I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Chapter 217 – Death Looms

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Chapter 217: Death Looms


When Lin Fan pa.s.sed by a certain village, he noticed that this place had turned into ruins. There were corpses all around and many untidily dressed women. It was obvious that they had suffered from some torture when they were alive.

“Cousin, did they face bandits?” Zhou Zhongmao frowned.

Although he loved to break apart the corpses of the enemy, he wouldn’t attack ordinary people. That was Zhou Zhongmao’s bottom line.

Feng Poliu couldn’t bear to look, “Okay, the world is like that, terrible things would happen every moment. We are just pa.s.sers-by, so let’s not worry much about it.”

“How are you so cold?” Lin Fan looked at Feng Poliu, “In the past, I noticed that you were timid but when facing such a thing, how could you make things sound so simple? Do you have no sympathy at all?”

Feng Poliu said, “You make it sound like you have sympathy. You are more vicious than anyone when you kill. You destroyed that division just like that, I didn’t see you show any mercy at all.”

“Nonsense, how is that the same? I can see the difference between bad people and commoners.” Lin Fan retorted. Feng Poliu was going to take him head-on.

Feng Poliu seemed to have recalled something, his tone was low and sad, “Good person, bad person, it is just how you define it. There aren’t any good or bad people in this world. Everyone just wants to live their own life.”

“Why? If you have something in your mind then say it, maybe I can help you a.n.a.lyze it.” Lin Fan saw Feng Poliu’s expression and knew that he was someone with a story and he wanted to hear it out.


Suddenly, only the sound of wood being burned could be heard in the quiet village. However, just now they heard a soft coughing sound.

“There is someone there.” Lin Fan said.

Feng Poliu said warily, a grey internal strength spread out. Bug Controlling Technique controlled the bugs and sensed the movement in the ruins.

“There.” Feng Poliu pointed at the collapsed ruins.

Zhou Zhongmao walked in front, he didn’t bother about the burning wood, directly tossing them aside.

Pieces of wood were ripped apart and a pa.s.sageway was opened.

Very quickly, the scenes ahead shocked both Lin Fan and Feng Poliu.

Two corpses were resting face-first on the ground; the two corpses were burned black. One could roughly see their faces but they were scorched badly.

Zhou Zhongmao pushed the two corpses aside and saw a wooden board on the ground. That coughing sound spread out from underneath.

The moment cousin ripped open the wooden board, a sharp dagger struck him from the darkness.

It was very slow.

To the real experts, this stabbing speed was no different than snails crawling.

Zhou Zhongmao didn’t fight back, he just took a few steps back, “Come out.”

Lin Fan and Feng Poliu exchanged glances with one another like they didn’t expect there to be anyone still alive.

Very quickly, a pair of tender and dusty arms stretched out from the darkness.


Lin Fan didn’t expect it to be a kid.

A girl, she was not too old, around 8-9 years old.

Her hair was really long but it curled up at their ends like it was burned.

Her skin that was exposed flushed red like it was burned. Her skin burst open and there were many blisters.

Her face was covered in dust and her eyes were filled with fear.

“She is lucky to be alive.” Feng Poliu said.

Lin Fan said, “Kid, what happened here? Who did this?”

The girl didn’t say anything, her eyes just stared right at Lin Fan

Suddenly, when the girl saw the burned black corpses to the side, tears streamed down her face.

Feng Poliu said, “Let’s go, it is enough that we saved her. She needs to rely on herself, whether she lives or dies, it depends on the Heavens. We have already caused so much trouble, who knows when will we face a strong opponent?”

Feng Poliu pulled on the horse reigns and wanted to leave but he noticed Lin Fan standing there and staring at the girl.

He admitted that the girl was pitiful.

But there were many pitiful people in the world, he couldn’t care for them all.

“Young Master Lin, I have never imagined that you have a merciful heart.” Feng Poliu said

Lin Fan said, “Is that so? I just feel like there are things I need to do. If you say I am kind, then I admit that. I am a kind person.”

Feng Poliu was speechless, he didn’t know how to reply to that.

If you were kind, then there weren’t any bad people in this world.

“Brat, why don’t you leave with me?” Lin Fan looked at her and waited for her to choose.

The girl looked at him, she then looked at the once beautiful village which had turned into such a ruin, for some reason her heart suffered from huge sadness.

She nodded her head.

“Okay, get on his horse, we will bring you away.” Lin Fan said. He pulled the reigns and walked forwards slowly.

“Oi, why my horse?” Feng Poliu shouted. What was going on, he wanted to bring her along but wanted to put her on my horse. What was that?

Lin Fan said, “I give you a chance to be kind. Since you said I am merciful, then I will give you a chance to perform.”

Feng Poliu gave a bitter smile and then pulled the girl up, “Sit properly, don’t fall down.”

When Feng Poliu’s hand landed on her shoulder, the pain from her burned wounds actually lessened. The chilling feeling wasn’t that painful.

Feng Poliu was helpless.

This made him think back to his time in Insect Valley. He had been adopted by Master and each one of them had a sad past.

He, for example, had never seen what his parents looked like.

“Let’s go!” Feng Poliu pulled the reins.

Lin Fan smiled, the cultivation techniques that he and Cousin cultivated were for killing. They didn’t learn healing techniques. But Feng Poliu was different, as an Insect Valley expert, he obviously did.

The little girl held his arm and looked back. That was her village, her mother and grandma were there and also many friends.

After some time, a small army appeared in front of them. There weren’t many, a few hundred of them.

Their footsteps were messy, they carried spears and many things. There were chickens, ducks and some pigs were tied to the spears. Two people carried them on their shoulders and walked delightfully.

When the girl saw them, her hands grabbed her burned arms. Even if it was painful, she bore with it. Her tears rolled in her eyes and blood flowed down her arm.

Feng Poliu sensed the little body in front of him s.h.i.+vering and understood what was going on.

This was King Wutong’s army.

Lin Fan rode his horse and pa.s.sed them.

When they saw them, they were stunned. They didn’t expect someone to dare pa.s.s them so calmly.

Lin Fan squinted his eyes and when he pa.s.sed the leader, he stopped. He turned his head and smiled, “Let me ask you something, did you wipe out that village behind?”

The leader of the army was a Lieutenant, he was able to lead 100. He held a barbecued chicken and his face was covered in oil. He walked fiercely toward Lin Fan, “We are under King Wutong, who are you? We did wipe that village out so what?”

“Nothing, I like people who are honest. Then, you can go die.”


A streak of light flashed.

Lin Fan pulled out his blade and then the blade went back into its sheath. It was really quick but that blade was not something that could be captured by the naked eye.


A head separated from the body. Blood surged into the sky and dyed the ground.

Mouth agape, eyes opened wide.

All the soldiers were stunned.

To them, it was like they had seen a ghost.

Lieutenant was killed.

They didn’t dare believe it, how could Lieutenant who was well alive die just like that?

Rage Points +66.

Rage Points +77.

Rage Points.

The little girl witnessed the scenes. Her eyes were opened wide in disbelief.

There was a loud noise!

The soldiers reacted.

“Lieutenant was killed.”

“He killed Lieutenant, capture him, we can’t let them run.”

“d.a.m.n, you dare to attack us. We are soldiers of King Wutong, do you want to die?”

Lin Fan didn’t bother about their shouts at all.

To him, they were like mosquitoes buzzing in his ear. How annoying, so annoying.

“Cousin, take them down and tie them to that tree. Don’t kill them.” Lin Fan said.

“Understood Cousin.” Zhou Zhongmao replied and got off. Looking at the struggling ants, he laughed coldly.

“I need to show mercy to you all, how annoying.”


When he said that.

Zhou Zhongmao charged into them.

The army was unstoppable to normal people but to experts, they were far from anything.

To the army, Zhou Zhongmao was like a fierce beast. They couldn’t stop him and were unable to fight back at all.

They cried out.

And screamed in pain.

Even if Zhou Zhongmao showed mercy, it was tough to control strength. Occasionally, he killed one or two of them.

The soldiers were all shocked.

How horrifying.

It was too horrifying.

Not long later, the cries stopped and the soldiers were all tied to trees.

There were many trees here, one person to a tree, densely populated. The scenes were indeed quite shocking.

Lin Fan stood there, “Look at my face, you should know who killed you.”

Rage Points +66.

Rage Points +66.

Although the rage points were few, but there were a large number of them.

“Let go of us.”

“We are King Wutong’s soldiers, let us go.”

They screamed, even if their faces swelled from beating up, but at that moment they sensed that death had covered them.