Forced to Date a Big Shot Chapter 809 – Something Is Wrong with Her Brain

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Chapter 809: Something Is Wrong with Her Brain

Old Lady Xue instantly stood up and coughed. She then took a few glances at the gifts and realized that they were all just herbs and ordinary gifts. There were actually no more expensive items?

The old lady’s face darkened. “Son, why did you become so petty after going to the capital? Did the pharmaceutical company in the capital not do well and you lost money?”

The old patriarch instantly chided, “What nonsense are you spouting?”

The old lady pouted. “How am I spouting nonsense? Doesn’t everyone in the capital have a foothold? Haven’t you heard of this saying? In the capital, anyone who drops a quick brick will hit an official above the fifth rank! Boss, if you don’t have anyone, can I introduce you to one?”

The old lady’s words were unpleasant, and the old patriarch continued to scold, “What fifth rank? That’s in the olden days! However, Son, there are really some connections here that can be given to you.”

Xue Sheng thought, What kind of connections do I need?!

Xiang Xiang was his entire network!

Moreover, he did business in an upright manner. Having someone’s backing would only mean that he would not be bullied. After all, he was new to the capital and the people there were more xenophobic.

Xue Sheng said politely, “I have someone. Dad, Mom, don’t worry.”

However, after he said this, Old Lady Xue did not relent. “Who is it? Who can you have? The G.o.d of Fortune Group? Let me tell you, no matter how formidable the G.o.d of Fortune Group is, it’s still only in the business world. The person I’ll introduce to you is amazing!”

Xue Sheng frowned. “There’s really no need.”

The old patriarch said, “Listen first. Your mother doesn’t have any ill intentions this time.”

The old patriarch wanted the two families to be tied together for benefits again. After this, the old patriarch would not abandon his son in the future.

Otherwise, when he and his wife were gone, Xue Gui and Liu Yiqiu would make the company close down immediately!

Xue Sheng clenched his jaw.

Seeing this, Old Lady Xue slowly sat on the sofa. “The person I’ll introduce to you can help you open up doors to any organization. No matter what you do, you won’t be stopped. Moreover, he can guarantee that you won’t be bullied! This kind of connection is very formidable. Are you sure you don’t want it?”

Xue Sheng: “?”

He asked curiously, “Who is it?”

The old lady perked up. “Do you know the special department? Yaoyao found a boyfriend from there this time. It’s Mr. Lu from the special department. Let me tell you, I heard from Yaoyao that when the special department does things, all the departments have to give way! If he supports you, you can do anything in the future!”

Xue Sheng had never heard of this department and was stunned. “Special department?”

However, he did not think that that was really the case. Didn’t all departments have to listen to someone?

Speaking of which, the real benefit that Xiao Xiang as a son-in-law gave him was that he knew someone!

Xue Sheng waved his hand. “What special department? I’ve never heard of it. Mom, don’t be cheated!”

Old Lady Xue was instantly furious. “What do you mean by being cheated? Didn’t I just say that Yaoyao’s boyfriend is stronger than this fool? You just won’t accept it. He is indeed very formidable! Moreover, I heard that the headquarters of the special department is in the capital!”

Xue Sheng looked at Xiang Huai. “I’ve never heard of such a department. Xiao Xiang, you’re from the capital. Tell me, is there really such a department?”

Everyone turned to look at Xiang Huai.

Old Lady Xue also looked at him.

Xue Xi also looked at him and saw Xiang Huai rub his nose and cough. “Father-in-law, there really is.”

Xue Sheng: “?”

The old lady was instantly overjoyed. “See, I knew it. This department is especially formidable. Son, do you believe me now?”

Xue Sheng: “…”

He found it a little unbelievable and could not help but comment, “What special department? Just hearing the name makes me feel strange. What do they care? Why do I feel that it’s so strange? Is the leader who established the special department stupid?”

The moment he said this, Old Lady Xue immediately scolded, “What are you saying? Why can’t they have this department? Also, you don’t know anything and are criticizing their leader here. Be careful not to be overheard!”


Xiang Huai chuckled. It interrupted the old lady, making her frown at him. “What are you laughing at? Am I wrong? The leader of the special department must be especially formidable! If you guys criticize him behind his back and are heard, the consequences will be unimaginable!”

Xiang Huai slowly said, “It’s fine.”

He looked up and said calmly, “Father-in-law is right. This son-in-law was only cheated into taking over that department.”