Handsome CEO'S Bewitching Wife Chapter 176 – For How Long Was I Sleeping?

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Inside the VIP room of a best bar in the city

A girl was drinking wine. An evil smile was playing on her lips and she took another sip of her wine. She was feeling very happy today. She was feeling relaxed.

“Oh poor Xin Mei, You were planning to end my career, the career of Zhou Mingyu and look what I have done to you?  I am sure you are probably lying on your deathbed at this very moment. If not, then also I am sure that you are suffering from some serious injury. Now how are you supposed to return on the sets of revenge? Or worse, how are you supposed to film any more movies?”

Zhou Mingyu chuckled and threw her head back. She was the mastermind behind the accident of Xin Mei.

“A person can do anything and everything to anyone in return for some money. You throw some money and bang, another person is dead.” She chuckled. Her shoulders were shaking with delight.

Zhou Mingyu got to know that sister of one of the prop a.s.sistant was very sick. She had used that man and has promised to give him some money if he cut the ropes, making them weak.

Once Xin Mei and everyone had checked upon the strength of the swing, prop a.s.sistant had sneakily tampered with the ropes of the swing, leading to the accident.

“Father will be very happy to know that I was successful in hurting that bi*ch Xin Mei. Now she can’t s.n.a.t.c.h anything from me.”

She cheered and again gulped another gla.s.s of wine.

After what felt like an eternity. Doctors finally came out of the emergency room. Everyone rushed towards the doctors to know about the wellbeing of Xin Mei. All the other doctors left leaving the head doctor alone.

“Doctor, how is my wife?”

“Doctor, how is my daughter?”

Doctor looked at Su Yuchen with shock but then he composed himself very quickly.

“Mister Su, your wife is very lucky. She didn’t suffer any major injury except for a minor concussion in the head and small fracture on her lower left arm. For precaution, we have cast her hand. She also had some gashes due to the fall but it is nothing to be worried about.”

Everyone sighed when they heard the doctor. Su Yuchen looked at the doctor with worry-filled eyes. “If she is fine doctor, then why did it take you so long in the emergency room?”

“Mister Su, we were informed that she is a VIP. So we were doing her full body check-up to double-check that she isn’t suffering from any internal injury.”

Su Yuchen nodded his head. He felt glad at the thoughtfulness of the doctor. He also felt happy that nothing serious happened to her.

“Doctor, can we meet her?”

“Yes, you can. I will ask the nurse to s.h.i.+ft her to the VIPs room where you can meet her. We have given her anaesthesia so it will take her sometime in waking up.”

Everyone nodded to the doctor and thanked him for saving Xin Mei.

Su Yuchen walked inside the VIP room. He took his seat behind Xin Mei. He looked at her sleeping form and took her hand in his. He kissed her knuckles and placed his head over it.

“Oh love, I am so happy that nothing dangerous happened to you. Otherwise, I don’t know what I would have done.” He was taking a long deep breath. By looking at Xin Mei, he could feel that fire in his heart was calming down to some extent.

Family of Xin Mei also met her. After ensuring that she was fine, He Lin and Xin Jin left for home because of tiredness. Xin Yan decided to stay with Su Yuchen.

Su Zixin also left for his home. Next day he planned to self investigate the accident of Xin Mei. He could not gulp down that Xin Mei was injured in front of his eyes.

“Doctor, why isn’t she waking up? It had been so long but still, she hasn’t opened her eyes. Do something doctor, otherwise, I will burn this entire hospital.”

When Xin Mei came back to her consciousness, she could hear loud yells of Su Yuchen.  She wanted to open her eyes and look at her husband, only to fail.

“Mister Su, I have already told you that it can take her some time to wakeup. Please bear it for some more time.” The doctor looked at Su Yuchen with sweat flowing down on his forehead with fear.

“Doctor, I am warning you, if she didn’t wake up in next one hour then I will blacklist you doctor.” Su Yuchen angrily jerked the doctor by his collar. He pushed the doctor away and again returned to the side of Xin Mei.

He took her hand in his and gripped it tight!

‘Hubby, why are you gripping my hand so tightly? It’s hurting!’ Xin Mei wanted to yell but nothing came out from her mouth.

“Come on love, for how long are you planning to sleep? Open your eyes and look at your poor husband. I want to see deep in your eyes. I want to see you smile. Please open your eyes.”

Xin Mei felt a pinch in her heart when she heard so much pain and desperation in his voice. With so much strength, she opened her eyes and looked at Su Yuchen.

“Hus…band…” she spoke in a throaty voice.

“Mei.” Su Yuchen jumped in delight when he heard her. “Wifey, I am so happy that you have woken up.”

Tears of happiness fell from the eyes of Su Yuchen. A huge grin appeared on his lips. His eyes were twinkling with unbound happiness.

“Xiao Mei, you don’t know how depressed I was feeling when you were sleeping. I was nervous that you have fallen into a coma and were not going to wake up any time soon. I am so glad that you are awake.”

He gently combed her hair with his fingers. He was thanking G.o.d that his Xin Mei had woken up.

“Hubby, for how long was I sleeping?”