I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Chapter 640 – Can You Afford To Offend Me

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Chapter 640: Can You Afford To Offend Me

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In the room.

“How long do you have to go out for this time?” Yongle asked softly.

Lin Fan hugged her and smiled, “Not long, maybe half a month. I am just looking for some people and it won’t be dangerous at all.”

“En.” Yongle didn’t continue to ask. He just hoped for him to be safe.

the only regret for Yongle was that she didn’t give Lin Family a child. This was something that she thought about day and night and sometimes she felt like it was her fault.

“Husband, I heard that you know the Su Family grandchild, moreover, Old Ancestor Su hopes…”

Lin Fan frowned and stopped her from speaking, “That fellow from Su Family came to find you? Did he say anything preposterous to you?”

“If he really dared to then I will smash his head.”

Lin Fan hated others who talked to Yongle about her reproduction issues.

“No, no.” Yongle shook her head.

“Luckily they didn’t, if not I would teach them a lesson. okay, time is of the essence, as they say, the night of summer only lasts a moment…”

Right as Lin Fan was prepared to relax himself and enjoy the mysteries of life, Old Ancestor Xiao’s voice spread in.

“Sect Leader Lin I heard that you moved the 12 cities here, are you going to have a war?”

“I will follow you.”

When Old Ancestor Xiao was at Insect Valley, his eyelids twitched. He felt like something huge was about to happen so he rushed to You City. Before he arrived, he saw the cities outside and were shocked. He knew that something huge was about to happen. If not, why would such a thing occur?

“d.a.m.n, this fellow came at such a time.”

“Don’t care about him, let’s continue.”

Lin Fan wanted to smash Old Ancestor Xiao’s head. Look at the time, it was bright daylight, couldn’t he wait till the night?


“Husband, Old Ancestor Xiao definitely came for an urgent matter. We can’t do this, you should just go out.” Yongle said.

Lin Fan was helpless.

He could only wear his clothes out and giggled, “Wife, wait for me. I will be fast. At most half a month and if I am lucky, I might not need so long.”

“En.” Yongle smiled like a flower. She was just so responsible and cute.

Anyways Lin Fan was stuck with her. This wife was so good, she didn’t scheme and was so caring. If he had met a scheming wife, he would have directly killed her.

Outside, hall.

Old Ancestor Xiao saw Lin Fan walk out and smiled as he approached, “Sect Leader Lin are you planning something huge?”

“Scoff.” Lin Fan was unhappy. He could come at anytime so why now? even if he came 15 minutes later it was okay.

Old Ancestor Xiao was stunned. What was going on? He didn’t offend you so what was that att.i.tude?


Old Ancestor Xiao smiled and understood, “So that is the case. I wasn’t caring enough. Sect Leader Lin’s energy is exposed, you were definitely doing some things with your wife but you have already ended so why are you unhappy? Or is it the second time… Sect Leader Lin, I really have to say that the young have good bodies. But you need to control yourself, cultivation needs…”

“Okay, okay, don’t talk such nonsense to me. You really get news quickly. you even found out that I moved the 12 cities over.” Lin Fan said.

“Sect Leader Lin I swear that I didn’t know about that. I just had a feeling so I came over to take a look. I didn’t expect there to really be something.” Old Ancestor Xiao smiled.

Lin Wanyi pa.s.sed by and nodded happily. It seemed like he couldn’t blame his son, he was already working so hard.

When was his grandson coming?

It depended on destiny.

Lin Fan was helpless. He didn’t know how to reply to Old Ancestor Xiao.

He was indeed really sharp.

Old Ancestor Xiao came to Lin Fan’s side, “Sect Leader Lin we are on the same side so say the truth, what are you planning? Are you going to search for evil G.o.ds and turn that world upside down?”

With their strength, naturally they could do that.

But it would just cause a huge commotion.

“Since you already guessed it then why ask me?” Lin Fan was stunned. Amazing, he didn’t even say anything and he managed to guess it.

“Is that true?” Old Ancestor Xiao was shocked.

He was just mentioning it and didn’t expect Sect Leader Lin to admit it.

That was quite amazing.

If the people from the 12 cities knew what Lin Fan was about to do, they would really kill him. After all he was messing up their home. Simply put, he was destroying their land.

“Don’t bother about whether or not it is real or not. I am leaving now, are you coming with me?” Lin Fan said.

“Of course.” Old Ancestor Xiao replied. What a joke, how could he miss out on such a huge thing. Moreover he badly needed blood pearls too.

Dao Pattern Laws have appeared in the world just that it was thin. He needed it to become thick.

When the time comes, the experts stuck at stage seven would be able to reach stage eight and they would have the basic strength to fight against the evil G.o.ds.

If not all that would be useless.

“Let’s go.”

Lin Fan stepped into the dimension and flew towards the ocean eye.

Insect Valley.

A secret room.

Valley Head sat there and looked at piles of meat in front of him. The meat turned into human form but it was just a few parts, lacking hands and legs. There were also mutations like swelling etc.

But the piece in the middle developed smoothly.

It slowly turned into human form.

Dao Patterns wrapped around it and in just a short time, one dao pattern was swallowed by the flesh.

“Monster Emperor’s body is slowly perfecting. One drop of blood can actually have such use. We shouldn’t have let him run free.” Valley Head muttered to himself. he regretted things. Since Monster Emperor came to Insect Valley last time, he knew that things had pa.s.sed his expectations.

But he always felt like Monster Emperor himself was lacking something.

He was as fat as a ball.

That made no sense since they were cultivators.

“What is going on with him?” Valley Head wanted to know about Monster Emperor’s current situation but unfortunately Monster Emperor disappeared. Maybe he was in the so called Evil G.o.d World.

Old Ancestor’s return gave Valley Head a crazy thought which he quickly surpressed. He found it too crazy. That was the old ancestor, the creator of Insect Valley, the inventor of Bug Controlling Technique. His strength reached dao realm stage nine and his strength only dropped due to the dao pattern laws.

However, he was still unable to fight him.

few days later.

Evil G.o.d World.

“Sect Leader Lin, I feel like it won’t be so easy for them to appear.” Old Ancestor Xiao said.

Lin Fan frowned. He had spent many days here and smashed the land, punching into the depths which spread ripples across tens of thousands of miles. The ground cracked and even magma spurted up.

But even so.

He still didn’t draw evil G.o.ds out.

“It is not easy to make them come out.” Lin Fan said.

He didn’t want to return empty handed. Not to mention he was nearly stage eight, even the Darkness G.o.d Domain needed evil G.o.d flesh and blood.

“Let’s go to another spot.” Lin Fan said.


The two of them turned into a streak of light and disappeared.

Lin Fan and Old Ancestor Xiao didn’t gain anything but Monster Emperor was on the verge of going mad.

“Hahaha…” Monster Emperor laughed out loud and swallowed an evil G.o.d.

“Who are you, d.a.m.n release me, I told you to release me…” Evil G.o.d grumbled. Rage burnt but he was unable to fight back.

After being grabbed, he was ripped apart and sent into his mouth.

Pain swept him and it reached his heart.

“d.a.m.n you are just too much.” Evil G.o.d Lula cursed.

He knew that as long as he left the abyss, he would be eaten.

During these days, he was eaten three times.

That tortured him so badly.

Very quickly.

Evil G.o.d Lula’s aura disappeared.

“The taste is different from before.” Monster Emperor muttered to himself. The changes weren’t as intense as before, like this evil G.o.d wasn’t able to help him anymore.

Those familiar scents appeared which made him excited. But he knew who they were and he couldn’t offfend them.

But he believed that as long if he had some time, he could swallow them one by one.

Deep abyss.

Evil G.o.d revived. He stood in the abyss and was at a loss. It was as if his heart had changed and that his soul had left his body.

“I don’t want to go out.” Evil G.o.d Lula muttered.

The abyss was shaking like it was chasing him to leave right away.

Lula looked at the abyss, “I really can’t go out, I will die, I will die really badly. Those living beings aren’t humans at all.”


The tremors got more and more intense.

“d.a.m.n.” Evil G.o.d Lula was furious and he left unwillingly. He felt like the abyss was sending them to their deaths

When he left the abyss, he didn’t go to a specific place and just let the abyss teleport him. No matter where he went it was the same so why specify a place?


Evil G.o.d Lula disappeared from the abyss.

He didn’t care anymore, he didn’t even bother to find a place to hide. It was useless, it was as if he knew where he was.

There was no place to hide. .


A voice rang in his ears.

“Sect Leader Lin there is an evil G.o.d here. It just appeared out of nowhere.”

Old Ancestor Xiao was really frigthened by Lula. An octopus with wings on his back. A living monster appearing out of nowhere, obviously one would be frightened.

“d.a.m.n living being, who is it…” Evil G.o.d Lula was filled with rage. After knowing that it wasn’t that fatty, he was furious. Did they really think that evil G.o.ds could be offended by anyone?

But when he raised his head and looked.

That anger slowly disappeared.

What replaced it was helplessness.

What was going on?