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Chapter 294: Helping The Expert To Set A Small Goal

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Someone could not hold it in any longer and burst out laughing. In fact, many of them started laughing.

“Who’d have thought that Immortal Ziye of the Sacred Land could be so stingy! How’s she not embarra.s.sed bringing out a steamed bun like that?”

Immortal Xuanyuan instantly felt proud of himself. He said, “Immortal Linzhu, this isn’t a small matter. It has big consequences. Joining forces with us is the best choice. In fact, I’m willing to reward you with a Deluxe Spiritual Treasure!”

“This isn’t the place for you to speak! Shut up!” Xiao Chengfeng’s robes flew in the air, exuding a sharp temperament. “Take my sword, come to me, sword!”


A longsword suddenly shot out from his back, exuding a glow. The sword Qi gathered at one point, attacking Immortal Xuanyuan.


The Sword Qi was like a rainbow, forming an endless wind. The wild wind blew in all directions, clearing the surroundings. The chairs and tables were turned into powder while the Immortal Fruits on the table were all smashed!

Twelve of the Golden Immortals were still rather perplexed. They could not help backing away. “What a waste! What a waste!”

Especially Qing Yunzi. He was in pain and his eyes were red. He scoffed loudly, “If you want to fight, go out and fight! Don’t fight in here!”

He was a man of occasion. For this conference, he had made many preparations. He brought out all of his best treasures and redecorated the main hall with much effort. How could they destroy it?

“Alright! We can’t fight in here, let’s go out!” Xiao Chengfeng exuded an even more powerful Qi. His entire being was sharp like his sword. He pointed at the sky and shot up. “This main hall seems to be a piece of Spiritual Treasure. However, the roof is unable to stop me! Watch me break through it!”


The sword rushed up to the sky, instantly piercing through the main hall’s roof!

The world was instantly illuminated.

Qin Yunzi was furious. His Spiritual Treasure was destroyed. His eyes had turned blood red. “Oh, mother! You…you idiot!”

Ye Liuyun flew up with flames circling his figure. He took out a crown from his chest and put it on his head. Instantly, his Immortal Qi increased powerfully. He scoffed, “Check out this treasure!”

As he waved, the flames turned into a flaming dragon. It rushed up into the sky, blocking the sky and light. It was rus.h.i.+ng toward Immortal Xuanyuan.

Ye Liuyun was using the Law of Flame to become a Taiyi Golden Immortal. This flame was nothing like an ordinary flame. Its temperature was so shockingly high. Furthermore, since he was taught by the expert, this flame had a specialty. With the presence of both Yin and Yang, the flame could become stronger when touched by water!

There were countless Laws on the road of cultivation that combined and intertwined in many ways, whether it was the real flames of the Phoenix, the flames of the Golden Crow, or the Samadhi Real Fire. Although they were all flames, they had different Laws of Flame. Some flames even consisted of a few types of laws with boundless power.

To become a Taiyi Golden Immortal, one needed to master a few different Laws to improve.

Urchin did not want to lose out. “I’m coming, let’s end this quickly for the sake of the expert!”

Instantly, the four of them joined forces with effects all over the place. The swords slashed rapidly, shaking up the surrounding s.p.a.ce. It was very terrifying.

Immortal Xuanyuan’s wrist flipped and an azure blue handkerchief flew out from his hand and slowly unfolded in front of him. It formed a Xuan Water s.h.i.+eld with shocking protection.

Meanwhile, his eyes flashed. He pointed a finger at Xiao Chengfeng who was trying to act cool.

One had to admit that Xiao Chengfeng was so good at making an enemy, his annoyance made it hard to resist killing him!

Meanwhile, Xiao Chengfeng was dancing with his longsword in the air. His Sword Qi was as powerful as the flowing river. He seemed unstoppable as he slashed down at Immortal Xuanyuan from above!

He was shouting triggering words, “My sword will cut you up! Are you ready to die?”

The flas.h.i.+ng sword landed on the Xuan Water s.h.i.+eld. Instantly, ripples were made. A dent was made as water splashed everywhere.

“You were able to block my sword. This tortoise sh.e.l.l’s hard enough!”


Suddenly, a bright light flashed like a golden long snake, darting a few times quicker than lightning. Within the blink of an eye, it appeared behind Xiao Chengfeng.

Quick! Too quick!

The golden light was extremely sharp and terrifying. It made Xiao Chengfeng’s hair stand up all at once. He even had to swallow back the words he was shouting.

Just as the light was about to stab him, another light flashed like a long river across the sky, colliding into the golden light.


The two lights touched and split away.

They were a golden pair of scissors and a blue hairpin.

The hairpin flew back to Ziye and automatically went back into her hair while the golden pair of scissors flew back to Immortal Xuanyuan and circled him.

“Good kid! You almost killed me!” Xiao Chengfeng snapped back to reality. Instantly he had cold sweat all over as his face sank. He attacked more vigorously and spat out more triggering words, “You didn’t kill me, you just made me stronger! Come, face my wind!”

Facing the group attack was already challenging for Immortal Xuanyuan. When he was finally able to throw an attack, it was nothing. He growled furiously, “Qing Yunzi, what are you waiting for? Why aren’t you helping me!?”

Qing Yunzi walked forward. He said with a solemn face, “Everyone, since Immortal Xuanyuan came to my place, he’s my guest. If you are all attacking him, you’re forcing me to get involved.”

Meanwhile, he gathered the rest. “Everyone, I hope we can join forces. We’ll have the upper hand!”

Among the twelve of them, eight of them were suffering from the Five Decays. They did not have much time left. They could fight with Laws but not directly in battle. However, there were also four strong, combative Golden Immortals. Their eyes sparkled.

Cao Songzi was the first to stand up. “I didn’t like Ye Liuyun anyway. Everyone, let’s get in!”

Instantly, the four of them flew up. They started fighting with Xiao Chengfeng and Urchin.

Everything happened within a very short time. Meanwhile, Immortal Linzhu was still sizing up the donkey meat. She leaned forward to sniff at it before putting it into her mouth.


Her mouth did not match her image. Her mouth was not as big. With just one bite, one-third of the donkey meat was bitten off.


Her little cherry mouth was tainted with some oil, causing it to sparkle. Her mouth gulping as she chewed it, while her eyes were glowing brighter.

“So, so, so yummy!”

She looked quiet, cold, and elegant. However, she had transformed into a food-lover by then. Even her eyes almost turned into heart shapes.

It merely took her three bites to finish the donkey meat. She was half chewing and half gulping. It was indeed a shocking sight to watch.

“Sister Ziye, you know me best. Where did you get such good stuff?” She was clearly unsatisfied. She stuck out her tiny tongue to lick her red lips. She looked at Ziye with antic.i.p.ation, “Do you have more? Do you? I want more!”

d.a.m.n, this was not right!

Qing Yunzi was about to get in action when suddenly, he halted as his scalp itched. This did not seem right!

Apart from the spies, they even managed to bribe another person?

“You help us first, then I’ll tell you more!” Immortal Ziye had already flown up, the hairpin in her hair glowing as it flew out like lightning. It lit up in the air while stabbing Immortal Xuanyuan’s Xuan Water s.h.i.+eld!


Within two breaths, there was a slight ringing sound as the hairpin pierced through the s.h.i.+eld!

Ye Liuyun’s attack followed. The wild flames were rising and transforming into a gigantic flaming palm. It was slamming toward Immortal Xuanyuan.

“Qing Yunzi!”

Immortal Xuanyuan’s face was flus.h.i.+ng red, his organs almost breaking. He had never felt so powerless in life. “Are you going to stand there and continue watching the show?”

“Sorry! I’ll stop now!” As if waking up from a dream, Qing Yunzi hastily closed his eyes and turned away.

“How dare you!” Immortal Xuanyuan spat out blood.


His blood flew in the air.

The azure blue handkerchief gave out an eye-burning glow. The Xuan Water s.h.i.+eld reappeared while the golden scissors circled him like a viper ready to attack any time. With that, he turned and ran away.

“Where’re you running to? Check out my One Leaf Blindfold!” A jade-green leaf appeared in Linzhu’s hands. It was glowing gloriously just like jade.

She lifted her hands. Instantly, the leaf vanished in thin air. When it resurfaced, it had transformed into a gigantic green leaf, enveloping the escaping Immortal Xuanyuan.

Ziye and Ye Liuyun instantly ran after him. They continued to attack him!

All kinds of glorious combating effects exploded in the air.

Cao Songzi saw that it was not going well. Instantly, he stopped and straightened his face. “Sorry to have offended you all.”

The other three instantly halted as well. They felt guilty.

“Excuse me, I fought the wrong person by accident.”

“Misunderstanding, it was a misunderstanding.”

“Stop fighting, we surrender.”

This put Immortal Xuanyuan in an even more difficult situation.

He started to doubt his life. He could only let out an unwilling moan as he said, “I did nothing to you all. Why did you all join forces to attack me?”

Life was hard!

He attended this gathering happily, to seek some attention, and yet now, the situation had changed so abruptly.

It had changed! They already had powerful allies and he was fighting them all by himself!

“Because you offended an expert!” Ye Liuyun smiled coldly. He lifted his hand and the flames rose. Instantly, they wrapped around Immortal Xuanyuan, burning him into ashes.

The azure blue handkerchief and the golden scissors were getting dull. Ziye picked them up nonchalantly. “These two are Heavenly Spiritual Treasures. We can use them to wors.h.i.+p the expert as the price of victory.”

Ye Liuyun could not help saying, “He has two pieces of Heavenly Spiritual Treasures, this guy’s pretty rich!”

The battle ended and the scene resumed its peace.

Qing Yunzi and the crowd remained transfixed in their spot. They did not dare to breathe as their brains were still buzzing. They did not know what to do.

This was a Taiyi Golden Immortal, the most powerful ranking Immortal in the Immortal Land, and he died just like that!

How unbelievable! n.o.body would believe it even if they told them.

The Top Immortal Cultivators Conference was going well. How did it suddenly turn out like this?

They had not even started and this Immortal was killed already!

These spies were too aggressive.

Qing Yunzi coughed and said weakly, “Actually, I think we can just talk it out. Killing is so bad.”

“I know you all have many questions,” Ziye said elegantly as she gradually landed on the ground. “Don’t worry, we won’t simply kill you all. As for the expert, we’ll give you sincere advice! The power of the expert’s beyond your imagination. If you don’t want to die, don’t ever think of disturbing him, let alone checking him out. If not, you won’t even know why you died!”

Ye Liuyun scoffed, “Exactly. Immortal Xuanyuan’s the best example! Besides checking him out, the expert…is not to be insulted!”

Everyone looked at one another.

Daoist Ma bit his tongue. He gradually walked forward and asked, “I’m the humble Daoist Ma, greetings to Immortal Ziye. May I know if there’s any way I could serve the expert?”

Qing Yunzi followed swiftly, “Yeah, Immortal Ziye, could you please tell us what are the intentions of the expert? We’ll do our best.”

Ziye’s eyes sparkled. After a moment of thought, she said, “Actually, you all guessed it. The expert’s indeed going against Fate! Immortal Xuanyuan overruled this possibility right away.”

Everyone was shocked. “He’s planning to go against Fate? Why would he do so?”

“For the sake of all of us!” Ziye said with a look of admiration and respect. “Please, don’t weigh the expert down with your narrow thinking. The expert has reached the stage where his realm’s way beyond the world. He’s beyond all of us. He could feel all the pain of humankind. Thus, he’s going against Fate for everyone’s sake!”

Daoist Ma’s face flushed red instantly. He said hastily with excitement, “Immortal Ziye, if this is true, please, bring me along!”

The rest said hastily, “Please, bring me along as well!”

The Five Decays was something every Immortal had to go through. They would all die eventually. Now that someone with such power was taking the lead, of course, they would be willing to risk it all to fight against Fate!

“Alright, fighting against Fate requires planning. It’d be better to have more people working for the expert,” Ziye nodded. She added, “I don’t mind telling you all this. The legend about the existence of a Heavenly Temple during the ancient times is true. I’m from the Heavenly Temple!”

Immortal Linzhu nodded by the side. “I can testify, I used to play in the Heavenly Temple.”

Everyone gasped, their faces changing.

They knew more about the Sacred Land. It was indeed pa.s.sed on from the ancient times.

Ziye said, “The expert would mention the Heavenly Palace from time to time with a nostalgic look. It’s apparent that he wants to rebuild the ancient times. Therefore, our first goal is to rebuild the Heavenly Temple for the expert to visit, to give him a surprise!”

“Going against Fate isn’t an easy path,” Qing Yunzi said with a concerned tone.

“If we don’t go against Fate, we’ll end up dying, too! I only have a hundred years left anyway. The opportunity’s right in front of us. I’m unafraid of anything!”

Daoist Ma laughed. He then said with antic.i.p.ation, “Immortal Ziye, if you used to work in the Heavenly Temple, I’ll work for you! If we rebuild the Heavenly Temple, are the Flat Peaches real? Will I be able to get a role in this temple? I don’t have to be high ranking. I won’t even mind being a soldier who guards the gate.”

Longevous Lin agreed, “Same here, just get me any role!”

“This depends on how the expert takes it. If you perform well, the expert won’t mistreat you all,” Ziye said calmly before taking out an orange. “Of course, there are Flat Peaches. This orange is just an ordinary fruit in the eyes of the expert. It is used to serve his guests. Each of you will get one wedge. Distribute them among yourselves.”

The crowd watched the orange wedges being distributed.

They did not show any reaction until they put the wedge into their mouth. Instantly, their pupils dilated.

“This…this is really an orange?”

“Spiritual Root! This is Spiritual Root!”

“I can’t imagine having the chance to eat this before I die!”

“The expert treats this as a fruit? Then what are the Spiritual Fruits we collected? Trash?”

“Hmm? What are you doing? Who said you’re allowed to hold onto the orange skin? Put it down right away!”

“Who sees it, gets it! This is a reward from the expert. To be fair, I must be the one distributing!”

Ziye had a smile on her face. She was excited. This gathering was originally hosted to plot against the expert, and yet, it went the other way around. Not only that, she even recruited everyone to help the expert set a small goal against Fate. The expert must be so satisfied.