I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Chapter 159 – Chapter 159- I will treat you like how you treat me

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Chapter 159: Chapter 159- I will treat you like how you treat me


Screams spread out from behind.

From the sounds, one would notice that their control of tone and tune was really amazing.

The high note was accurate; the medium note was sweet; the low note was heavy.

The sound clung to the year, and the mouth shape was really clear.

Anyways it was perfect.

Rage Points +666.

Rage Points +555.

Where did the rage points come from? What did it concern him, he wasn’t the one that attracted the Yin Demons over. What was the point of him being angry with me, what is his problem?

Chen Shengyao’s face was ashen white; he was filled with despair.

My antidote.

Even if he was saved, it was useless; he was still going to die.

The Yin Demons were really powerful at night like they were on drugs, their limps climbing right after they landed. They roared out viciously, and any living being could be their food.

“Cousin toss it.” Lin Fan said.

When one was outside, one had to pay attention to safety. If one’s corpse was lost, one’s loved ones would have no one to send off.

Zhou Zhongmao took out a bamboo tube from his waist, pinching it and tossing it backward.

The tube exploded in mid-air, giving an eye-piercing golden glow.

Zhang Tianshan had two types of tubes to go against the Yin Demons. One was white light, and another was this golden glow. It was obvious that the golden glow was much stronger.

The Yin Demons that followed behind were wrapped up in gold light. Their bodies were covered in black smoke; their limbs slipped as they rolled around the ground, screaming. They had suffered from heavy injuries.

“I told you all not to follow, but you still shamelessly try.” Lin Fan really didn’t know what to say about these Yin Demons.

They lacked brains and felt really silly.

One had to say that Zhang Tianshan’s thing was really useful. These Yin Demons were so pitiful, rolling around crazily and not even having a chance to get close.


The four black-robed men from Nine Bug Gang were people with problems too.

Why did they want to negotiate at night?

There were so many Yin Demons around Jiang City. How strongly did they think they were?

Even he didn’t dare to fight the Yin Demons head-on, people like them even dared to come out at midnight. They really overestimated their own strength.

Although the four of them were strong, facing the endless Yin Demons, they were unable to resist for long. Not to mention that one of them had already lost the ability to fight back.

His injuries didn’t look heavy, but he already knew that actually, he couldn’t even lift a single finger.

The Yin Demons trampled the four of them beneath their feet. They didn’t suck their blood or swallow their meat like they were waiting for something.

The black robe men were in despair. They knew how cruel the Yin Demons were; the moment they were captured; it was impossible to keep their corpses intact.

The current situation was different.

The Yin Demons didn’t attack like they were waiting for something.

The four of them were delighted. The Yin Demons didn’t swallow them meant that there was a negotiation possibility. As long as they could talk, everything was okay. The name of Nine Bug Gang was something that the Yin Demons have heard of.

At that moment, the Yin Demons around opened a path. The four of them were shocked; they didn’t know who had come.

A three-meter tall Yin Demon walked over slowly. His body was hidden in the darkness, but a vengeful aura boiled.

“Fellow Yin Demons, we can discuss.” The black-robed man said.

The Big Yin Demon’s red eyes were like rubies, giving off a devilish glow.

He was not friendly towards humans.

The torture he got from Martial Path Mountain was fresh in his mind; he suffered from the psychological damage each night.

Who said that Yin Demons didn’t have emotions and didn’t dream. They all did. The Big Yin Demon’s soul was heavily impacted, and it slowly developed towards a perverted direction.

“Bring them back; I want to torture them.” The Big Yin Demon’s voice was very heavy; it was even a little exciting. Like what was going to happen next really excited him.

d.a.m.n humans, I will treat them the way you treated me. I want to let you know that Yin Demons can’t be offended.

Since the Big Yin Demon recovered from his collapsed state, his demonic personality had already formed.

The black-robed man’s expression was one of fear. This Yin Demon was different; he panicked, “Let’s speak nicely. We are from Nine Bug Gang, maybe…”


Before he finished his words, the Big Yin Demon knocked him out.

The Big Yin Demon shouted, “I want you human sc.u.m to experience the pain that I did, none of you think about running.”

The other three of them looked at the Big Yin Demon in fear, they panicked and felt like something wasn’t right.

What did that Big Yin Demon face?

Why did it feel like he was sick in the head?

Lin Fan and the others returned safely. After cousin tossed several bamboo tubes, the Yin Demons stopped chasing. The golden light stabbed them, and they didn’t dare to chase anymore.

Martial Path Mountain.

Zhou Zhongmao placed Chen Shengyao down and stood quietly beside their cousin. It was nerve-wracking but not dangerous. Zhang Tianshan’s thing was so useful; the Yin Demons couldn’t get close at all.

Lin Fan acted like he was wiping off sweat, “Young Master Chen, it was so difficult to save you. However, fortunately, you were safe. Tonight you can stay here and tomorrow morning head back to Chen Family.”

He was really insincere when he said that.

He actually dared say that it was tough to save him.

It was obviously something that was really simple, and he didn’t use much energy to do so.

Chen Shengyao sat paralyzed on the ground; he muttered to himself, “I am dead, I can’t live to tomorrow. Without the antidote, I would really die. This thing has nothing to do with me; I am innocent; I am really innocent.”

He didn’t think that the black-robed man was scaring him.

He thought that he would really die.

“Sect Leader Lin, could you head back to find the antidote for me, I will give you any sum of money.” Chen Shengyao hugged Lin Fan’s leg and cried out in sadness, “I am the only one left in Chen Family, if I die, Chen Family is over. Sect Leader Lin, let’s forget about our past grievances, and help me find the antidote?”

“Young Master Chen, calm down. I understand your pain; it isn’t that I am not helping you find it. But you saw the situation, it is night, and Yin Demons have come out. I don’t have the ability to grab the medicine from them.” Lin Fan patted his shoulder and said.

Find the antidote?

That was impossible.

He didn’t tell Chen Shengyao that he could solve his situation.

But not now.

Sometimes, one could only show off all their skills when they were in despair.


Chen Shengyao wanted to say something, but for some reason, he felt his chest sink down; his head was heavy. He couldn’t breathe and directly fainted.

“Cousin, he fainted.” Zhou Zhongmao said.

“En, I saw that.”

Lin Fan was really calm in his reply.

“Cousin, it is late, so go rest. Help him into the room and inform Chen Family to bring him back.”

Wolf Brigade Forest.

The four black-robed men from Nine Bug Gang looked at the scenes ahead of them in panic. They didn’t understand what the Yin Demons were doing.

The Big Yin Demon uprooted a tree and roared in rage.

“I will treat your people the same way you treated me.”

Rage Points +111.

Very quickly, the Big Yin Demon uprooted eight trees, crossing them together and making four crosses. He then tied the men on them.

“Fellow good Yin Demon, let’s talk this out. We are from Nine Bug Gang; you should know what kind of existence we are, right?” The black-robed man said in a panic.


The Big Yin Demon was already overcome by rage, how would he even bother about what they were saying.

The other small Yin Demons looked on.

They didn’t understand the meaning of the Big Yin Demon’s actions.

The Big Yin Demon lit up a campfire, lighting up many sticks. He came to the four of them and ripped open their clothes violently.



The black-robed men felt that things weren’t right. Were these Yin Demons about to do unpleasant things to them?

If that was the case.

They would rather die to protect their last bit of honor.

The Big Yin Demon picked up the lit stick, a vicious and dangerous smile appeared at the corner of his face. He came to the black-robed man and then placed the stick at someplace.

“Feel the heat of the flame; I will help you all detox.”

He wasn’t the one that said that.

That human said it to him.

Which was why he was going to return those words to that human’s people.

The four black-robed men were shocked. Was Yin Demon their problems with your head? They wanted to curse out, but they weren’t able to say anything at all.



Screams spread throughout the dark forest; it was like h.e.l.l on earth.

No one knew what kind of torture the four of them went through.

But if they could satisfy the Yin Demon’s perverted desires, then they were all useful.

The sky slowly turned bright.

Chen Shengyao woke up from the pain. He looked around in shock. Where was he, was he already dead?


He wasn’t.

But he felt pain spreading all around his body.

It was so painful.

Chen Shengyao touched his chest; he felt that it was wet. He moved his palm aside, and it was now red, there was a thick smell of blood.

“What happened to me?”

He ripped open his clothes, and his chest swelled, forming a pus ball. There was like something about to come out from within; large amounts of fresh blood were squeezed out, flowing all over his body.

No, he didn’t want to die.

The sudden changes made him panic. He tried to wipe his eyes, he lowered his head and found that the back of his arm was blood. He came in front of a mirror and noticed that his eyes had blood flowing too.

Very ugly, very terrifying.

“No, no.”

He screamed in pain; in his heart, he only wanted to live. But more and more blood flowed out from his body, and fear covered his heart. His face shriveled, his eye bags were really deep like he had suffered from hunger and was so thin that only skin was left.

Death drew close.

He felt like he was about to die.

Actually, he was hoping that maybe he could live, maybe the bug wasn’t poisonous. But now he was just overthinking it.

Everything was real


The door was pushed open, and Lin Fan walked in, pressing onto Chen Shengyao’s stomach.

“I can help you suppress it for a period of time.”

Maybe Chen Shengyao heard that. Before he went unconscious, he smiled before fainting.

“Haiz, sometimes luck is really important.” Lin Fan muttered.