powerful.

These were beyond science!

Chang’e looked at that bottle and found it intriguing

The structure of this bottle was too unique! It was made with a special material. It was half-transparent, and one could see the liquid inside. The opening of the bottle was even more fascinating. There was no obvious opening, but it had a strange thing covered on top of it.

Li Nianfan smiled and introduced, “This is a spray nozzle. If you want to disinfect, you point it at the spot and give it a gentle press. The mist will be sprayed out. It’s useful.”

The crowd seemed perplexed. They had never seen this before!

How mysterious! They learned something new!

This bottle was likely to be a treasure. Only the expert had something as mysterious as this. They were lucky to see this.

“Lord Saint, with me around, you don’t have to worry. When the time comes, I can beat the Plague G.o.d with one sword. The Plague G.o.d will back off!” Xiao Chengyeng boasted. “My sword’s a vegetarian!”

Li Nianfan laughed, “Hhha, there’s no harm in being cautious. This matter affects countless lives, I wish you all the best!”

“Don’t worry, Lord Saint, we’ll be there. Goodbye!”