I'm Actually A Cultivation Bigshot Chapter 266

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Chapter 266: Guests Have Seated. Start the Show.

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“Insult you?” Yao Mengji said. “What? You want the entire thing? I’m afraid it might be too much, you might end up dying!”

“This orange is poisoned?” Longevous Qingfeng was shocked. He looked at Yao Mengji bitterly and said, “Brother Mengji, I admit it was my fault, but we’ve known each other for a thousand years. You don’t have to do this to me!”

Yao Mengji was furious. “Are you done? Would I need to poison you with an orange just to kill you? Shut up and eat it!”

Longevous Qingfeng accepted the orange and sniffed it. Instantly, he had a strange look. What fragrance!

Swiftly after, he put it into his mouth.

He gently chewed on it. The juice of the orange burst in his mouth, turning his lips orange. The sweet and sour taste interlinked, attacking his taste buds. He could not help taking in a deep breath. He felt as if he was about to fly!


Longevous Qingfeng licked his mouth. He felt as if the world was filled with Spiritual Qi. A wave of electricity rushed all over him as he tasted the most delicious food in the world.

“This orange…” he stopped speaking abruptly. His pupils dilated because he was too shocked. He let out a moan.



A wash of Law rushed up to his heart, attacking his brain. He blanked out. Other than the Law, there was also a hint of Immortal Qi.

Longevous Qingfeng snapped out from his thoughts. His hair stood up all over his skin. It was as if he had just witnessed the most terrifying and shocking thing in the world. He was mumbling gibberish. He could not speak. “This… This… This… This…”

Although a piece of orange contained only a hint of Law and Immortal Qi, to Longevous Qingfeng, it was a priceless treasure. It was so rare that a single piece would take a very long time to digest.

“How could it be? What is this about?” In his eyes was a look of disbelief. He had almost gone crazy. He stared at the rest of the orange in Yao Mengji’s hand. He reached over, wanting to grab it.

However, Yao Mengji slapped him away.

Yao Mengji had seen through him. He smiled coldly and said, “Don’t you pretend to be foolish. My heart’s already bleeding. If it wasn’t for the expert, I wouldn’t even give you a single drop, let alone a whole piece!”

“Brother Mengji, it’s my fault. Please, give me another piece, even half a piece would do! This would mean a lot. I’d be willing to do anything for you to make up for it,” Longevous Qingfeng begged sincerely.

His eyes were burning as if he was looking at the last straw, the only straw. How could he not be excited?

He knew that if he ate a few more pieces, within three hundred years, he would stand a chance to Cross Tribulate and increase his lifespan!

Yao Mengji mocked and said, “Hha, you don’t feel that I’m insulting you anymore?”

“Brother Mengji, please, insult me again!” Longevous QIngfeng had already leaned over. He grabbed Yao Mengji’s hand and said, “Come, insult me! Don’t mind me, please, insult me! Do you want me to take off my clothes? Come on!”


“Go away!” Yao Mengji kept the orange. He said with a serious tone, “Alright, don’t you try to eat my orange. This is the greatest treasure that I possess.”

He halted for a moment before he continued, “If you follow the expert around, this orange would merely be an appetizer. Do you know what realm I’m at?”

“Early-Cross Tribulation? It can’t be mid-Cross Tribulation, can it?”

Yao Mengji smiled. “I’m not trying to show off or anything. On the way here, I was lucky to have a breakthrough to late-Cross Tribulation. It’s all due to the one cup of wine given by the expert!”


One cup of wine?

Late-Cross Tribulation?

Longevous Qingfeng almost fainted from gasping. His blank eyes widened and his brains were unable to think this shocking problem through. His brain had crashed!

Yao Mengji was just like himself. They were both in the late-Combination realm. It did not take long for him, and now he was in late-Cross Tribulation?

This expert… What kind of existence was he?!

He trembled all over, his face flus.h.i.+ng red. How lucky was he to be able to lead the expert to the hotel? This was definitely the most glorious moment in his life.

Longevous Qingfeng said with a severely trembling voice, “Please…please, introduce me to him.”

“I’m telling you this to make sure you’re prepared,” Yao Mengji nodded as he said in a serious tone. “There’re a few important things you need to be aware of, but first and foremost, don’t let anyone get close to the expert!”

“I understand, I understand!” Longevous Qingfeng nodded constantly. He was both excited and nervous. After all, if he served him well, he would get lots of advantages. If he offended him, it would be the greatest crime!

“Brother Mengji, please, tell me. I’m listening!”

As the first ray of sunlight landed from above, soon, the sky had brightened.

Li Nianfan was holding a cup. He brushed his teeth, rinsed his mouth, and spat the water out on a patch of gra.s.s

At the touch of the water, the initially dried-yellow gra.s.s moved slightly. Greenish color started to fill it up from the root, waking up its liveliness.


Swiftly after, Li Nianfan washed his face and walked to the yard.


Upon walking out, Li Nianfan saw that everyone was already waiting in the yard.

He smiled and said, “Everyone’s so early. Good morning.”

Everyone replied, “Good morning, Mr. Li.”

Longevous Qingfeng had been waiting in the yard since early in the morning. He jumped and said, “Mr. Li, the Cultivators Convention has started. Many things are going on outside now. The watchtower is ready. Would you like to have a look?”

Li Nianfan nodded. “Alright. Thank you, Longevous Qingfeng.”

Instantly, they simply packed some things and walked out from the yard.

The town was livelier during the day than the night. Apart from the cultivators, the ordinary men from the surroundings had rushed over for the convention, too. They all looked in admiration as the cultivators cast their spells. There were even some cultivators putting up stalls to recruit disciples.

By the sides of the road, there were also some cultivators putting up stalls to exchange treasures or spells.

People were calling and greeting. It was a very lively scene.

Li Nianfan instantly concluded, “The so-called convention is actually a market, except it’s a market for cultivators.”

Among so many activities, the one that caught Li Nianfan’s eyes the most was the fighting ring placed all over the town. Cultivators were entering the ring to fight, very interesting.

Outside the ring, many cultivators would cry out in awe from time to time, watching with excitement.

Longevous Qingfeng remained serious throughout the journey. He wanted to make a good impression in front of Li Nianfan.

The path that he was leading them on had been rehea.r.s.ed countless times last night. To avoid the others from affecting the expert, they had it cleaned out. They even arranged for a lot of actors to be here. They evacuated the crowds to avoid congestion, too.


Therefore, although it was exciting, the roads were still very clean. Furthermore, they would not feel crowded. Furthermore, the performers on this road were carefully chosen as well. Those that were too violent or too boring would not have appeared.

“We’re here.” Longevous Qingfeng stood before a tavern. The tavern was big and five stories tall. A board was hanging on the building, stating, ‘Ru Immortal Pavilion’.

It was as impressive as the Immortal Pavilion in the Azure Ville!

Li Nianfan looked up to see that above the fifth story, there was even a tower.

This tower was big and squarely shaped as if it was the sixth floor of the pavilion. However, there were only railings on it without a wall. It was evident that if one stood at the top, one could see everything below.

Upon entering the Ru Immortal Pavilion, he followed behind Longevous Qingfeng. They did not go up. Instead, they arrived at an empty s.p.a.ce in the center of the pavilion.

“Mr. Li, please!” Longevous Qingfeng stood in front of a gigantic disc and made a gesture at Li Nianfan.

They stood on the disc and Longevous Qingfeng cast a spell. Instantly, this disc started glowing, and steadily, it started to rise. It did not take long before they had arrived on the sixth floor.

Li Nianfan was surprised. “So, there’s a lift!”

There were some cultivators inside the pavilion. However, they were all actors hired by Longevous Qingfeng. Their goal was to make sure the expert was not disturbed.

Someone had already prepared the best dishes at the best location of the pavilion.

Longevous Qingfeng said politely, “Everyone, please, have a seat.”

Li Nianfan sat at the table. He looked ahead to see the s.p.a.cious view with nothing blocking his sight. What pleased him the most was that he could see all the fighting rings from here. He could watch the fighting anytime!

There were eight fighting rings in total. They were round-shaped and were placed all over the town.

Li Nianfan could feel that he was treated differently this time around, but he did not say anything about it.

It was apparent that Longevous Qingfeng was being so enthusiastic because of Gu Xirou. She was the woman of his dreams and also an Immortal. Anyone would try his best to impress her. He got lucky just because he came with her.

“Longevous Qingfeng, this isn’t too bad. How rare,” Yao Mengji said sincerely.

This was a wasted land that lacked resources. Furthermore, there were demons all over, too. It was not easy to have made it into what it was today.

“I was just bored and managed to persuade some surrounding Sects to get together. I didn’t expect it to work out!” Longevous Qingfeng said humbly. He had a sense of pride in his tone. However, he sighed. “Unfortunately, most of the cultivations of the disciples here aren’t too good.”

Gu Xirou praised with sincere admiration, “If this goes on, changes will be made eventually.”

There were eight fighting rings and many Sect Masters arriving in person. Their eyes would look at the tower from time to time.

When they saw that the guests were seated, their faces straightened. Someone pestered, “Quick, everyone! The guests have taken their seats!”

“I repeat, the guests have taken their seats!”

“Only arrange for the best disciples to perform on stage!”

“Remember, the fighting must be exciting. A good performance will be heavily rewarded!”

“The Sect Master of the Linxian Palace has come. I heard that even an Immortal is observing! This is an opportunity! You all have to do well!”

“Disciple, this is my greatest treasure. Please, use it wisely. Remember, you’re not meant to win the fight, you’re meant to make it exciting!”