Handsome CEO'S Bewitching Wife Chapter 134 – Xin Mei Was Laying Above Su Zixin!

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“Husband,” Xin Mei wrapped her arms around Su Yuchen and placed her head on his shoulder. “Su Zixin is like a brother to me and I think he also sees me as his sister. So you don’t need to be jealous of him.”

“And why didn’t you tell me before, when you were adding oil to my anger?” he asked and raised a brow.

Xin Mei chuckled shyly before speaking, “I wanted to see his nervous face. I had never seen him so afraid in the past and I had fun when he was so afraid of you.”

“Oh Xin Mei,” Su Yuchen sighed and placed his head against her head. “My blood pressure fluctuated multiple times because of the silly fight between both of you. What am I going to do with both of you? I am sure my hairs will turn grey because of both of you.”

Xin Mei chuckled when she heard him.

“Husband, I have a question.”

Su Yuchen raised his head and looked at Xin Mei. “Why does no one know about the ident.i.ty of Chen Bai as your brother? He is also the grandson of grandma but still, mother and father are also not aware of his ident.i.ty. Why is it so? We both also haven’t met before.”

“This is because Su Zixin didn’t want to use his ident.i.ty as Su when he had entered the film industries. No one knows about his real ident.i.ty except for you, me and my grandparents. He wanted to make his own ident.i.ty.”

“Oh.” Xin Mei nodded her head.

“You know his film name, Chen Bai is a combination of my and grandma’s name. He had taken Chen from my name and Bai from grandma’s name.”

“You love him?” Xin Mei asked because she could hear softness in his voice when talking of him.

“I love him dearly. He is my little brother, my son. I have raised him and pampered him. That’s why he is what he is today.”

For late-night, they kept talking about Su Zixin. Su Yuchen told her about their funny childhood incidents. Xin Mei chuckled whenever she heard about pranks of Su Zixin on her husband.

She could see how badly Su Yuchen had pampered Su Zixin and she knew he wouldn’t lag in pampering her the same way.

Su Yuchen looked at Xin Mei who was sleeping beside him. He sighed and pulled her close. Only he knew how angry he felt at the thought that his brother could have feelings for his love!

He felt conflicted at that thought. He couldn’t get angry with his brother because he knew it wasn’t his mistake. He also felt guilty that he may have s.n.a.t.c.hed the love of his life.

But now he could sigh in relief after knowing that they both were like brother and sister, Su Zixin finally had someone who could compete with him in his craziness.

Su Yuchen closed his eyes and an old memory surfaced in his mind.

“Grandpa, who is he?” Nearly ten-year-old Su Zixin came running towards Su Lingtian who was holding the hand of a big boy.

“Zixi, you wanted a brother to play with, right. So grandpa had brought back your brother. Meet your big brother, Su Yuchen.”

Su Zixin smiled when he heard the words of Su Lingtian. This boy beside his grandpa was his brother, his big brother.

“Big brother, nice to meet you. I am Su Zixin, your little brother. Please look after me.”

Su Yuchen had ignored Su Zixin that time but he didn’t know that Su Zixin would start to follow him like the lost puppy. Su Zixin was following Su Yuchen everywhere. He wanted the love of his brother.

“Big brother, don’t you like me. Why can’t you play video games with me? Grandpa and grandma are always busy at work. It’s only you who can play games with me, please play the game with me.”

Su Zixin whined and held on the arm of Su Yuchen. Su Yuchen yelled and got angry on Su Zixin. He thought Su Zixin would leave him alone but he didn’t.

“How can I leave you alone, big brother? Grandpa had asked his Zixi that I should never leave you alone. I will be always there for you.”

Su Yuchen always felt irritated in the presence of Su Zixin but he didn’t know when he started to treat Su Zixin like his little brother.

“Big brother, can I sleep in your room. Grandma and grandpa have gone to a party and little Zixi is afraid of the dark.”

Su Yuchen looked at Su Zixin who had entered in his room. He frowned before making a s.p.a.ce on the bed for Su Zixin. Su Zixin jumped on the bed and made himself comfortable beside his big brother.

“Big brother, can you recite a story for me?” Su Yuchen looked at the little boy who was so similar to his Mian. He couldn’t stop himself from fulfilling his demand.

“Let me tell you a story….” Su Yuchen recited a story to Su Zixin and looked after him for the whole night long.

Su Yuchen started to love Su Zixin more than anything, always fulfilling his small to big wish.

“Big brother, can you ask grandpa to gift me this video game on my next birthday?” Su Zixin pointed towards the latest released video games’ advertis.e.m.e.nt in the newspaper.

Su Yuchen looked at the newspaper and nodded his head. The very next day, loud shrills of Su Zixin rang in the whole house.

“Big brother is the best. Big brother has brought me a new video game.”

“Su Yuchen, you are spoiling him. He is b.u.t.tering you to get all his demands fulfilled. Don’t become a puppet of that little minx.” Su Lingtian scolded Su Yuchen with a smile on his lips.

Su Yuchen remembered that Su Zixin had cried badly upon hearing his decision to leave for America.

“Big brother, please don’t leave your Zixin. How will I live without you?” Su Zixin didn’t care about his age and started to cry.

Su Yuchen left for America but he still was close to Su Zixin. Su Yuchen used to call Bai Yue to get status of Su Zixin. He had also arranged bodyguards who could always follow after his brother.

One day, Bai Yue had told him that Su Zixin had found a sister for himself. Su Yuchen was happy that his brother was happy. He never asked anything about his soul sister but now he knew who she was.

Xin Mei woke up due to thirst. She looked at the bedside table to find the water jug was missing. She sighed and made her way to the kitchen.

She drunk water and was about to return to her room when she heard loud voices coming from the games room. Feeling interested she entered in.

She saw Su Zixin was playing one of the racing games. Xin Mei also liked the same game. She walked towards Su Zixin and intensely looked at the screen.

“Keep maintaining this speed Zixin and you will win,” she spoke. Her eyes glued to the screen.

“Turn right.”

“Turn left.”

“Slow down.”

“Increase the pace.”

Xin Mei kept giving instructions to him, feeling the rush of adrenaline which she always felt when playing a video game.

“Increase the speed and we will win.” Su Zixin increased the speed and he won.

“Yes, I won.” Su Zixin jumped on his place and high fived with Xin Mei.

“Now s.h.i.+ft aside, I am playing the next round.”

Xin Mei pushed aside Su Zixin and took her seat beside him. She took the controller in her hand.

“I thought you will not come to play with me.” Su Zixin accused.

“How can I not? It has been so long that I have defeated you badly in a video game.”

Su Zixin and Xin Mei started to play against each other. They played many rounds of the same game before s.h.i.+fting to the fighting game where they both were in a team.

They teased each other for losing and winning and also high fived for winning the game. They were having their fun.

Su Yuchen felt uncomfortable in his sleep. He ran his arm around the other side of the bed, only to find it cold. Su Yuchen frowned upon finding his wife missing.

He stood up from the bed and went out of the room. He could hear loud shoots from the game room and he knew his wife was there. He entered the room and froze when he saw the scene in front of his eyes.

Xin Mei was laying above Su Zixin!