Handsome CEO'S Bewitching Wife Chapter 155 – Please Be Safe!

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Su Lingtian looked at Xin Mei who was now sleeping in the arms of Su Yuchen. He felt happy for the decision of Bai Yue to get Su Yuchen married to Xin Mei. She was a good girl.

From the last night to the morning, she was running around here and there, looking after the necessities of his family. Like Bai Yue, she was holding everyone together.

She was tired and worried about Bai Yue, but still she was looking after their family with a smile on her lips. She was trying to motivate everyone that nothing will happen to Bai Yue.

She was so tired of running around everywhere that she had finally fallen asleep!

Su Yuchen looked at Xin Mei and felt lucky to have her as his wife. She was kind. She had quickly accepted his family as her family. She had accepted his grandmother as her own and she was equally worried for her.

“Oh my Xin Mei,” he sighed against the hair of Xin Mei. He could not wait to take her on their honeymoon and confess his feelings to her.

Su Yuchen s.h.i.+fted slightly and placed the head of Xin Mei on his lap. He made her comfortable on the bench and watched her sleep peacefully.

Su Yuchen then looked at his grandpa. He was yawning but still, his eyes were glued upon the operation theatre. It had been seventeen hours but still, no one had come out until now.

Su Yuchen then looked at Su Zixin who was going in and coming out of his sleep. He was tired but still, he was trying to stay up.

They waited for some more time, when the doors of the operation room were opened from inside. Su Yuchen jumped forgetting Xin Mei was on his lap.

Due to his sudden jump, Xin Mei woke up. She rubbed her eyes and scolded herself for falling asleep at such a critical moment.

She yawned with her mouth covered with her hand. She stood up from the bench and looked at Su Yuchen. He was looking towards the nurses and doctor with worry.

“Doctor, how is my wife?” Elder Su rushed towards the doctor and looked at him with worry-filled eyes.

“Mister Su, I will not give you any fake hopes. The condition of your wife is no good. She already had two attacks while operating her. It is her old body which is not accepting the heart. The rate of her heart beats is still not stable. Now we can only pray with hope for her to wake up.”

Doctor took a deep breath and looked at the Su family. “Get ready to hear the worse news. Her chances to survive are very less.”

“No…no…no…this is not possible. She is strong. She will not leave me.” Su Lingtian became hyper when he heard the words of doctor. He started to breathe heavily while yelling out aloud the name of Bai Yue.

“Oh, Bai Yue!”

“My Bai Yue.”

“She will not leave me.”

“Doctor save her. Are you not the best doctor out there? Then why can’t you save her?”

He took a deep breath. His eyes were closing down. Su Zixin and Su Yuchen yelled his name and hold him before he could fall to the ground.

“Doctor, doctor…help.”

Nurses quickly rushed Su Lingtian to the VIP room next the operation room. Glucose was attached to his body. Doctor also checked his BP and gave him the needed medicines.

“I have given him injection for relaxation. He will not wake up for at least twelve hours. Please look after him. Keep him away from any shocking news.”

Everyone nodded their head when they heard the doctor. They looked at Su Lingtian with sad eyes. Not much longer ago, they had received the news that Bai Yue was on the edge of death and now Su Lingtian was lying on the hospital bed.

“Grandma, please wakeup. Your family will fell apart if something happens to you.” Xin Mei sighed and looked at everyone. Su Zixin and Su Yuchen looked lost. They did not know what to do.

During the night, Xin Mei forced Su Zixin to sleep on the bed in the room of Su Lingtian.

“Su Zixin, you go and sleep with grandpa. He also needs someone to look after him. You will not like him to fall ill, will you? Su Yuchen and I are sleeping outside, don’t worry about grandma.”

After making him comfortable on the bed, Xin Mei walked outside. She spread a blanket on the bench and sat down on it.

“Come, husband, you should also sleep.” Xin Mei spread her hands toward Su Yuchen. Su Yuchen nodded his head and came towards Xin Mei.

He took his seat on the bench and placed his head on her shoulder. Xin Mei could feel his body shaking slightly.

“If you want to cry then cry. I am here to hold you.” Xin Mei spoke gently. “When a husband can always be a shoulder for his wife’s cry, then why can’t I become your shoulder for crying?”

Su Yuchen smiled when he heard her and pulled her in a hug. He hidden his face in her chest and soon Xin Mei heard his soft sobs. He could also feel wetness on her chest.

“Xin Mei, what will I do if something happens to grandma or grandpa? They cannot leave me at this moment! I still have so much to learn from them. What will I do without them?”

He sobbed in the arm of Xin Mei and hugged her tightly. Xin Mei tightly wrapped her arms around him and kept patting on his back. She also whispered sweet nothings in his ears.

“You should sleep now.” She spoke in a soft voice once his sobbing had stopped.

He laid down on the bench and placed his head on the lap of Xin Mei. He wrapped his body so he could easily lie on the bench.

A sleepy sigh left from his lips when his head touched her lap. He was very tired and sleepy.

“Stop thinking about grandma and try to sleep.” Xin Mei said to him. She asked a nurse to dim the light of the hall. She started to ma.s.sage the head of Su Yuchen.

She ma.s.saged his head until she heard his regular breath. She sighed when she saw he was asleep.

She placed her head against the wall and tried to sleep. She was coming out from her sleep whenever she heard voices of doctor or nurse entering the room of Bai Yue, to check her vitals.

“Doctor, doctor…” a nurse came running out from the operation room. She was yelling for the name of the doctor.

Xin Mei jumped up, hearing her loud yells. At the same moment, Su Yuchen also woke up. He sat on the bench looking around with alert.

Soon doctor entered in the operation room to check upon Bai Yue. Su Yuchen and Xin Mei looked toward the operation room with worried eyes.

After some time, the doctor came out of the operation room. Without giving Xin Mei or Su Yuchen any time to inquire from him, he left for his cabin.

“You should not follow him. Maybe the news isn’t good and he doesn’t wanted to share the news with us.” Xin Mei stopped Su Yuchen who was about to follow the doctor towards his office.

Su Yuchen sighed and nodded his head. He could only pray for the well-being of his grandmother.

“Please be safe grandma.”