Handsome CEO'S Bewitching Wife Chapter 404 – Accident.

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“Yes, you do. You still have her. I did not kill her.” Jiang Biyu smirked.

Su Yuchen became alert when he heard her and within a second, he was holding onto the neck of Jiang Biyu with anger. She looked at him with satisfaction upon seeing the pain on his face.

“Tell me, where is my sister? What have you done to her? Tell me.” Su Yuchen yelled and gripped tight on the neck of Jiang Biyu. He easily lifted her from the floor with his hand still around her neck.

“Do you think you will be able to bear the pain after knowing the place where your little sister is?” Jiang Biyu mocked. “I am sure, knowing her place will hurt you more.”

“Stop playing your game with me and tell me where my sister is. Otherwise, I will ask my guards to kill your father. I am sure you still love him more than anything.”

“Ah, I am afraid of your warning.” Jiang Biyu mocked a fearful expression on her face before again chuckling hard. “I don’t care if he lives or dies. What I care is your pain which I can see on your features.”

Jading Biyu again chuckled. A satisfactory smile adorned her lips. “I threw your sister away in the wh0re house. That was the place where your mother deserved to live and then your sister.”

“Why did you hate my mother so much? Why have you kidnapped my sister? What wrong has that one-month girl done to you?” Su Yuchen yelled with despair and anger.

“Your sister suffered because of your mother. You are suffering because of your mother. I hated your mother who was a poor wh0re.” Jiang Biyu spat and then looked at Su Yuchen with hatred. 

“I loved your father from the time I was fifteen. I knew he was my dream man, and then, came in between your mother. She met your father in college and served him with her so-called innocence. She was nothing but a poor girl who s.n.a.t.c.hed my Nian from me.”

Jiang Biyu started to narrate her story with rage in her voice. A different aura surrounded her and she looked no less than a monster, filled with all the hatred of the world.

“I was not in the city when Nian married her. Their marriage was like a sword in my heart. I hated your mother who s.n.a.t.c.hed my love. And then, I took my Nian back from her. I thought I won when she left the mansion and when I married my Nian. By you know what…?”

Jiang Biyu yelled and looked at Su Yuchen. She crazily shook her hand, trying to free herself from the shackles. 

“Your father never loved me. He always loved your mother. And to add in, your mother got pregnant and gave birth to both of you. I was so angry when I got to know that she gave birth to the baby of my Nian. I was so angry that I kidnapped your sister and threw her away, to give the pain to your mother.”

“I thought I have given pain to your mother but I was wrong.” Jiang Biyu gritted her teeth. “I didn’t know about you. Your mother and that oldie had you hidden from my radar. They always protected you. If only they had not then I would have killed you with your mother.”

“It was so much fun when I had killed her, when I had seen her blood on my hand.” 

Su Yuchen felt rage when he heard Jiang Biyu. His hand itched to kill Jiang Biyu but he wanted to know more. He wanted to know more about the crimes of Jiang Biyu. 

Later, he would investigate about the information about his sister. Was Jiang Biyu saying the truth that he had a twin sister?

“You don’t know how shocked I was when I heard about you for the first time. I felt a failure at that time. I failed to know about you and failed to kill you.” Jiang Biyu shook her head. 

“I wanted to torture you. You were the son of Lu Weiwei and I wanted to give you a torturous future like your sister and mother, and you know what, I was successful in it.”

“Oh my, haven’t I made you suffer from my fake death? Not only that, haven’t you suffered while searching for your dead Mian?”

Su Yuchen became alert when he heard Jiang Biyu. He lifted his head and glared at her.

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t you understand? I kidnapped Mian. I was the one to get her killed.” Jiang Biyu chuckled. “I knew, killing you would be easy on you. So, I killed the one who lived in your heart. I burnt your orphanage where you lived.”

“You….” Su Yuchen roared like an angry lion when he heard her. 

Rage filled his senses and his heart started to beat fast. The vein on his neck popped out and blackness appeared in his eyes. He pounced on Jiang Biyu and punched her hard on her stomach.

“Wow, wow, the almighty Su Yuchen is beating a lady?”

“You are not a lady but a monster. A crazy monster whom I will kill with my own hands.” He roared. “How dare of you to kidnap my sister? How dare you to kill my mother and Mian? How dare of you to burn my orphanage? I will kill you.”

Su Yuchen started to kick, punch Jiang Biyu hard. She kept grinning, unaffected of the beating which she was receiving. She was feeling satisfied upon seeing this pain and aggression on the face of Su Yuchen.

She had suffered in the same way when Su Nian had married Lu Weiwei and today, she was successful in making their son suffer.

“You are an insane monster who deserves to die.” Su Yuchen pulled on the hairs of Jiang Biyu and lifted her bloodied face. He glared hard when he saw her smiling.

Her smile inflicted his anger and he banged her head against the concrete floor. Jiang Biyu m.o.a.ned before again chuckling.

“Kill me, Su Yuchen. Kill me. While you are killing me here, my men are also killing someone close to you.”

Su Yuchen froze when he heard her words. “What do you think? I will die without s.n.a.t.c.hing something very precious from you? Nopes.” She again laughed, a laugh like a manic.

“Xin Mei will die with me. Today is her death day too.” Jiang Biyu clapped her bloodied hands and laughed loudly while coughing the blood out. “Now I can die with peace after seeing this broken state of you.”

Su Yuchen left the hairs of Jiang Biyu and hurriedly searched for his mobile. Fear filled in his eyes. With shaky hands, he pulled out his mobile and dialled the number of Xin Mei, only to find it unreachable.

“I am sure, my men had already done their work.” Jiang Biyu smirked and spat out blood from her mouth.

Su Yuchen left her on the floor and quickly stood up. While dialling the number of Xin Mei, he made his way toward the door of the cell when Huang Chu and Li Si entered in.

“Boss, Missus is in an accident. She and her guards are rushed to the hospital.”

Su Yuchen froze when he heard him. Floor slipped out from his feat and tears appeared in his eyes.

“Hahaha,” laughter of Jiang Biyu boomed in the cell. “Now I can die in peace after knowing I have given you this pain.”

Su Yuchen turned and glared at her. Pure anger and hatred could be seen in his eyes. “Huang Chu, take her to the torture room and inflict the top-notch torture on her. Ensure to not take out her eyes nor let her die. I want the rest of her life to be full of suffering.”

After giving his verdict, Su Yuchen rushed out of the cell with his heart beating fast. His steps were unsteady. Tears were flowing from her eyes.

Li Si followed after Su Yuchen. He took Su Yuchen toward the car and opened the door of a back seat for him. Like a zombie, Su Yuchen entered inside and threw his head back. He was shaking, with tears flowing without any stoppage from his eyes.

“Don’t worry boss. I am sure nothing had happened to the missus.”

Li Si tried to ensure Su Yuchen but his words fell daff on the ears of Su Yuchen who was continuously sending prayers to the G.o.d, to not let anything happen to Xin Mei.