Forced to Date a Big Shot Chapter 136 – He Is Here for a Painting!

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Chapter 136: He Is Here for a Painting!

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Time pa.s.sed by so quickly.

The entire day’s lessons were over very quickly. Xue Xi then used the self-study cla.s.s to finish her homework. After school, all she stuffed into her bag was an English professional vocabulary book that she could read on the way to the auction.

The charity banquet was being held in a six-star high-end hotel in Bin City. By the time Xue Xi came, many people had arrived.

Xue Xi followed Ye Li. Just as she alighted and was about to enter, she heard a voice. “Sister-in-law!”

Liu Yiqiu walked over from the side. She was dressed up like a n.o.ble lady and was supporting Old Lady Xue. When she walked over, Liu Yiqiu complained, “Sister-in-law, although we’re separated, we’re still relatives. Why did I get stopped when I went to your neighborhood? I can only wait for you guys here.”

Ye Li, who kept a low profile, disliked the way the other was dressed. She said coldly, “What’s the matter?”

Liu Yiqiu smiled. “When I heard that you were going to attend the charity banquet, I was afraid that you wouldn’t be able to contribute anything, so I prepared an item for you.”

She took out a box from her bag and pa.s.sed it to Ye Li. “There’s a diamond brooch inside. It’s worth 200,000 yuan. Take this and auction it.”

Old Lady Xue snorted. “Ye Li, you should learn from your younger sister-in-law more. You should prioritize the big picture and see how virtuous she is.”


Wasn’t she just planning to make Ye Li owe her a favor that she’d need to return?

What was there for Ye Li not to understand? All Liu Yiqiu was after was their help to introduce Lu Chao to Xue Yao.

Ye Li felt that the two women in front of her were simply hopeless. However, she had become a little smarter now and knew that it was impossible to give a direct answer. Hence, she decided to give them some benefits first before getting back more benefits. She really did not forget to look for opportunities at all times!

She pushed the brooch back. “I don’t need this. We’ve already prepared an item for the auction tonight.”

Liu Yiqiu paused. “You have?”

Her gaze swept past the two of them and landed on the long box Ye Li was holding. “What is that?”

Before Ye Li could reply, Liu Yiqiu had already guessed it. “A painting? One you drew?”

Seeing that Ye Li did not deny it, Liu Yiqiu instantly smiled. “Sister-in-law, are you going to use your own painting for the auction? Are you kidding me? Don’t you know that your painting can only be sold for 50 yuan? Are you planning to donate 50 yuan to the charity ball?”

Ye Li walked past her. “We’re already separated. No matter how much I donate, it has nothing to do with you.”

Old Lady Xue berated, “So what if we’re separated? Doesn’t your surname belong to the Xue family? Even though we’re separated, Xue Sheng is still my son! I’m still his mother! This is a blood relations.h.i.+p that cannot be broken!”

Liu Yiqiu hurriedly said, “Sister-in-law, if you don’t listen to me and the auction doesn’t go well, the Xue family will lose face!”

Just as Ye Li was about to say something, Xue Xi slowly said, “Who said that we can’t sell it?”

Liu Yiqiu smiled. “The starting price for the auction is fifty thousand. Do you think anyone will buy her painting?”

Xue Xi did not reply. She merely supported Ye Li and walked past the two of them to enter the venue.

Liu Yiqiu still wanted to chase after her, but she did not want to lose her dignity in front of so many people. She stood on the spot and thought for a while. When she realized something, she immediately said, “Did Big Brother find someone to buy it at a high price?”

Old Lady Xue did not understand this and asked, “What do you mean?”

Liu Yiqiu explained, “It’s just a publicity stunt.”

Seeing that Old Lady Xue still did not understand, Liu Yiqiu pouted and revealed a look of disdain. However, she still explained in detail, “Isn’t Big Sister-in-law’s painting cursed? The only chance for her to survive now is to promote it. Big Brother must have found someone who’d buy this painting at a high price at the auction, thus creating a hype!”

Old Lady Xue said in a straightforward manner, “You’re saying that he’ll pay for it himself and give the auction a lot of money for nothing, all to give Ye Li a good reputation?”

Liu Yiqiu nodded. “Yes.”

After she said that, her eyes turned vicious.

In the past, although she was the Xue family’s second wife, the old lady had placed great importance on her. It was always Liu Yiqiu making social connections as the Xue family’s madam.

However, ever since Xue Xi returned, Ye Li seemed to have woken up from a lion’s slumber. First, she got to know Mrs. Xia, then she got to know Mrs. Li. This made Liu Yiqiu no longer feel superior!

She was jealous. How was Ye Li’s life so fortunate that she was able to marry a good man like her elder brother?

She lowered her eyes and smiled at the old lady. “When I bought this brooch back then, it was only 200,000 yuan. Now, it’s worth 100,000 yuan. The auction is a little more expensive and the final price will be settled at around 200,000 yuan. However, if Big Brother wants to support Big Sister-in-law, he’ll have to spend a lot more. At least 100 million yuan!”

If Ye Li sold a painting for only a few hundred thousand, she would not be able to make a name for herself.

If she wanted to be famous, she would have to go up to a million!

Old Lady Xue was instantly enraged. “That b*tch! All she knows is to spend my son’s money!”

After saying that, she pushed Liu Yiqiu aside and entered the lobby. She was a nouveau riche, unlike Liu Yiqiu, who would take note of her image and influence in public. In other words, money was more important to the old lady than face!

The charity ball was actually held by a new charity organization. Mrs. Xia was the president of this charity organization and was currently receiving guests in the hall.

Upon seeing Ye Li and Xue Xi, she immediately welcomed them. After exchanging a few pleasantries, she found a staff to bring them backstage to prepare for the auction.

This kind of organization was strict. It was impossible for the auction item to be damaged.

Mrs. Xia accompanied Ye Li backstage and entered the room. Under the staff’s gaze, she placed the painting in a special spot.

Mrs. Xia sent Ye Li off, and when she returned to the room, she realized that two staff members were doing an examination and unfolding the painting. When she entered, she heard someone said, “Mrs. Xia, we don’t know how to paint, but I heard that Mrs. Xue’s works are only worth 50 yuan. Isn’t it a little inappropriate for her to send this over? She doesn’t care about our charity organization at all.”

Mrs. Xia looked at the painting. “Don’t spout nonsense. I think this painting is quite provocative.”

The staff pouted. “It’s not by a well-known artist. I really don’t know what Mrs. Xue is thinking. No one could possibly want this painting.”

Mrs. Xia glared at him and made him shut his mouth. She then sighed. Her daughter had received a favor from the Xue family, and she especially liked Ms. Xue Xi. Hence, Mrs. Xia could not just sit around and do nothing. At most, if no one really bought it later, she would get someone to spend 100,000 yuan to buy it and not make Mrs. Xue look bad.

Just as she was thinking this, someone suddenly ran in. “Mrs. Xia, a distinguished guest has arrived. Moreover, he’s at the backstage now!”

Mrs. Xia was stunned. “Who?”

That person jogged over and panted. “The national artist called the Recluse!”

“What?” Mrs. Xia was stunned. Although she did not know much about national paintings, this person was very famous. One of his paintings was worth millions! He was a well-known modern-day painter!

She asked nervously, “Why is he here?”

The staff: “He said he wanted to look for a painting!”