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Chapter 199: The Exhausted Yao Mengji

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Li Nianfan watched as Zhou Yunwu rushed to leave. He smiled.

A prince from a royal kingdom. If he could achieve his ambitions, the Immortal Realm would be interesting.

He tidied up and said, “Daji, let’s go back.”

The stall owner yelled from behind him, “Mr. Li, safe travels and come again.”

As for Zhou Yunwu, he left town with his bodyguard. They headed straight to the Xia Kingdom.

However, they were stopped by a scholar.

The scholar was dressed simply and minimalistic, yet, he somehow managed to stand out. “I’m Meng Junliang. Greetings.”

Zhou Yunwu politely replied, “I’m the Prince of the Xia Kingdom, Zhou Yunwu!”

Meng Junliang went straight to the point. “Prince Zhou, I have an impolite request. Can you please share with me your conversation with Mr. Li?”

Zhou Yunwu frowned. “That…”

Meng Junliang said, “I’m Mr. Li’s apprentice. I have a lot of questions in mind to ask Mr. Li, but I fear I will annoy him. I saw you both getting along well, so I got curious.”

“Oh, you’re Mr. Li’s apprentice.” Zhou Yunwu was instantly friendlier. “Why don’t you be my guest at the Xia Kingdom? We can chat along the way.”

Meng Junliang nodded. “Okay, let’s go!”

They chatted while walking. Meng Junliang repeatedly processed what Zhou Yunwu told him. Sometimes, he would look shocked, other times, he would look like he realized something.

“Non-politicians won’t be involved in politics.

“Instigation… What a good plan!

“To describe a country as a dumpling, and the banditries as the chopsticks, spoon, and plate. So simple yet so clear. Only Mr. Li can do something like that.”

Meng Junliang felt sentimental. The confusion in his eyes faded away. He was left in awe.

“Mr. Li’s deeply insightful of the world.”

Meng Junliang gasped and said, “I finally realize where I went wrong.”

Zhou Yunwu asked curiously, “Where, Junliang?”

Meng Junliang took a deep breath. “Application! Mr. Li understands the world and can apply it to his actions and words. That’s the true Dao! I thought I knew everything, but it’s just theoretical, so it’s useless.

“For example, this instigation plan. I can see through their greed, too, and I’d want to instigate them, too. But I wouldn’t be able to show you how to do that specifically. Why can’t I think of that?”

Zhou Yunwu saw the opportunity and took it. Invitingly, he said, “Junliang, if you feel like you lack real experience, why not work for the Xia Kingdom? You can showcase your strengths.”

Meng Junliang did not reject his offer. “If that’s the case, I shall accept it.”

“Haha, let’s go! The Xia Kingdom welcomes you, Junliang!”

At the Linxian Palace.

Countless figures flew in from afar. Qin Manyun did not look good. Some disciples followed behind her.

Zhou Dacheng asked, “Manyun, how’s the situation out there?”

“Not good!”

Qin Manyun shook her head. There was worry in her voice as she said, “The plague’s spreading way too fast. It seems like demons are the ones who helped spread it. The Northside and Westside are infected. Not only the ponds and villages, but a lot of sects were wiped out, too! There have been a lot more demonic wors.h.i.+ppers, too!”

Zhou Dacheng was shocked. “It’s gotten that serious already?”

Qin Manyun sighed and said, “Too many people were affected by this disaster. The bridge to immortality has been broken for too long. A lot of Immortals didn’t want to be summoned, so people are losing faith in Immortals, too. Plus, the demons were preaching their beliefs on the Lord Demon G.o.d, so the people were easily swayed.

“Even in the Southside, they have built a kingdom for the Lord Demon G.o.d. They’ve waged wars and colonized areas. If they manage to gather the common people in the Immortal Realm, I’m afraid that…”

Zhou Dacheng frowned and said, “All these years, as cultivators, we’ve underestimated the power of the people.”

Common people were the majority. It would be deadly if mainstream mindsets were to change.

“The more important thing is…” Qin Manyun took a deep breath and said, “It seems like there are signs of the plague in our area!”

“What?!” Zhou Dacheng exclaimed in disbelief. “It has spread so fast that it’s in our area?”

“It’s not supposed to be, but it’s a different case since the demons interfered.” Qin Manyun slightly fumbled as she continued, “That’s why it’s an emergency. We have to find the Master. He has to decide how to deal with this.”

“Your Master?” Zhou Dacheng instantly looked strange. It looked like he had something to say but could not say it.

Qin Manyun had a bad feeling about this as she asked, “What?”

Did something happen to her Sect Master?

Zhou Dacheng stuttered, “Sect Master, he… I’m afraid he doesn’t have the energy to deal with this for now…”

Qin Manyun was shocked. She worriedly asked, “Did something happen to Master? Where is he?”

Zhou Dacheng said in a conflicted tone, “At the temple.”

Qin Manyun immediately flew to the temple of the Linxian Palace.

Yao Mengji was there, along with the three elders of the Linxian Palace.

However, Yao Mengji was in a terrible condition. He looked dirty and pale with sunken eyes. He seemed to have become slimmer. He went from a cool old man to a weak old man in merely a few days.

Qin Manyun jumped. She teared up and said in a pitiful tone, “Master, you’re old… Were you attacked by some powerful demon? How inhumane of them!”

Yao Mengji did not look happy. He glanced at Qin Manyun and said in a hoa.r.s.e voice, “Manyun, you know it’s not easy being this old, stop insulting my reputation.”

“Then, Master…”

“I exhausted myself for the future of the Linxian Palace.”

Yao Mengji sounded miserable and stubborn. He continued, “I’ve been spitting out blood for the last few days trying to summon the Linxian Palace Immortal. But the Immortal won’t show up, so I kept spitting blood until I’m now like this.”

Qin Manyun was instantly speechless. She said, “Master, you don’t have to do this. Maybe the Immortal’s busy. Summon him some other time.”

“My student, times have changed. Once the bridge to immortality is reconnected, we’ll be in the new era of battling with Immortal ancestors soon. The two Gu Siblings and their grandfather of the Azure Ville will be our strong compet.i.tor! It’ll be too late if we don’t summon our ancestors soon!”

Yao Mengji said, “I’ve had enough rest. Give me an energy pill. I can spit out blood one more time!”