Forced to Date a Big Shot Chapter 542 – Sign Language~

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Chapter 542: Sign Language~

The crowd was in an uproar.

After a moment of silence, the comments exploded:

“If I’m not wrong, it was Zhan Busi who asked who Master Zhou was going to visit, and then this Teacher Xia pointed at Sister Xi, right? Why do I not dare to think about what this means?”

“Oh my G.o.d, I suddenly feel like she can do it again!”

“—Ah ah ah ah ah, what kind of G.o.dly person did the program team invite!”

Xu Xinyao’s fans:

“—I must have thought wrong.”

“—How is that possible? Why would Master Zhou visit such a young person?”

“Could it be that this Sister Xi is a very important person?”

“Maybe not. Maybe Xia Yiyi and Sister Xi know each other and are real friends? That’s why she’s so excited.”

“—Aiyo, some people’s fans are really too brilliant when given a little suns.h.i.+ne. After all, Xia Yiyi doesn’t know how to speak. What if it’s a misunderstanding? Now they’re being so smug and arrogant. Aren’t they afraid of being slapped in the face later?”

The production team’s room suddenly became quiet.

After Xia Yiyi pointed at Xue Xi, she began to speak in sign language. “Sister Xi, long time no see. I’ve missed you so much. My master misses you too. He said that he recently had a new inspiration and wrote a music score. He wants to try to play it for you!”

Xue Xi also extended her hand and replied in sign language, “Sure. When is he coming?”

Xia Yiyi continued signing excitedly, “That’s not it. I didn’t tell Zhan Busi the truth just now. Master is here to settle down. We are going to stay in the Capital together. I got into the Capital Music Academy. Master plans to stay with me and teach me in the Capital. But because too many people want to look for Master, he won’t let them know.”

Xue Xi found it funny. She did not expect Little Mute to lie. How cute.

She smiled and nodded. “Then you can look for me at my house next weekend.”

Xia Yiyi nodded repeatedly.

The comments praised Xue Xi again.

“Oh my G.o.d, I’ve become a fan of this straight-A student. What kind of G.o.dly person is she? She actually knows how to use sign language!”

“——Is this straight-A student super quick at learning everything? She can even learn something so obscure like sign language! Ah ah ah, what kind of little fairy is she! I love her!”

“—Honey, please look at me, your husband is right here!”

“Sister Xi, are you in need of a boyfriend?”

A certain man in the capital was finally jealous.

He wished he could hide his little one. He felt a sense of danger whenever so many people saw her.

Besides, people nowadays were too unrestrained. How could some guy call her his wife right from the start?

A certain someone picked up his phone and turned on his computer. He wrote a program that flooded the screen. Hence, a large number of comments suddenly appeared on Qin Shuang’s live-stream.

“Sister Xi already has someone. She loves her boyfriend so much that she’ll die if she leaves him!”

“Sister Xi already has someone. She loves her boyfriend so much that she’ll die if she leaves him!”

“Sister Xi already has someone. She loves her boyfriend so much that she’ll die if she leaves him!”

The rest of the commenters: “…”

Xu Xinyao’s fans were still questioning her.

“—What are the two of them talking about? Could it be that this Sister Xi is planning to get Xia Yiyi to let her in through the back door and is begging for mercy because they know each other?”

“—Very likely! I don’t think it’s strange that these two people know each other. After all, outstanding people only know how to be friends with outstanding people. But if Sister Xi is also very good at playing the piano, then why would Master Zhou take Xia Yiyi as his disciple and not Sister Xi?”

“—The commenter above is right! So, there’s only one possibility. This Sister Xi is less skilled than Xia Yiyi. Playing the piano well requires a lot of practice time. How could a straight-A student have the time! Is Xia Yiyi planning to introduce Sister Xi to Master Zhou?”

In the program team’s room.

Qin Shuang watched as the two of them chatted happily. Xia Yiyi’s a.s.sistant walked up to them and said in a low voice, “Miss, this is a live broadcast. Although there aren’t many people in this room who can use sign language, there are still other people watching the live broadcast.”

So, you just said that Teacher Zhou would settle down in the capital and you did not want to let anyone know that you were lying to Zhan Busi. But now, the entire country knows about it!

The a.s.sistant rubbed his forehead.

Xia Yiyi: “?”

Xue Xi: “?”

One of them was timid, and her eyes were as innocent as a deer’s. The other had a blank look in her eyes. It was obvious that she rarely live-streamed and did not know some of the rules of the entertainment industry.

One was a pretty girl from a humble family while the other was gorgeous. Both of them looked at the a.s.sistant simultaneously, and the camera happened to reach the a.s.sistant’s position. This scene was immediately reflected in the audience’s eyes.

Hence, the commenters on Qin Shuang’s live-stream started laughing.


[Ah ah ah ah, what to do, these two are so cute! Although they are not from the training camp, I feel like carrying them home!]

“—I’m not like the previous commenter. I want to carry all three home.”

“—This is too funny. Xia Yiyi and Sister Xi were signing to each other and thought no one would understand. They didn’t expect this to be a live-stream, hahahaha!”

Xu Xinyao, who was in the room, also laughed. She then stared at Xue Xi and asked, “So Ms. Xia and Xue Xi know each other as well. However, I don’t know what you guys were talking about just now. Xue Xi clearly knows how to sign, but why did you have to use sign language? Were you talking about things that we can’t listen to?”

In other words, she was implying: Are you guys plotting things behind our backs and behind the production team’s back? For example, did Xue Xi invite Xia Yiyi to help them get a point?

Xia Yiyi nodded.

Xue Xi also said, “Yes, I can’t tell you what I said just now.”

The a.s.sistant beside them: “…”

Hey guys, don’t you know that live broadcasts can be replayed?

It could also be screenshotted and played separately!

Do you think you can really keep it a secret if you don’t say it?

Xu Xinyao narrowed her eyes. “Why can’t you tell us? Could it be that you have some secret that others can’t know?”

Every word was directed at them.

Xue Xi narrowed her eyes and looked at her.

Meanwhile, Xu Xinyao’s fans were getting aggressive.

“—This show is so unfair. They can actually secretly sign to each other. I’m drunk.”

“—What kind of guests did the show invite? Why are they all familiar faces? This is too strange.”

“—It has already been recorded. I’ve just sent a portion of the hand signs to my friends who know sign language. I’ll wait for my friends to translate it. Let’s see what conspiracy they’re talking about!”

“—They were talking about something secret. I’ve got a mute little girl next to me. She translated for me. I’ll ring everyone up right away.”

‘Hurry up, I can’t wait to find out!’


As everyone was calling out, the interpreter arrived.