I'm Actually A Cultivation Bigshot Chapter 31

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Chapter 31: Scolding The Heaven


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The rest of them stared at Bai Wuchen in disbelief.

“Experiencing the law of nature?”

Zhao Shanhe was still smug about being able to break through to the Out of Aperture realm. However, upon hearing this, he felt bitter.

What realm must one be for one to experience the law of nature!

“I once read from an ancient book stating that above the Immortals, there are Saints. I’m guessing this is the ability of a Saint,” the Holy Emperor speculated.


Bai Wuchen nodded. “No matter what, Mr. Li’s realm is way beyond our imagination.”

They all climbed up the mountain in awe. As the group arrived at the gate of the four-part architecture, the eyes of the Holy Emperor and Luo s.h.i.+yu widened in shock. They trembled vigorously as if they had been cursed with a spell.

Their gazes locked on a piece of jade that was hung on the gate. Their brains buzzed loudly.

“Dad, this… This is…” Luo s.h.i.+yu swallowed her saliva as she stuttered in disbelief.

The Holy Emperor nodded with a serious look. “This must be it. There are still traces of its original form on this jade.”

“How can it be? This is unbelievable!” Luo s.h.i.+yu was immensely shocked.

Bai Wuchen exclaimed, “You can tell how impressive this jade is just by its look?”

If he had not watched the jade transform into a phoenix, Bai Wuchen would not have known how impressive this jade was. On the surface, it seemed like a nice jade pendant.

“I’ll be honest with you. This jade was a gift my daughter gave to Mr. Li to thank him.” The Holy Emperor said, “However, it was only an ordinary jade pendant.”

“What!?” Bai Wuchen cried out with disbelief.

In other words, Mr. Li turned an ordinary jade into a talisman!?

The Holy Emperor exclaimed, “I cannot believe this either. Mr. Li has such impressive skills! He must’ve disliked the jade for its lack of Insights and added onto it to give it more Insights.”

“It’s not just about the Insights. This jade pendant is no longer an ordinary object!” Bai Wuchen said with a bitter smile as he described the incident, telling them how this jade pendant transformed into a phoenix and killed the Sword Demon.

The Holy Emperor and Luo s.h.i.+yu stared at him with their mouths open, unable to speak a word.

An ordinary jade pendant was transformed into an immortal weapon? This was unbelievable!

Zhao Shanhe reminded, “Holy Emperor, why don’t you have a look at the couplet hung by the door?”

Hearing that, the Holy Emperor and Luo s.h.i.+yu stared at the couplet. Suddenly, a strong wave of Insights washed over them. Upon reading it, they felt like they had been transformed into ordinary people who had been working hard in their pursuit of immortality.

There were merely eight words on it, yet it contained so much Insight.

This was terrifying! Incredibly terrifying!

“The skill of a Saint! This must be the skill possessed by a Saint!”

The Holy Emperor mumbled unstoppably. This expert turned stone into gold, trash into treasure. He had to be a Saint!

After composing his thoughts and emotions, the Holy Emperor tried his best to regain his composure. Only then, he asked Luo s.h.i.+yu to knock on the door.

“Mr. Li, are you home?” Luo s.h.i.+yu called out politely.


Li Nianfan opened the door and looked out at his visitors. He asked with surprise, “Why are you here all at once?”

What day was it today? All the friends he knew came at once?

“We happened to b.u.mp into one another at the foot of the mountain. Therefore, we came up together,” Bai Wuchen said smiling.

Luo s.h.i.+yu introduced, “Mr. Li, this is my father, Luo Jinghong.”

Luo s.h.i.+yu’s father? So, this was the Holy Emperor of the Ganlong Immortal Dynasty? The Holy Emperor came to visit an ordinary man like himself? If he could get to know the Holy Emperor, that would make him feel safer.


Li Nianfan smiled, “Welcome, please come in.”

“Mr. Li, we saw a few lightning strikes earlier. We were concerned about you, so we came here right away,” Lin Qingyun said.

“The lightning was indeed disturbing!” Li Nianfan said with an angry look. He frowned. “I’m fine, though it did hurt some innocent lives! The person who caused this is terrible!”

Upon hearing what he said, the cultivators held their breaths with gooseb.u.mps forming on their skins.

The lightning came from Heaven. n.o.body else would have such courage to complain about Heaven, no one but Mr. Li!


They all pursed their lips and did not speak a word. They cautiously looked up at the sky. Seeing that there was not a single cloud in the sky, they finally let go of their breaths.

Regardless if it was Mr. Li or Heaven itself, they were the bigshots of the bigshots. These cultivators did not dare to offend any of them. They were put in a very difficult situation!

Meanwhile, they further suspected that Mr. Li came down from above, or else how was he able to talk back to Heaven without any repercussions?


A burst of mist bubbled up from the medicine pot, making a crisp sound.

Li Nianfan ignored his visitors right away and rushed to his backyard. A smile appeared on his face. “It’s finally ready!”

The Holy Emperor and the rest followed behind Li Nianfan. They sniffed gently and a strange medicinal scent went into their nostrils. They suddenly felt more alive with a glow on their faces.

This medicine broth was… extraordinary!

The men were of the Out of Aperture realm. Normal elixirs would no longer have any effect on them. However, the scent was able to soothe them from within, clearly showing that this must have been a G.o.dly medicine broth!

Out of curiosity, Zhao Shanhe used his divine consciousness to explore what was inside the medicine pot. However, the moment his divine consciousness touched the surface of the pot, it was like mud entering the sea. In an instant, his divine consciousness was sucked in.


Zhao Shanhe cried out a little. He felt lightheaded. He regretted peeping into the medicine pot as his face filled with terror.

Bai Wuchen asked, “Zhao Laotou, what’s up?”

“The medicine pot…is probably an immortal item!” Zhao Shanhe said bitterly. “I foolishly tried to peek at what the expert was making, and suddenly, half of my divine consciousness was sucked in!”


The cultivators took in a cold breath. The Holy Emperor and Bai Wuchen cautiously tried it out themselves and realized that it was true!


They stared at the medicine pot for a long time. Only then, they realized that although it first appeared to be an ordinary pot, upon closer look, there was an ancient charm flowing out from within. It exuded a reckless atmosphere, making its observers shocked and stunned.

“Oh, yes! Of course, the things used by the expert are not ordinary items!” Bai Wuchen realized as he recalled the air purifier and water filter. Which one of them was not shocking?

Luo s.h.i.+yu asked cautiously, “Mr. Li, this medicine….is for someone?”

“When I was out earlier, I saw someone getting hurt by the lightning so I brought the person home,” Li Nianfan said as he picked up a medicine bowl and scoped out some broth before walking toward the room.

He suddenly remembered. “Oh, right. Why don’t you all come in as well? You might be able to help.” Since they were all cultivators, they might be able to help out.

Bai Wuchen and the rest exchanged a look and followed him swiftly.