Forced to Date a Big Shot Chapter 236 – Girls Don't Only Cry!

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Chapter 236: Girls Don’t Only Cry!

Ever since the members of XH got into a car accident and did not see much improvement after receiving treatment, the investors, endors.e.m.e.nts, live-stream platforms, and so on had all disappeared. There was no more money left in the team.

The original owner was already preparing to sell the club.

After all, the three-time winner of the champions.h.i.+p was quite well-known. At the very least, they could buy a spot to enter the finals. However, everyone knew that if it were up to the owner, they would be fired.

In the entire team, it would probably have been only Feng Yan kept behind.

Later, Feng Yan took out the income he had obtained over the years and shouldered the daily expenses of the team. This also prevented the old boss from selling his team.

Everyone’s hearts had finally calmed down. They were focused on training and wanted to obtain the highest victory. Unfortunately, now that the entire team was declining, it would be very difficult to win.

Feng Yan had tried his best in every round, but he still lost.

When everyone went back to watch the previous compet.i.tion’s operations, they realized how much the four of them had held back Feng Yan. They could not keep up with Feng Yan’s speed.

Gradually, the internet started saying that the XH club was led by Feng Yan alone with four idiots.

Everyone was furious, but they did not know what to do.

Their wrists were injured and they felt powerless.

At this moment, the team was suddenly bought at a high price. With this huge infusion of money, their salary, which they had not received for months, returned to normal.

The entire team appeared to be thriving.

Everyone was very grateful to this new owner, especially when they learned that he was a rich second-generation heir.

However, after being happy for half a day, they heard that the new owner had hired a newbie player for the team.

A newbie!

The current marksman was barely better than a newbie himself; he was indeed unable to keep up with the four seniors. When he heard that a new marksman was coming, he was originally relieved.

However, he suddenly heard that the shooter was a student! And a girl!

He was instantly stunned.

What does this mean? Why is the new owner doing this?!

Everyone’s hearts were in their throats.

After playing it for so many years, they had already developed feelings for the game POG. Although it was said that there was no hope of winning this year’s champion, everyone did not want to fall further.

Yet when he saw this young lady earlier…

The young lady was exceptionally beautiful. She was personally sent over by the new owner, and it was obvious that she was pampered.

Moreover, she had brought only two bags of items. Someone stole a glance and realized that one of them was filled with books!

After the current marksman said that, the middle lane Mage from XH also said, “I think it’s better for you to do some exercise questions and study. Don’t join our battle team or get involved.”

The person-in-charge could not help but speak to Gao Yanchen, who had just entered. “Mr. Gao, there is no precedent for girls playing eSports in the country. If you really want her to join, why don’t you just let her play support? The position of the marksman is too important. You can’t treat it as child’s play!”

While they were talking, Xue Xi was already sitting in front of the computer.

Usually, they played the mobile version of the game, but the version used for compet.i.tions was the one for computers, which was more complicated. However, the way the PC version of the game was played was the same as the mobile version.

Although Xue Xi had never played it on the computer, Gao Yanchen and Feng Yan were exceptionally confident in her.

Xue Xi looked up at Feng Yan and asked, “How do you press these keys?”

The few people in XH looked at each other.

The marksman or shooter exclaimed, “You… You’ve never played this game before?”

Xue Xi said, “I’ve only played it on my phone before.”

Shooter: “!”

Everyone looked at Feng Yan and shouted in unison, “Captain, this is too much!”

“Are you trying to make us lose even worse?!”

“The mobile game is just child’s play. The PC version is ten times more complicated than the mobile game!”

Faced with everyone’s doubts, Feng Yan calmly said, “Solo!”

After saying this, he explained to Xue Xi what the keys on the keyboard represent on the few keys on the game screen.

Xue Xi memorized it after listening to him.

After she logged into her account, everyone realized that this account had only played for more than a month!

The shooter was younger and spoke very straightforwardly. “Like this, I can beat her even with my eyes closed!”

“Let’s go easy later. What if she cries?”

“A girl’s tear is a sharp weapon, right? Does it matter if she cries when she’s at the compet.i.tion venue? Will the other party’s heart soften when she cries?”

Xue Xi turned a deaf ear to these mockeries.

She was at most familiar with the interface on the computer screen. It was indeed different from the one on the phone and she still needed to get used to it. Seeing that she was studying the screen seriously and did not even retort, the professional players gradually shut their mouths.

After all, everyone was anxious for the sake of the team. They did not really want to be attacked personally.

In the silence, the shooter sneered. “Should I give you half a day’s time to memorize the keys?”

Upon hearing this, Xue Xi looked up and said slowly, “No need. Let’s get to know each other more during the solo compet.i.tion.”

Shooter: “?”

The marksman was so angry that he laughed. “Fine, you really don’t know the immensity of the heavens and earth. Stop bragging here!”

He entered the game and added Xue Xi as a friend. Xue Xi had also changed her name: XH, Learn.

When the two of them entered the game interface, Xue Xi moved her mouse and controlled the character to move forward. The character in her game interface was stiff as she moved.

Just as she reached the center, she saw the opponent heading straight for her tower.

Xue Xi instinctively pressed her attack.

A killing sound instantly sounded in the game:

XH, Learn killed XH, Xiao Kai!

Stunned, Xue Xi turned to look at the person beside her, only to see the shooter smirking coldly. “We agreed that I’ll give you a head start. After this, I’ll have to play well! When you’re being pressed to the ground and rubbed, don’t say that I didn’t warn you~”

After saying that, the shooter revived and started attacking again!

After the two met, the shooter threw a set of skills at her. Xue Xi controlled the character in the game and moved to the side to avoid the first set.

Xue Xi, who was playing games, suddenly turned to look at the keyboard of the shooter next to her.

The shooter quickly pressed a connect b.u.t.ton on the keyboard. The shooter in the game also threw a set of skills at Xue Xi!

As Xue Xi looked at his screen, she controlled her displacement and dodged his attack again.

After studying it twice, Xue Xi remembered the sequence of the combo and finally looked at her screen.

The shooter at the side shouted impatiently, “Why are you hiding? If you have the guts, fight head-on! In what way are you fighting solo if you run like this?!”

The rest seemed to be comforting her, but they were actually mocking her. “Don’t worry. How can you be so irritable when playing games with girls?!”

The shooter shouted, “Do you need mercy? Shall I give you a bigger head start?!”

Xue Xi’s expression turned serious as she said, “No need. Let’s go.”