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Chapter 195: Bros, Let’s Chat in the Toilet

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Clap clap.

Everyone applauded.

Jun Mengliang acted as if nothing happened. He walked into the crowd and looked up at the statue.

“Although I’m lost in my ways, I know one thing. Your truths…are wrong!”

His soft voice was as loud as bombs in the ears of everyone.


The Demonic Man frowned and looked extremely menacing. He yelled angrily, “He’s a lunatic, toss him out!”


Meng Junliang activated his powers so that no one could approach him. Everyone looked over and felt a powerful aura surrounding the scholar.

It made him look unreal. He was standing there but it felt like he existed in a superior dimension.

“This… This is…” That elder widened his eyes. “Insights s.h.i.+elding the body from all forces of evil? The Chosen One?”

“Die!” The Demonic Man targeted Meng Junliang as endless dark energy surrounded him with the wave of a hand.

However, he was stumped by what happened next. The dark energy stopped when it got near Meng Junliang. Meng Junliang walked forward and dodged the attack instead.

Everyone watched as Meng Junliang slowly raised his hand and pointed at the statue!

“Dao in the Immortal Realm isn’t something you should be messing with! I…shall erase it for you!”


He targeted the statue like it was Judgement Day.

Suddenly, thunder rumbled and lightning struck. A ray of sunlight s.h.i.+ned through the dark clouds and landed on Meng Junliang.


The statue cracked open with a soft crack!

Then, the crack spread incredibly fast all over the statue!


It shattered like gla.s.s!

The statue was blown apart into bits.

The Demonic Man was stunned.

The cultivators were stunned.

The villagers were also stunned.

They looked at the empty spot, dumbfounded. n.o.body had time to react.

The dark clouds faded away. It was suddenly bright.

How was the Demon G.o.d statue gone just like that?

It was too sudden. n.o.body was mentally prepared for that. It all felt like a dream.


The Demonic Man pointed at Meng Junliang as he trembled. He almost went crazy with rage. “You dare offend the Lord Demon G.o.d, I’ll kill you!”

He flew toward Meng Junliang at lightspeed as soon as he said that.

Suddenly, the dark energy that was surrounding him faded into thin air.

All his powers went away as soon as he was near Meng Junliang. He turned back into an ordinary man and went down like a plane crash. He became human mush as he splattered on the ground.

The other demons jolted. Their dark energies left their bodies and they instantly fell to the ground.

It was dead silent.

The dazed villagers looked at all the dead bodies on the ground. Their gazes went from shock to panic, then, confused. Finally, they turned into desperation and anger.

“What are you doing? We’re about to die!”

“Why? Why would you destroy our last hope!”

“Give us our statue back!”

“Lord Demon G.o.d, don’t forsake us!”

A lot of people were scolding him angrily. Most of them were s.h.i.+vering on the ground as they caught the plague.

One of them suddenly knelt before Meng Junliang. “I beg you! Please, save us! Please, save us!”

The others were taken aback. Then, they started to kneel and beg him, too.

Meng Junliang held his bamboo slip tightly in his hand. He was feeling lost. He said, “Sorry, I…can’t save you!”

The villagers were once again in despair. They were ready to fight Meng Junliang with all their might.

Thankfully, the cultivators rushed in and stopped the crowd.

That elder sighed and said, “These villagers have all caught the plague. They can’t be saved. Let’s go.”

Meng Junliang asked, “They can’t be saved at all?”

“There’s too many of them and we don’t have enough Spiritual Herbs. Also, ordinary mortals can’t handle eating the Spiritual Herbs.” The elder looked like he was making a tough decision. He was silent for a while before he continued, “Plagues happen sometimes. It’s a natural disaster. For us cultivators… Even if we wanted to help, we don’t have the power to do so!”

Which cultivator would spend their days helping ordinary mortals and finding Spiritual Herbs to cure their sickness?

What about curing them with their powers? That was even more impossible.

The young cultivator behind the elder said, “It’s a dangerous world. All we can do is to prevent the demons from causing chaos and fend the world from evil.”

“There must be a way!”

Meng Junliang looked upon the horizon on the Eastside. “But, my comprehension isn’t deep enough yet. I can’t think of anything.”

He had to go back and ask the expert!

He looked at the ordinary people on the ground again. They were helpless and desperate. It made him emotional. He wore a complex expression.

At that moment, he felt as helpless and lost as those people.

The elder shook his head and said, “These ordinary people are so stupid. Let’s leave them alone.”

“Stupid? It was just their survival instinct.” Meng Junliang left and walked toward the Eastside.

“Master, I remember!” The young cultivator suddenly said, “That scholar’s the guy who preaches ‘Journey to the West’!”

The elder was surprised. “He is? No wonder!”

He chased after him and asked respectfully, “Are you Senior Wu Cheng’en?”

Meng Junliang did not stop walking. He casually said, “I’m just his scholar.”

The elder chased after him while saying, “Senior, can you please visit our sect? I’m willing to serve you as our sect’s Master!”

He only received silence as a reply.

Meng Junliang was not walking fast, but he was incredibly speedy. The elder tried to chase after him but could not catch up. He could only watch as he disappeared.

At the Ganlong Immortal Dynasty.

Two figures swooped in from the sky and landed on an empty field.

They were two demons with black capes.

They sneakily looked around and made sure there was no one around. Then, they put down the carriage they were carrying. The carriage was huge. It was more like a giant cage. There were about ten unconscious people inside it.

These humans had large red marks on their necks. Some of them had it on their faces, too. It looked horrifying. Those were plague symptoms.

The demons looked at each other and smirked. They destroyed the carriage and left the humans there. They leaped away and went off into the woods.

“Hehe, we’ll let this plague spread. Pain and despair will take over the land. By then, everyone in the Immortal Realm will know how powerful Lord Demon G.o.d is. How will those cultivators stop us now?”

“The bridge to immortality is reconnecting. Everything’s changing. This plague came at the right time! It’s really helpful to the Lord Demon G.o.d.”

“Wait until the people start believing in Lord Demon G.o.d. We can summon Lord Demon G.o.d from the Demon Realm, too. At that point, even if Immortals were summoned we’d have nothing to fear.”

They were laughing smugly while discussing their bright future.

Suddenly, one of them was stunned. He glanced into the woods and asked in a surprised tone, “Oh? Look at that person’s back. Is that person carrying the Fallen Demon Sword?”

“No way. You must be seeing things.”

The other simply glanced in the same direction and was instantly stunned. “It’s the Fallen Demon Sword! How did an ordinary person get hold of the Fallen Demon Sword?”

They went toward it without a second thought.

“Rich, we’re going to be rich! This is a blessing from the sky! If we get the Fallen Demon Sword, maybe Lord Demon G.o.d will be impressed with us! We’ll be successful!”

“Don’t let your guard down. If he’s an ordinary person, he would’ve been affected by the Fallen Demon Sword by now, but he’s fine. Don’t you think it’s strange?”

“Awesome! You’re so observant. Maybe he’s pretending to be vulnerable?”

“I’m afraid so. Let’s hide in the dark and approach carefully. We’ll give him a fatal blow.”

“Nice plan!”

The two of them hid in the woods and approached Li Nianfan carefully. They held their breaths and stared attentively.

Suddenly, they felt someone tapping on their shoulders.

They did not mind it at first because they were way too focused. They were finally annoyed after ten taps on the shoulders.

They turned their heads.

They flinched hard because there were two humongous heads in front of them—a boar head and a bear head. They were smiling wide at them.

Their jaws dropped as they felt their skin crawl and their hairs standing on ends.

They did not get the chance to scream. The bear and the boar covered their mouths and dragged them deeper into the depths of the woods. “Bros, let’s chat in the toilet…”