I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Chapter 225 – : What If He Wants To Rape?

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Chapter 225: What If He Wants To Rape?

“Haiz, they try to find me with such intelligence, they wouldn’t even be able to locate me until next year.”

What happened at the city gate allowed Lin Fan to understand Nine Bug Gang’s situation. The portrait was him but just a few simple words from him scared them off.

They had no personality at all.

He was prepared to fight them.

Forget it, since they felt that he didn’t look like that person then he would act like he wasn’t.

Long City was much more prosperous than Jiang City. However, as it was too close to Fuzhou, it was in an awkward state.

The Long City officials were people from the Imperial Dynasty. To the people, one had a lot of power being in charge of a city but to them it wasn’t much.

The main reason was the Nine Bug Gang.

Although the Nine Bug Gang didn’t set up a division in Long City, their hands could still stretch here.

Nine Bug Gang members wouldn’t give them any face when doing things which was why they felt really awkward. They just wanted to spend a few years here before leaving.

They were willing to have relations.h.i.+ps with some righteous sects rather than deal with this half right and half wrong Nine Bug Gang.

At least the sects would give them face and even if they planned actions, they would give them an explanation.

Lin Fan walked on the streets with his horse.

“Haiz, as expected I can’t come out. The more I do, the more I feel like the place where I am is so backwards.” He exclaimed, his words were all true.

When he was in You City, although he felt that it was broken, he didn’t think much of it.

When he came to Jiang City, comparing the two made him realize that You City was really broken.

After coming to Long City and having gone to Fuzhou, the difference was like night and day. There was no way to compare the two at all.

Juxian Hall.

“Young Master, will you be staying, or are you eating?” The worker outside saw Lin Fan and welcomed him warmly.

Lin Fan looked like he came from afar and he seemed like someone with status. He was definitely a Young Master, so he directly headed up to suck up to him.

“I will stay and eat too. Take good care of my horse.” Lin Fan said.

“Great, Young Master please enter.” The worker welcomed Lin Fan in. When he was at the door, he shouted in and very quickly someone took over. He brought the horse to the back courtyard.

There were two floors to this restaurant, normal use was on the first floor while the second had songs which were slightly more expensive.

It made one feel more elegant and cultured.

Lin Fan took a rough look. There were many civil and well-dressed people; they all drank and listened to the songs. Occasionally, they would cheer out loud.

Since coming out from Jiang City, he hadn’t had a good meal. He gave the waiter a tip to ask him to quickly send some good wine and dishes.

“I will stay a night here and have a good rest. Tomorrow, I will head out.” That was Lin Fan’s plan. It was useless for him to stay here.

This place was near to Fuzhou’s Nine Bug Gang which was why no sects moved in here.

Even if he wanted to cause some trouble, he couldn’t.

The best way would be to fight against Nine Bug Gang. However, it was too dangerous to head to the headquarters.

He couldn’t guess how strong the Nine Bug Gang Leader was, but to occupy a state, he was definitely really strong.

So, he had to bear with it.

Very quickly, many dishes were placed on the table. The aroma made him really hungry.

“Haiz, if I was still in You City, I would enjoy this every day and not need to deal with the pain of travelling.”

Lin Fan thought about it, he thought that after coming into this foreign world, being born in a rich family, he could have everything he wanted. However after enjoying it for a short period, that kind of life was over.

Just as he was thinking about such things, a few guests entered the second floor. They carried weapons and it was obvious they cultivated.

One of them looked around when he entered the second floor, a light glowed in his eyes. Under the leaders.h.i.+p of the waiter, they sat at a corner.

A bunch of them sat and ordered their items. They didn’t say anything and it was extremely quiet.

Lin Fan’s cultivation was high and his ears were sharp. He acted like he was eating but he was actually listening closely.

Compared to those normal Young Masters without cultivation, he loved to listen to these martial arts experts talk.

As expected, a while later, the white s.h.i.+rt young man couldn’t help but say, “Master Uncle, what is that thing, Sword Palace Elder Xu was actually killed right away, that is too terrifying.”

“That’s right Master Uncle, no matter what, Elder Xu is a Peak Grandmaster, so even if they were strong, they couldn’t kill him right away, right?”

Lin Fan listened intently and frowned slightly.

Sword Palace?

He recalled. A time ago when he left Feng Poliu, he faced someone from Sword Palace/ Feng Poliu also asked why Sword Palace people would appear there.

However, at that time no one cared.

Hearing those words, he felt that something bad had happened.

A Peak Grandmaster was killed right away, so how high was the other person’s cultivation? Just thinking about it terrified him.

If that was the case, with his strength and past, he wouldn’t be able to get any benefits and would still be in danger.

“Black Mountain?”

After hearing so much, Lin Fan had heard about this Black Mountain which sounded like a place.

He was confused about the other things.

He only knew that these people were all terrified and didn’t continue partic.i.p.ating. They backed out and got far away from that Black Mountain.

The sky became dark.

Lin Fan stayed in one of the top rooms, after was.h.i.+ng up he was waiting.


There was a sound of the door opening.

Lin Fan got up and waited. He walked out and looked at the stairs. There was a person there; it was one of the young men from the group.

He was dressed simply, he held a fan and he left the Juxian Hall with a wide smile.

Lin Fan followed.

Xu Song waved the fan and walked on the streets. His long hair was on his shoulder and he gave one a feeling of a young master.

It was just that he was good at cultivating.

As long as one wasn’t ugly and paid attention to their image, one would be more outstanding than someone who didn’t cultivate.

The girls who pa.s.sed by were all attracted by Xu Song.

They were all common girls and naturally they had no ability to resist such an outstanding Young Master.

Xu Song just wanted to vent.

During that period in Black Mountain, he was extremely nervous. Especially after he saw Sword Palace Elder Xu getting killed right away, he was so afraid he nearly peed himself.

Luckily, he was far away and didn’t get close, otherwise, the consequences would be dire.

He looked forward. He could sense the gazes from those girls. He looked at all these normal people and had no interest. Naturally, he was waiting for some better-looking ones to take the bait.

Xu Song was just trying to fish for girls.

And then to end things irresponsibly.

To be a good memory that he left in Long City.

When he pa.s.sed an alley, he saw a black shadow flash within. Like an arm that grabbed his neck and pulled him in.

“Don’t move, move and I will stab you.” Lin Fan placed his hand on his shoulder, the blade right on his neck.

Xu Song smiled, “Eh, I didn’t think that I will face such a day. Brother, do you want to rape me or rob me? I have to say that you picked the wrong person.”

When he said this, Xu Song pinched the blade and then said calmly, “Blades aren’t things that people can play with. Not only would you not harm others, you might harm yourself. You seem young. Since you are so young, then why didn’t you think things through?”

“Forget it, take a good look.”

Xu Song used strength, such a basic blade was broken just like that.

To true experts, being held hostage with blades was an insult.


However, he didn’t imagine that the blade would break.

The blade didn’t even move. At the same time, he felt a thick internal strength from it.

A cold wind blew.

It left a drop of cold sweat on Xu Song’s forehead.

He had a bad feeling in his heart.

“Brother, what do you want?” Xu Song’s neck moved. He felt really nervous. He just came out to find girls, he didn’t offend anyone.

Moreover, this was his first time here, so he didn’t have any enemies.

“What did you want to do when you pinched my blade?” Lin Fan smiled and asked.

Xu Song’s brow jumped. What was going on? He acted cool and it failed. Was today the day that he would die?


He definitely couldn’t die here.

He was a person of love and many in the world needed his love, so how could he die here?

“Brother, I pinched your blade because I felt a sense of justice when you placed it on my neck, it made me recall how heroic I was when I was young. I couldn’t help myself but touch it, I don’t have any other meaning.” Xu Song said.

“Keke.” Lin Fan laughed. Those words were so shameless, he was impressed, he was really impressed.

Lin Fan just wanted to read a poem.

I looked for him for hundreds of times, just turning back I noticed that he was there in a well-lit place.

Xu Song was shocked, that laugh gave him a bad feeling.

“Brother, we can talk it out, I will try my best to cooperate.” Xu Song felt a chill down his spine. Lin Fan was really young, but he was really strong. He didn’t even need to attack and he understood.

This was the aura of an expert.

Till now, he still didn’t understand why he didn’t offend anyone. This was his first time here, so why did someone target him?

As for robbing him, that was impossible.

Experts didn’t need to rob.

However… Xu Song had confidence in his looks and felt that things weren’t right.

What if he wanted to rape him?

To stay alive should he really welcome him?