Forced to Date a Big Shot Chapter 530 – Brother Chen!!

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Chapter 530: Brother Chen!!

The next day.

At the production set, in the director’s office, the a.s.sistant director asked sternly, “You want to take leave?”

Qin Shuang nodded. “Yes.”

The a.s.sistant director frowned. “Don’t you know that before entering the training camp, you signed an agreement that you are not allowed to take leave for no reason? Can you tell me the reason for your leave?”

Qin Shuang looked at the a.s.sistant director and sighed. “Some personal reasons.”

The a.s.sistant director frowned. “No.”

Qin Shuang said, “I have to apply for this leave.”

She had been lying in bed the entire night and could not fall asleep no matter how hard she tried. That photo had repeatedly appeared in front of her, and his features were all that of Brother Chen.

She could not help but think of the time in Bin City—

Her twin sister, Qin Lu, bullied her in all kinds of ways. Qin Shuang had a straightforward personality and did not know how to be roundabout. When she was being bullied by Qin Lu, she pushed back at her.

Her parents rushed in and saw the injury on Qin Lu’s leg. They threatened to beat her up and break her leg.

Qin Shuang ran away from home in shock.

A 15-year-old girl was walking on the streets, penniless and hungry. The sky was dark and she was s.h.i.+vering in the alley. She was even stopped by a group of hooligans.

At that time, she experienced the greatest loss and helplessness in the world.

It was at that time that she heard Brother Chen’s voice. “A group of people bullying a little girl. Don’t you find it embarra.s.sing?”

The hooligans moved away.

She looked up and saw the unruly red-haired teenager with a rebellious-looking face.

He had a piece of gra.s.s in his mouth and his hands were in his pockets.

After saying this, he went forward and kicked the hooligans away. At that time, Qin Shuang felt very insecure. Hence, she stood up and followed behind him.

Flame Number One jumped out. “Hey, isn’t this someone from the Qin family? Why? Do you want to join our Roaring Flame Society?”

Bin City was very small compared to the capital.

Everyone in Bin City knew each other.

Qin Shuang had long heard of the Roaring Flame Society. Her family had also repeatedly stated that they were not allowed to join and that they should run far away if they saw them.

In their hearts, the Roaring Flame Society was like a group of demons.

But at this moment, she felt that the Roaring Flame Society wasn’t that bad.

She nodded, then dyed her hair red.

She did not dare to go home for fear that her legs would be broken.

It was the youngster who’d personally sent her back. When they reached the door, he threw the gra.s.s in his mouth onto the ground and said arrogantly to Mr. and Mrs. Qin, who had rushed out after hearing that she was back, “If you dare to break her legs, I’ll break yours. Do you believe me?”

‘Do you believe me?’

‘I don’t believe in you breaking our legs.’

However, Devil Gao had an overprotective grandfather. Grandpa Gao would definitely make the Qin family suffer.

From then on, the Roaring Flame Society became Qin Shuang’s protective talisman.

Later, Qin Shuang silently asked Flame Number One what she needed to do for the Roaring Flame Society.

After all, it seemed a little too good of a deal to just be protected by these redheads.

Flame Number One laughed out loud and said that her only mission was to make Brother Chen happy.

How to make Brother Chen happy?

As long as she followed behind Gao Yanchen, they could eat, drink, and play together.

Everyone said that he had a bad temper and would explode, but after being in the Roaring Flame Society for so long, Qin Shuang knew that Gao Yanchen rarely lost his temper.

Although it was scary when he lost his temper occasionally.

Qin Shuang, who had been sheltered for many years, had been forced by Flame Number One to cut her hair when she left the Roaring Flame Society. However, she had never felt resentment.

Back then, she knew that it was all her fault. She should not have betrayed the Roaring Flame Society.

All these years, Qin Shuang had always wanted to do something for Brother Chen. She always felt that she owed him a huge favor, so after seeing that photo, Qin Shuang wanted to confirm if that person was Brother Chen.

She could not wait another day.

The a.s.sistant director said angrily, “You have to take leave? We can’t detain you, but if you dare to take a step out of the training camp, we’ll kick you out!”

Coincidentally, the production team was racking their brains on to get Xu Xinyao into first place.

Although Qin Shuang often got talked about, her presence on the show would make everyone awkward.

If they seized the opportunity to chase her away, Xu Xinyao’s position would basically be secured.

When Qin Shuang heard this, she froze on the spot.

After hesitating for a while, she made a decision. “Then…”

“Then you’ll also have to chase me away.”

Suddenly, a charming voice was heard. Shortly after, Cen Bai’s handsome figure walked in. Under his peach blossom-shaped eyes, the mole under his eye shone with coldness. “I want to apply for leave too.”

The a.s.sistant director was speechless.

The a.s.sistant director was stunned. “Teacher Bai, what are you saying?”

Once “The Most Beautiful Girl” was broadcasted, it became a hot topic and almost broke 3% in the viewers.h.i.+p ratings for every episode. This was an impressive figure for variety shows.

And the source of this data was Cen Bai.

A king was a king.

They could chase anyone else away, but never Cen Bai!

Cen Bai raised his eyebrows. “Doesn’t the program team’s request mean that I’ll also be chased away after applying for leave? Although I’m a mentor, I still have to follow the program team’s rules.”

The a.s.sistant director hurriedly said, “F*ck, the rules are dead, and people are alive. If you’re locked up here for three months and don’t go out, anyone can encounter an emergency.”

The a.s.sistant director glanced at Qin Shuang before looking at Cen Bai. “Alright, you can apply for leave today and we’ll approve your request. Teacher Bai, will a day be fine?”

Cen Bai looked at Qin Shuang and raised his eyebrows. “Is a day okay?”

Qin Shuang: “…It’s alright.”

Cen Bai said, “Okay, then we’ll be back tonight.”

The a.s.sistant director: “…”

After the two of them left, the production team exploded. Someone carefully raised a possibility. “Back then, when Teacher Bai took the initiative to contact us and asked if we had need of a mentor, we found it suspicious that such a small variety show would attract Teacher Bai’s attention. Now, it looks like Teacher Bai came for Qin Shuang’s sake, doesn’t it?”

Her words silenced the entire studio.

The a.s.sistant director suddenly said, “Gather everyone and let’s have a meeting! I reckon there will be a last-minute change in the positions!”

On the way to Huaxia University…

Cen Bai drove personally. He wore a cap and a mask as he asked, “Are you saying that your friend might not be dead?”

Qin Shuang nodded. “It shouldn’t be possible, but I think it’s him! Brother Chen has a small habit. When he’s thinking about things, he likes to have a straw hanging from his mouth.”

The person in the photo was looking at her. Although he wasn’t holding a piece of gra.s.s in his mouth, his mouth had subconsciously curled up as if he was looking for something.

Cen Bai was even more puzzled. “If he’s not dead, why didn’t he come to find you? Besides, if he’s at Huaxia University, does Sister Xi know?”

Does Sister Xi know?

Qin Shuang did not know, so she wanted to go to Huaxia University to clarify things.

From Qin Shuang’s point of view, she did not know the truth of what happened back then. She only knew that a murderer had escaped to Mount Bin and kidnapped a cla.s.smate. Brother Chen fell into the valley to save others and perished together with the murderer.


What if Brother Chen lost his memory?

Otherwise, why didn’t he come to find them?

Brother Chen…

Qin Shuang thought for a moment before picking up her phone and sending the photo to Flame Number One. “Look, is this person Brother Chen?”

Flame Number One had followed Brother Chen even longer than her, so he was definitely more familiar with him.

After she sent the photo over, Flame Number One called. “Where did you take the photo?”

Qin Shuang said, “Huaxia University.”

Flame Number One: “I’ll be right there.”

Qin Shuang nodded. “Alright.

After hanging up, Flame Number One thought about it and sent the photo to Feng Yan.

Cen Bai’s car was parked in the parking lot outside Huaxia University.

The two of them got out of the car and walked towards the university.

Qin Shuang and Cen Bai looked like university students, so the guard did not stop them. After the two of them entered the university, Cen Bai asked, “Aren’t you going to tell Sister Xi?”

Qin Shuang sighed. “I’m afraid Sister Xi will be disappointed again.”

If this person was really Brother Chen, then everything would be fine and everyone would be happy.

But what if it wasn’t?

Based on Sister Xi’s personality, it would be harder to accept, right?

Qin Shuang said, “Let’s go take a look first and greet him.”

Cen Bai nodded. “Okay.”

Huaxia University.

Qin Shuang and Cen Bai arrived at the basketball court.

They took the photo and quickly asked who this person was.

He Gao was handsome and good at basketball. He was definitely an influential figure among the freshmen. They soon found him and found out that he was playing basketball.

Qin Shuang’s eyes were fixed on the figure on the basketball court.

The boy was more composed than Brother Chen. He was not as arrogant and domineering as before, but he could not hide the wildness in his eyes.

The boy’s black hair was neat, unlike Brother Chen’s red hair.

They were too alike.

If He Gao wasn’t Gao Yanchen, then these two people were too similar.

Qin Shuang’s eyes turned red.

Her hands were trembling slightly.

After a while, she heard footsteps behind her. Qin Shuang turned around and saw a red-haired Flame Number One coming over.

The two of them looked at each other. Flame Number One’s gaze followed Qin Shuang’s gaze to He Gao.

Flame Number One’s pupils shrank. He suddenly squatted down and cried like a child.

It was just a glance, just a back view.

There was no mistake.

This was because Flame Number One had been following him ever since he was thirteen.


On the field, He Gao sank a ball, and cheers erupted around him.

The girls were still shouting his name frantically. “He Gao! He Gao! He Gao!”

His teammates also high-fived He Gao. With He Gao around, the court seemed to always be perfect. He would always be the center of attention.

Just as a smile appeared on He Gao’s face, his teammate suddenly said, “Haha, look at those people over there. It’s so funny. They’re your fans, right? They’re all crying!”

Hearing this, He Gao was stunned. He turned to look at Qin Shuang and Flame Number One.

This glance made him freeze.

Qin Shuang and Flame Number One had already stood up. Their eyes were red as they shouted, “Brother Chen.”

Behind them, Feng Yan rushed over.