Forced to Date a Big Shot Chapter 106 – Another Familiar Person

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Chapter 106: Another Familiar Person

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Xue Yao and Li Hanlei got nervous when they saw her walking over with an expressionless face.

Xue Yao gulped and asked, “Xue Xi, what are you doing?”

Xue Xi’s eyes were cold and she did not reply. Instead, she moved closer and closer.

Li Hanlei slowly regained her composure from her initial fear. She shouted, “Xue Yao, there are two of them and two of us. Who knows who will hit whom? What are you afraid of?”

The moment she said this, Qin Shuang took a step back and stood by the door.

Xue Xi, on the other hand, had already moved forward. She grabbed Xue Yao’s hair and threw a set of military boxing moves. “Kick. Knock. Knock. Knock. And knock.” Xue Yao’s head had already fallen to the floor of the washroom. Her hands were clasped behind her back and her cheeks were pressed against the ground. The cold and disgusting touch made her feel like vomiting.

Xue Xi’s movements were too fast, so fast that Li Hanlei did not even have time to react. Xue Yao had already been knocked down.

Xue Xi let go of Xue Yao and kicked her aside before turning to look at Li Hanlei.

Li Hanlei was trembling. She finally realized what kind of person she had provoked!

She shouted, “You can’t hit me! This is against the school rules!”

But Xue Xi had already rushed in front of her and thrown her to the ground with another military boxing move.

Xue Xi pinched Li Hanlei’s arm and warned her coldly, “Clean your mouth and don’t let me hear you again. Do you understand?”

Li Hanlei was hurting all over. She was trembling in fear, but she still gritted her teeth and asked, “Aren’t you afraid of being expelled?”

Xue Xi let go of her arm and stood up. She washed her hands again and wiped her fingers with a tissue before looking at Li Hanlei.

“What’s the use of having excellent grades, you ask?”

“At the very least, the school will not expel me.”

After dropping these two sentences, she left, leaving those two people lying on the ground.

Qin Shuang was also shocked by Sister Xi’s straightforwardness. She looked at the two people on the ground and waved her fist at Li Hanlei. “Why did you think Sister Xi became the boss of the Roaring Flame Society?”

Li Hanlei’s eyes narrowed.

Qin Shuang lowered her head. “If you dare to tell the teachers… the Flames will not let you off. Brother Chen is not as tolerant as Sister Xi.”

She patted Li Hanlei’s face and glanced at Xue Yao before standing up to chase after Xue Xi. As she chased after her, she sent Gao Yanchen a WeChat message.

As she walked, she said, “Sister Xi, in that kind of situation just now, those who don’t understand will think that we’re bullying others by relying on our power! Actually, the Roaring Flame Society is the same. We don’t look like good students, but Brother Chen never lets us bully others. However, if someone bullies us, we won’t just take it lying down.”

“Oh,” Xue Xi replied.

She already knew that the people from the Roaring Flame Society were not that bad.

The bell rang.

Li Hanlei and Xue Yao did not return to their cla.s.s in time. When they returned, they were in a sorry state. The teacher asked, “What’s wrong?”

Xue Xi raised her head and looked at them dazedly.

Li Hanlei was obviously reluctant, but she remembered how she and Xue Yao had had to help each other to stand up. After was.h.i.+ng up in a sorry state, she had decided to tell the teacher.

They were all from wealthy families, so who was afraid of whom?

However, she did not expect to see a red-haired Gao Yanchen leaning against the wall with his head lowered as he played with his phone. He seemed to have heard the sound and looked up. His eyes were lofty and arrogant. He said coolly, “I heard that you guys have been educated by Sister Xi?

“If I remember correctly, my grandfather sent invitations to your family for his birthday celebration, right? Care to imagine what will happen to your families if I took back the invitation right now?”

Most of the wealthy families in Bin City would attend the celebration of Old Master Gao’s birthday. If they did not go, they would be laughed at by everyone!

The dignity of a wealthy family was more important than anything else.

At the thought of these threatening words, Li Hanlei lowered her head unwillingly. “I was not feeling well and went to the infirmary.”

The teacher was a little confused, but she still nodded. “Alright, then, quickly sit down.”

After school in the afternoon, Xue Xi found only Ye Li and Xue Sheng in the car.

She was slightly surprised. “Dad, Mom, why are you guys here?”

Could it be that Li Hanlei had secretly told a teacher and that teacher had called her parents?

Ye Li quickly said, “I originally intended to bring you along to buy a gown. However, the police station just called to inform us that there has been some progress in the fraud case. They want us to go over, so we have to go to the police station now.”

Xue Xi suddenly understood. “Okay.”

When the family of three arrived at the police station, they realized that Xue Gui and Liu Yiqiu had alighted as well.

When they met, Xue Sheng frowned. “Why are you guys here?”

Xue Gui smiled. “F*ck, I heard that there has been some progress in the fraud case. I was worried about you guys, so I came to take a look. Brother, you’re still not familiar with this whole thing, right? Let me tell you, the person who took over this case is a young policeman. He may be smiling, but he’s actually very arrogant. Brother, you have to endure your temper, understand?”

Actually, being cheated was a very embarra.s.sing thing to them, which meant that they did not have a good eye for investment.

Hence, Xue Gui had been unwilling to inquire about the progress of the case. Moreover, for some unknown reason, the person who took over this case was from the “special department,” sent by the higher-ups. He could not afford to offend those people.

Liu Yiqiu and Xue Gui had begged them for a few days and felt that they had lost all face. Now, they also wanted to see Xue Sheng begging others, along with how dejected he’d look when he could not get the money.

By then, they would definitely “comfort” him.

Xue Sheng ignored him and walked forward.

Xue Gui followed beside him. He seemed to be comforting him, but he was actually gloating. “Big Brother, it’s been ten days since the incident. The money must have been transferred away. Don’t harbor too much hope. It’s fine if you can just get some back.”

Liu Yiqiu was also by Ye Li’s side. When she saw Xue Xi, she asked, “Have you guys decided on the gowns for Elder Gao’s banquet? We’re originally a family, so logically speaking, I should help you guys. However, Big Brother said that we’re splitting up and so now we’ve split up. Sigh! However, don’t worry too much. If you manage to get back a few hundred thousand later, you’ll be able to handle it, right?”

After saying that, she said in a low voice, “The person in charge of this has always had a very bad att.i.tude. He’s very fierce. Don’t be scared later.”

How could a police officer serving the people be fierce?

She really knew how to joke.

As Xue Xi thought this, she heard Xue Gui shout, “He’s the one in charge here! Officer Jing! h.e.l.lo!”

Following Xue Gui’s announcement, a familiar person wearing casual clothes walked over.

Xue Xi was stunned. Wasn’t this the police officer, Little Pigeon, who helped her in the Math Olympiad last time? Why did he come to Bin City again?

When Jing Fei saw Xue Xi, his eyes lit up and he sped toward her.