Forced to Date a Big Shot Chapter 749 – I'm Going to Destroy Your House!

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Chapter 749: I’m Going to Destroy Your House!

Qian Zheng knelt at the door and the snow fell on her. There was a thick layer on her shoulders.

She was completely frozen, and the temperature on her body could not melt the snow. Even her eyebrows were covered by the snow, and her entire body was white.

Xue Xi froze when she saw this.

She had thought that Qian Zheng would look for Fang Yi to help, but she did not expect to see such a scene after coming here.

How much could a person do for their lover?

Being humble to someone she hated was already the best Xue Xi could think of!

But this right now, this was clearly a humiliation!

Qian Zheng had thrown away all her dignity for Fu Yuanxiu!

While Xue Xi stopped, Qian Xin had already rushed over. However, when he reached Qian Zheng, he did not dare to touch her. It was as though he was afraid that if he did, Qian Zheng would break apart like a snowman.

His lips trembled as he called softly, “Zhengzheng?”

Qian Zheng seemed to have heard something. Her eyelashes trembled slightly, and when he realized that she was still breathing, Qian Xin instantly heaved a sigh of relief. Immediately, he could not help but shout, “What are you doing?”

Qian Zheng moved her mouth and wanted to speak, but she could no longer speak. Even her lips seemed to be frozen.

Qian Xin followed her gaze and looked at the house in front of him.

This was Fang Yi’s villa.

Qian Xin suddenly understood something. “You… You came here to beg Fang Yi to save Fu Yuanxiu?”

Qian Zheng could not nod and could only blink her eyes.

Qian Xin instantly felt a gush of blood rush to his throat. For a moment, he actually did not know what to say, who’s to blame, and whom to vent this anger on!

He wanted to scold Qian Zheng for being cheap. The man had already clearly stated that he did not love her, yet she was still seeking humiliation here!

However, his sister was already in such a state. How could he bear to blame her?

All his anger rushed toward—

Qian Xin suppressed his anger first and took off his jacket. He placed the jacket that was wrapped in his warmth on his sister and wanted to help her stand up, but he realized that Qian Zheng had already frozen and could not move.

At this moment, Xue Xi had already moved forward. She hurriedly took off her down jacket and wrapped it around Qian Zheng’s leg injury. She rubbed her leg with her warm hands, wanting her to warm up quickly.

After all, Qian Xin and Qian Zheng were of different genders. Seeing Xue Xi do this, he turned around and rushed to Fang Yi’s door. He reached out and knocked on the door!

All the members of the special department lived nearby. They were also taking care of each other.

Qian Xin used so much force that very soon, people from the other special departments walked out and craned their necks to look over. They did not know what had happened.

Qian Xin roared, “Fang Yi, come out!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The door was knocked on again.

Fang Yi could no longer pretend to be fine. Hence, she opened the door and seemed to have been sleeping. She looked confused and was still wrapped in thick pajamas. When she saw Qian Xin, she even pretended to be innocent. “Qian Xin? What’s wrong? What are you doing so late at night?”

Qian Xin gritted his teeth in anger and pointed at Qian Zheng, who was in Xue Xi’s arms. “What’s wrong with you asking me that? I wanted to ask you! We’re all from the same department. Why are you treating my sister like this?!”

He grabbed Fang Yi’s collar and made her tiptoe. “Qian Xin, what are you doing? Let go of me. I’m telling you, don’t be rash. This is not any other place. It’s the special department!”

Qian Xin did not let go at all. His eyes seemed to want to kill. “If you don’t give me an explanation today, I’ll tear down your house. Do you believe me?!”

The people from the special department surrounded them and pointed at them. “What happened?”

“Is that Qian Xin’s sister? Why is she kneeling there and freezing?!”


Someone also took a step forward and pulled Qian Xin. “Qian Xin, don’t be rash. Let’s talk things out! Everyone saw what happened today. Fang Yi will definitely give you an explanation!”

Most of the people in the special department had special abilities. People who were different from others since they were young would always have a sense of superiority.

Hence, everyone had their own pride.

Fang Yi’s special power was healing, and it did not conflict with their combat abilities. Moreover, no one could guarantee that they would not be injured, so everyone respected Fang Yi more.

As for the special department, it was a place that emphasized seniority and relations.h.i.+ps.

Between Fang Yi and the newcomer, Xue Xi, everyone would definitely favor Fang Yi more. However, between Qian Xin and Fang Yi, the two were equally important to them!

Everyone understood that their salaries, houses, and cars were all given to them by Qian Xin. Moreover, Qian Xin and Fang Yi had been in the special department for almost the same length of time and were equally experienced!

Hence, when they saw Qian Xin’s sister like this, everyone also felt uncomfortable. They adhered to the principle of fairness and looked at Fang Yi questioningly.

Originally, it was Fang Yi’s freedom to not treat others.

However, with so many colleagues looking at her, Fang Yi could not say anything too cold-blooded. Her eyes darted around and she looked at Qian Zheng. She widened her eyes in shock. “Qian Zheng? Why are you here? Why haven’t you left?”

She looked at Qian Xin innocently and said helplessly and apologetically, “Sorry, she just begged me to save an ordinary person. I didn’t agree and rejected her. She clearly left. When did she kneel in front of my door? I really didn’t know!

“Ms. Qian, saving people really depends on fate. It’s not as simple as you think. Moreover, why didn’t you say anything? Everyone, don’t just stand here and watch. Hurry up and go into the house to warm up! You’re going to freeze!”

Fang Yi’s anxious expression did not seem fake. The only person who knew the truth, Qian Zheng, was already frozen and could not speak.

Everyone did not know whom to believe.

The person who had just spoken was considered one of the older people in the special department. Hence, after pondering for a moment, he said, “Qian Xin, why don’t we go in first and let your sister warm up? Otherwise, it would be terrible if someone really died. When your sister has calmed down, we’ll continue. Anyway, we can’t let your sister suffer today.”

Qian Xin looked at Qian Zheng again. Xue Xi had rubbed her legs for a long time, but Qian Zheng still did not react.

Helpless, Qian Xin could only nod.

The group entered Fang Yi’s villa.

This was a three-story villa. Qian Xin carried Qian Zheng and placed her on the sofa. Her legs could move slightly now, but they were still curled up and could not be stretched. She was clearly frozen.

After Xue Xi entered, she searched the room and rushed into the kitchen to get a cup of hot water. She intended to let Qian Zheng drink it to warm up.

Unfortunately, Qian Zheng’s entire body was trembling. She took a sip and looked very pathetic.

When he saw her like this, Qian Xin’s eyes turned red. He looked at Fang Yi. “Let’s not talk about saving others first. Save her first!”

Fang Yi paused and hesitated. “Your sister is an ordinary person. You know how I treat ordinary people. Now…”

Qian Xin immediately pointed at himself. “I’ll do it!”

Fang Yi paused and asked hesitantly, “Are… are you sure?”

Qian Xin nodded. “Cut the c.r.a.p. Hurry up!”

As Xue Xi took care of Qian Zheng, she listened to the two of them and felt that she could not understand them. At this moment, the person who had followed them in saw her confused expression and took the initiative to explain to her. “Fang Yi’s special power is healing. You should also know that there are restrictions to her treatment. Firstly, she can only treat the parts that were directly injured by an esper. There are indeed some that can’t be treated. For example, if an esper lit a fire, the fire would burn on a piece of wood or other places. But if that fire spread to other places and burned people, there would be no treatment.”

Xue Xi nodded.

Last time, when they mentioned Fang Yi’s special power and they asked her to help save the three people who could not speak after Qin Shuang muted them, Jing Fei and Zheng Zhi had already explained it to her.

Then what is this now?

That person continued, “Fang Yi can also treat ordinary people, but this has a drawback. Because she’s actually not treating illnesses at all but just transferring the injuries and illnesses.”

Transferring the injury?

Xue Xi suddenly understood something. So what Qian Xin meant was for Fang Yi to transfer Qian Zheng’s frostbite to Qian Xin?

She frowned. Just as she was thinking this, she heard the person say, “However, there is also a condition for transferring injuries. The person who is receiving them must be an esper.”

Must be an esper…

This request was a little high! After all, there were only a few thousand espers in this world, and there were only a thousand in China!

Seeing that Xue Xi had already understood, the person said, “Hence, Fang Yi has to control the number of people who get treated. Moreover, they have to apply to the special department for it. The death row prisoners in our prisons will not be sentenced to death. They will be used as vessels for these illnesses.”

Minor illnesses and small disasters, such as blindness, could be transferred to a death-row criminal. And a death-row criminal could also be a receiver many times.

However, cancer like the one Fu Yuanxiu had probably needed an esper who was about to die!

This was difficult.

Xue Xi frowned and looked at Fang Yi. Under Qian Xin’s urging, Fang Yi had already walked toward Qian Xin and Qian Zheng. She held Qian Zheng’s hand with one hand and held Qian Xin with the other.

In just five seconds, a wisp of cold air slowly moved from Qian Zheng to Qian Xin.

Qian Zheng’s frozen white eyebrows gradually melted and turned black. Her face improved, and even her frozen body slowly recovered.

At the same time, Qian Xin’s body stiffened.

Although he was cold, he was still a hot-blooded man. He was also wearing thick clothes. When Qian Zheng had completely recovered, Qian Xin was only a little stiff. He did not look like Qian Zheng did, like she was about to die.

After the injury had been transferred, Fang Yi let go.

Just as she let go, Qian Zheng opened her eyes and returned to normal. Before she could speak, the frozen Qian Xin worked his frozen tongue and said, “Zhengzheng, tell me, why were you kneeling outside the door?”