Handsome CEO'S Bewitching Wife Chapter 132 – He Peed His Pants In Fear!

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Xin Mei felt satisfied after hearing He Ye that they both had sent her gift out of goodwill but then what about the expensive watch which they had sent to her and what about his Romeo act. How could she forgive Su Zixin for playing such a stupid prank with her!

“Su Yuchen, keep holding him. I am coming back in two minutes.”

Xin Mei informed to Su Yuchen before she rushed to her room. She opened the locker and retrieved the jade watch. Her mother had sent the watch with her during the time of her marriage.

“Su Zixin, I respect your benevolence but I can’t keep such an expensive gift from you. So take it back.” Xin Mei pushed the jewellery box to him. “Also, I am ready to pay you for all the expense which you have done to send me the gifts.”

“Xin Mei, I don’t need them back.” Su Zixin gulped and pushed back the jewellery box in the hand of Xin Mei. He was afraid that his brother would see what was inside the small box.

“Besides, I have purchased everything from the money of brother. So as his wife, you don’t need to return me anything.”

“Ok, I will not. But take back this jewellery box. Give it to someone else.” Xin Mei pushed the box in his hand but Su Zixin didn’t take it.

“Keep it, Xin Mei. It’s a gift for you.” Su Zixin spoke with nervousness and glanced at Su Yuchen.

They both started to play push-push with the box. Both of them weren’t ready to accept it. Su Yuchen saw both of them before taking the box from the hand of Xin Mei. “What is it?”

Su Zixin froze and stepped away from his brother.

Su Yuchen opened the box and looked at Su Zixin with a raised brow. He pulled out the watch from the box.

“Su Zixin, isn’t this the same watch which you have forced me to purchase during a bid in Zurich? You said that love of your life loved jades and you wanted to gift something expensive to her?”

Su Yuchen gritted his teeth and glared at his brother. He never thought his brother had a love interest on his wife. Was his fightings with Xin Mei a veil to hide his true feelings for her?

Su Zixin froze when he saw the intensity in the eyes of Su Yuchen. He wasn’t naive to not know his brother was h.e.l.l jealous.

Xin Mei also noted her husband was jealous so she decided to add oil in the fire of his anger.

“Husband, your bother always keep teasing me that he loved me and wanted to marry me. In hill city also he proposed if I can be his girlfriend. Not only that, from last so many months, he was sending me love-filled messages saying I was his Juliet and he, my Romeo.”

Su Zixin cursed when he understood what Xin Mei was trying to do. She was planning his murder from the hand of his brother.

“Husband, he also sent me so many roses and love cards on the sets with signature Romeo. I would have shown you the messages and cards if I hadn’t already disposed of them of.”

Xin Mei and Su Zixin both felt that the temperature of the living room had fallen down in negative. Su Zixin looked at Su Yuchen who was standing stiff. The jewellery box was pressed tight in his fist.

“Brother, I was only kidding with her. I wanted to make her nervous and afraid. Otherwise, I don’t have any feelings for her, I promise.” 

Su Zixin chuckled nervously when Su Yuchen yelled, “Su Zixin, in my office now.”

Su Zixin froze when he heard his brother. “Didn’t you hear me I want to see you in my office.”

Su Zixin nodded his head and rushed towards the office of Su Yuchen. He was remembering all his stars to save him from the fury of his brother.

“Xin Mei, keep this watch with you.” Su Yuchen gave the jewellery box to Xin Mei. “This was purchased for you, so keep it. Think of it as a gift from me.”

Xin Mei nodded her head and took the jewellery box from the hand of Su Yuchen. She didn’t want to become the target of anger of Su Yuchen.

When Su Yuchen made his way towards his office, Xin Mei felt sorry for Su Zixin. She knew her husband was not going to leave him.

‘Have I provoked Su Yuchen in excess?’

Su Zixin entered in the office of Su Yuchen and stood in one corner of his office. His whole body was s.h.i.+vering in fear.

‘Why had I decided to play that Romeo prank with Xin Mei? Why have I told to brother that I wanted that wrist-watch for my love? Why has Xin Mei turned out to be my sister in law?’ he slapped his head again and again. He wanted to cry badly at his ill fate.

He still remembered, once his brother had shown him the portrait of Mian. Su Zixin had praised the beauty of Mian in a hope to b.u.t.ter him. But Su Yuchen had gotten so angry from him that his all allowances were cut and he had to travel in cabs for one month.

Su Zixin froze when Su Yuchen entered in the office. A cold aura was emitting from him. Su Yuchen glared at him and walked towards his brother. He cornered him against the wall, grabbed him from his collar and glared at him.

“Su Zixin, do you love Xin Mei?”

“No.” Su Zixin replied immediately and shook his head. “Brother, I swear I don’t have any love feelings for Xin Mei. I only love to tease her that I love her, but I don’t have any romantic feeling for Xin Mei. I think of her as my sister. She is a little sister to me.” Su Zixin spoke in one breath.

He looked at his brother who was breathing fire.

‘Grandma, save me from your angry Chen!’

“Brother, you know I always wanted a little sister and when I saw Xin Mei for the first time, I found my sister in her. He Ye used to talk about his little cousin and somewhere I also started to see my sister in her.”

“I wanted to become a friend with her but she always ignored me for that Qian Fan. You know how I act if I want to gain the attention of someone. I started to bug Xin Mei and soon started to play pranks with her and one of them was I love her.”

The grip of Su Yuchen around his collar tightened when he heard the word love. Su Zixin choked and looked down at his brother.

“Brother, trust me, I don’t love her. She is a sister to me. You can ask grandma. I have always told her how I have found a sister. Thou, I didn’t tell her name but she knows I have a sister.”

“Then why did you ask me you want a watch for your love?” he spoke angrily.

“Brother, I thought you will not buy it if I told you that I want to buy it for a girl whom I think of like my sister. So, I lied that she is my girl.” Su Zixin looked down.

“And what about Romeo?”

Su Zixin gulped when Su Yuchen pushed his body into him. “How dare of you to send roses and cards for my wife with a signature of Romeo? Don’t you know how possessive I am towards the person whom I love?”

Voice of Su Yuchen held so much anger and possessiveness that Su Zixin peed in his pants in fear!