Handsome CEO'S Bewitching Wife Chapter 390 – Visiting The House Of Gu Biyu.

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The Party of Su Yuchen was going on a full swing. While everyone else was enjoying the music band and dance performances which were organized to entertain the guests.

Everyone was busy mingling with one another and making business contracts. 

Men of the families were talking among themselves where their wives were planning b.a.l.l.s and charity events, their daughters were busy gossiping among themselves or flirting with the opposite s.e.x.

In between all this, Su Yuchen pulled Xin Mei on the dance floor. He signalled to the DJ to change the music and started to dance with Xin Mei on the soft beats of the music.

Xin Mei blushed and looked around before wrapping her arms around the neck of Su Yuchen. Both started to move on the slow beats of the music.

“Do you know, grandma has purchased the largest shares of all the media channels and newspaper? Now she is the owner of big news channels and media houses.”

“Is it for real?” she asked with surprise. “Has she really purchased the largest number of shares in each news channel?”

“Yes, she has.” Su Yuchen nodded his head. “Last time, when everyone slandered you for being with me, she got angry. Hence, she started to purchase shares and now, she is the largest shareholder in all the news channels.”

“She is really amazing.” Xin Mei chuckled. “Who could have thought that to save me from getting slandered, she will purchase all the news channels.”

“She is great.” Su Yuchen nodded. “Now no news channel will dare to write about our family or you without her permission. She has again proved us to why she was called a lady boss in the old days.”

“Hmm.” Xin Mei moved with Su Yuchen when he pulled her closer to himself.

“What are you doing?” she chided in a whisper and looked around.

“Dancing intimately with my sweet wife. Why worry now that no news channel will dare to write about us?”

Xin Mei chuckled when she heard him. “You are forgetting about my haters who can still use their keyboards to slander me.”

“I don’t care. I want to enjoy tonight in your company, without caring about what tomorrow holds for us.”

Xin Mei smiled and looked up at him. Her legs moving with his in a sync. She was enjoying dancing in proximity with him.

For the whole night, Su Yuchen and Xin Mei kept dancing with one another. Later that night, Su Yuchen cut the cake and this time also, he kept Xin Mei beside himself.

Later, after having dinner, Xin Mei and Su Yuchen silently eloped from the party. One of the reporters saw them going out from the party but he didn’t do anything because of the newly released orders by their lady boss.

The next day, Xin Mei woke up due to the loud ringing of her mobile. She groaned loudly and picked up the call, only to hear the loud yell of Gu Nan the next second.

“Have you gone nuts?” Xin Mei chided and tried to remove the arms of Su Yuchen from her waist but he tightened his hold around her. She sighed and shook her head before leaning against him. “Why are you yelling like this?”

“Do you have any idea of who my new boss is?” Gu Nan squealed. “It’s your grandma. I just got a notification that Missus Su has taken over on all the media houses. I can’t believe it. She must have spent a lot of money to do so.”

“I know.”

“So, am I guessing correct? Has she purchased all the media houses so they will not be able to slander you?”


“Oh, MeiMei.” She again squealed. “You are so lucky to marry Su Yuchen. His family loves you so much. I cannot believe she bought each and every media house, not only my company.”

“Yup, everyone loves me.” Xin Mei chuckled and then looked at Su Yuchen who opened his eyes and smiled at her.

“MeiMei, can you ask your grandma to give me a promotion? Ask her to make me a show manager. That way, I will not need to travel, I will be able to say yes to He Ye after settling down at one place.”

“I will ask her, and I am sure she will not say no to me.” Xin Mei teased. She was aware Gu Nan would die but would never use any connection in her profession. She loved her profession and wanted to achieve greater heights at her own capacity.

“MeiMei,” Gu Nan groaned. “You know I was just teasing you. I don’t use connections.”

“I know, I know.” Xin Mei chuckled, imagining the pout on the lips of Gu Nan.

“Ok, tell me something interesting from your life which I have missed in last week.”

And with that, both the friends were chatting. Xin Mei ended the call after some time because certain someone was teasing her by kissing her shoulder blades. She placed her phone aside and glared at Su Yuchen.

“Didn’t you have your fill after eating me up for the whole yesterday?” she glared.

“I can never have a fill of you.” Su Yuchen replied seductively. He attempted to kiss her but Xin Mei placed a pillow on his face. She quickly freed her waist from his arms and ran away into the bathroom.

“Not today Chen, your best friend needs some rest.” She teased and closed the bathroom door.

“Mei, my best friend is all active and alive. Come out, let me show you how energetic we both are.” He yelled and huffed while looking at the closed door.

Both Xin Mei and Su Yuchen left for their workplace after having their breakfast. Su Yuchen was in a dull mood because he didn’t get to do some fun with Xin Mei in the morning.

Xin Mei arrived on the sets and made her way towards her room where she changed her dress and read her scenes for the day.

Once ready, she came out and met the director of the movie.

“Xin Mei, all ready for this week? After this week, your other movie will be completed.”

Xin Mei smiled and nodded her head. Her fourth movie would be finished by the end of this week. She still could not believe that one of her favorite movies so far, the suspicious wife would come to an end within a month.

“I am all excited director. I am sure we will see this movie in the upcoming award shows.”

“We will.” Director nodded his head and eagerly discussed her scenes with her.

“Aunty Gu Biyu, what are you doing on the sets? Aren’t your scenes completed already?” she asked the elder lady with surprise in her voice.

“I was called in to give some close-ups for the movie.” Gu Biyu smiled and walked toward Xin Mei. “Besides, I thought why not we complete the sweater today? My scenes in this movie are already completed, my scenes in earth 2050 are also nearly finished, so we should complete the sweater by the end of the day. We don’t know when will we be meeting the next time.”

Xin Mei nodded her head in understanding. She also thought of the same.

“Ok aunty, after completing my scenes, we will complete the sweater.”

Xin Mei quickly gave her scenes and got free. Then she walked toward her changing room and pulled out piles of wool and half knitted sweater. She was very eager to complete the sweater and gift it to Su Yuchen.

Gu Biyu and Xin Mei both worked on the sweater. It was getting late when Xin Mei suggested that they could visit the house of Gu Biyu to complete the sweater. She did not want to visit her house in case Su Yuchen saw the sweater in her hand, she wanted to give it to him as a surprise!

Gu Biyu hesitated when Xin Mei told her that she could visit her house but later, she agreed on the persuasion of Xin Mei.

“Come on aunty, allow me as a guest in your house. I cannot take this sweater home. What if Chen saw it? Then my surprise will be over.”

Gu Biyu agreed to her and both ladies made their way to the house of Gu Biyu. Xin Mei made her guards pledge that they were not going to tell Su Yuchen about the place where Xin Mei was going. When they realized she wanted to surprise their boss, they also obliged her.

“Wow aunty, your house is so small and cosy. For once, I thought you were living in some lavish mansion.” Xin Mei chuckled and looked around the house.

Gu Biyu laughed. “I feel lonely in the big mansions so I purchased this small house for myself.”

“What about your family?”

“I don’t have a family, I live alone.” Xin Mei nodded her head. “You wait here on the couch. Let me make some tea for you and no, you are not going to help me.”

Xin Mei chuckled and Gu Biyu walked towards the kitchen. Meanwhile, Xin Mei looked around at the house of Gu Biyu.

With much interest, she looked at the paintings in the house of Gu Biyu, antique pieces decorated on the small shelf. She was looking at each piece with keen interest when her eyes fell upon a photo frame that was placed with its head upside down.

Feeling curious, she lifted the frame and looked at the photo, only to feel as if the land was slipping out of her feet. She could not believe that Gu Biyu had this photo in her possession.