Forced to Date a Big Shot Chapter 792 – Raising Her Like a Princess

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Chapter 792: Raising Her Like a Princess

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Xiang Huai pointed at one of the inconspicuous abstract paintings. “This was drawn by x.x.x.”

Seeing that Xue Xi was not knowledgeable of people’s names, he explained it another way. “This painting was auctioned off at a high price of 20 million yuan 20 years ago.”

Xue Xi: “!!!!”

Twenty million?

That could buy 200 orphanages!

The corners of her lips twitched as Xiang Huai pointed at another painting. “This painting is also worth tens of millions. Moreover, a wealthy person once said that he was willing to spend 50 million to buy this painting, hoping that the owner would sell it to him.”


Xue Xi widened her eyes and followed Xiang Huai from one end of the corridor to the other. As she listened to Xiang Huai explain the value of the ordinary-looking paintings hanging on the wall, she felt that it was unbelievable.

That lousy painting was actually worth tens of millions?

Xiang Huai clicked his tongue.

Any painting here could be placed in a museum.

Perhaps only the G.o.d of Fortune Group could raise children in such a luxurious way!

No wonder the little kid was never surprised no matter what she saw. Moreover, she knew a lot of things. Although she looked pitiful when mentioning that she was in an orphanage, she was completely raised as a princess, wasn’t she?

When he reached Xue Xi’s room, he looked inside.

No one else seemed to have stayed in this room after Xue Xi left. It was still the same as before. It was a suite, and while the mattress looked ordinary, it was the highest-level custom-made mattress in the world.

That small sofa looked worn, but it was actually made of real leather. It was very comfortable to sit on.

Xiang Huai: “!”

At this moment, hurried footsteps came from outside. Following that, a gentle voice sounded. “Xixi, you’re back?”

Xue Xi turned around and saw the gentle directress of the orphanage standing at the door, smiling at her with surprise in her eyes.

Xue Xi was happy to see her old friend and nodded.

The directress immediately said, “Have you had lunch? You came back just in time! Do you still remember the uncle in the canteen? He’d originally resigned, but he came back to settle some matters today. When he heard that you were here, he went to the canteen to cook for you. You’re really blessed. Let’s go eat!”

Xue Xi, who had originally intended to reject the offer, nodded when she heard her mention Uncle Fan.

Xiang Huai followed behind Xue Xi.

The directress was stunned when she saw him. “Xixi, this is?”

Xue Xi explained, “My boyfriend, Xiang Huai.”

Xiang Huai greeted the directress and carefully sized her up before asking, “Directress, I want to know, under what circ.u.mstances was Xixi sent here back then?”

When the directress heard this, her smile froze.

Then, she looked at Xiang Huai and Xue Xi and sighed. “I knew that you would ask this question sooner or later! Let’s go. Uncle Fan has prepared food for you. We’ll chat while eating.”

The two of them nodded.

When they entered the canteen, the rest had finished eating.

A middle-aged man in a white chef’s uniform was currently wiping his hands with a white towel. At the same time, he walked out of the kitchen. “Xixi, you’re back? Come, I made your favorite mushroom scrambled eggs!”

Following that, he served plates of food.

The corners of Xiang Huai’s lips twitched when he saw the “mushroom scrambled eggs.”

Just mushroom? This was clearly matsutake mushrooms… and the quality was very good. This plate could fetch more than ten thousand yuan.

He could not help but size up his surroundings.

This orphanage looked old and dilapidated. One could a.s.sume that Xue Xi had suffered a lot growing up here. However, the food she ate and the utensils she used were all fit for a princess, weren’t they?

Xiang Huai had originally thought that it might be the Xue family’s doing, that they had stolen the little kid from a young age and thrown her here. But from the looks of it…

Did the Xue family even have this much capability?

He could not help but look solemn as he looked at the directress. “Directress, can you speak now? What exactly is going on?”

Xue Xi also turned to look at the directress.