Forced to Date a Big Shot Chapter 872 – Despicable Means

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Chapter 872: Despicable Means

His words made everyone wary.

How could a superpower organization’s elder be so easy to capture?

Following this, many people appeared around them.

There was the white fatty who had once appeared in Bin City. It was Daybreak… Xue Xi did not know the rest, but she was certain that they were all from the Superhuman Organization!

Ji Silin slowly said, “There aren’t many people in the Superhuman Organization, but every one of them is good at fighting ten people at a time. Do you think this is not enough for today’s fair investigation?!”

The people of the Superhuman Organization were all gathered in the capital to welcome their princess home!

However, Ji Silin understood Xue Xi.

He knew that bringing her away would make her guilty of murder. Hence, despite facing danger, he still came here.

To return her innocence.

Even if she led everyone to unify the world in the future, she would not disappoint her former comrades.

This was the tenderness that Ji Silin felt for Xue Xi.

After so many people from the Superhuman Organization appeared, Fang Yi and Jing Fei’s eyes flickered.

Jing Fei frowned. “Sister Xi, did you really not kill him?”

Xue Xi nodded.

After saying this, she sighed. “I came here to say this. It doesn’t matter if you believe me or not. Now that I’m done, I’m leaving.”

If she dared to come, it was a kind of statement.

A warm feeling surged in Jing Fei’s heart.

However, Fang Yi’s eyes flickered and she sneered. “Xue Xi, this is not how you solve a case. You’re the greatest suspect right now. You must follow us back to be investigated!”

This was indeed the proper procedure.

If Xue Xi was not the target of Fang Yi’s pursuit…

Xue Xi lowered her eyes. “Do you think I’m stupid?”

If she was caught by Fang Yi, she would lose her rationality if she used her special ability. If she did not use it, she would lose her life!

Just as Xue Xi was thinking this, Fang Yi curled her lips.

She smiled and suddenly waved. Someone brought four people out from behind the trees!

Xue Xi’s pupils shrank when she saw the people walking over!

The people who came were none other than her family!

Ye Li and Xue Sheng’s hands were tied behind their backs. The two of them were confused and clearly did not know what had happened.

Song Wenman and Ye Lai were also being restrained by a few espers.

Before Xue Xi could flare up, Jing Fei had already shouted, “Fang Yi, what are you doing?! The matters of espers don’t involve ordinary people!”

The rest also looked at Fang Yi in condemnation.

Fang Yi lowered her eyes. “I’m sorry, everyone. In order to avenge Xiao Zhi, I had no choice but to use this method.”

She took out her gun and aimed it at Ye Li before looking at Xue Xi. “Xue Xi, I know that you guys are formidable, but no matter how fast you guys are, can you be faster than my bullets?!

“If you don’t want your parents to get hurt, you’d better surrender obediently! I guarantee that I’ll just capture you and bring you back to investigate the cause of Xiao Zhi’s death!”

Jing Fei took a step toward her. “Fang Yi, stop!”

“Don’t come over!”

Fang Yi walked to Ye Li and grabbed her arm, aiming the gun at her head. “I’ll kill whoever dares to take a step forward!

“Xue Xi, now it’s your turn to make a choice! Are you going to obediently surrender or watch them die?!”

“Xixi! Go! Don’t worry about us!”

Although Ye Li did not understand what was going on, she still shouted this.