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Darkness shrouded the entire land, and Xu Qingmo, by himself, stepped out of the darkness of the night, stealthily walking towards the direction of the Zhuge family.

“Who is it?”

Very quickly, Xu Qingmo arrived outside Zhuge family’s residence, dressed in his night attire. The entire residence seemed to exude a grand aura, the two guards standing at the entrance with large swords saw Xu Qingmo walking over, and immediately stopped him.

“Uh, it’s me, it’s me!”

Zhuge family laughed and took off her bamboo hat.

“Oh, so it’s Elder Xu. Please come in!”

Seeing that it was Xu Qingmo, he immediately stepped aside and allowed Xu Qingmo to enter.

“Thank you, little brothers!”

Xu Qingmo, who had always been walking with his chest puffed out, actually revealed a look of bowing and kneeling. It was truly rare, but he had to admit that the power of the Zhuge family was very strong, to the point where even the two guards at the door were at the peak of the Sixth Stage of Profound Qi, just a step away from becoming seven stages of mystical Qi.

After the two guards cleared the path, they returned to the two sides of the gate without a word as if they were the two G.o.ds that were guarding the gate. They once again, stood there without moving.

“Yo, isn’t this the Xu Family’s Great Elder? What brings you here? “

The moment Xu Qingmo entered the front courtyard of the Xu Family, a voice filled with contempt came from in front of him.

“So it’s the young lord. Hehe, I didn’t expect the young lord to have such high spirits at such a late hour. Drinking alone here.”

Originally, Xu Qingmo could hear the disdain in Zhuge Haotian’s voice, but he did not care at all. He walked over to Zhuge Haotian alone and sat down on a stone table inside the garden.

Ever since Zhuge Haotian came back from the Dark Forest, he had been in a bad mood, and had been talked about in private by some people. He never expected that after he led his men away, he would end up in such a sorry state, but what could he do? The other party was an expert of the nine stages of mystical Qi. In front of this kind of expert, no matter how much of a genius he was, the difference in cultivation was too great, and he was somewhat helpless to help.

Also, what made him even more gloomy was that he never thought that Zhen Tianying would actually break through at that time.

“That’s right, Elder Xu came to our Zhuge family so late, could it be that the Xu Family encountered some accident?”

Zhuge Haotian picked up the cup of wine, waved it in front of him for a while, and then swallowed it.

“The hunting team led by Ye Kong and the rest met another hunting team in the forest. She was very powerful and had almost killed Ye Kong and the rest.”

Xu Qingmo honestly said that Zhuge Haotian’s position in the Zhuge family was only second to Zhuge Jin, so even if Zhuge Haotian did not ask him, he would have told him by himself.

“Isn’t that a good thing for us? The main reason is that we are also dealing with the Ma Clan right now, and some of them are not willing to intervene, if not, we can send people to kill Xu Mang and the rest. “

Zhuge Haotian smiled, showing a calm expression.

“But the problem is that at the critical moment, a mysterious young man came out and killed the rest of the hunting team. Not only did he save Xu Mang and the rest, he also gave the Xu Family a lot of demon beast material. Furthermore, what is even more mysterious is that this young man’s father is Xu Qingtian’s old friend, I am afraid that he will ruin our plans. “

He knew clearly in his heart that it was not that Zhuge family did not have the strength to fight with the Xu family right now, it was just that they did not want to waste a single soldier of theirs. Using Xu Qingmo and the others to s.n.a.t.c.h the clan’s seat was what they wished for.

“Kill them all? What cultivation level was that young man at? “How old?”

Zhuge Haotian’s face was gloomy. Someone who could defeat Ye Kong must be very powerful, but he never expected that the young man would actually kill all of them.

“It’s said to be a eight stages of mystical Qi. It seems to be fourteen or fifteen years old.”

Xu Qingmo frowned, he was worried about the sudden turn of events.

“What!?” Fourteen to fifteen years old, eight stages of mystical Qi! “

Zhuge Haotian, who was originally sitting there leisurely, suddenly stood up. The other party’s talent was just too dazzling, if it was really like that, then what did he count as in front of the other party?

“Are you sure?”

He was the number one genius of the Cloud City, and everyone within a hundred mile radius did not know of his name. But his aura, was actually going to be replaced by a boy who suddenly popped out of nowhere, which made him feel uncomfortable, he hoped that all of this was Xu Qingmo spouting nonsense.

“I’ve never seen this before, but everyone in hunting team said so when they came back. This time, hunting team brought back a demon beast material with materials for a level seven demon beast. If it’s not from that guy, then it’s very hard to find someone in hunting team.”

What Ye Kong and the others said, Xu Qingmo naturally half-believed them. The members of the two hunting team s of the Xu Family were all people that Xu Qingtian could trust, and they all treated him with hostility. However, those demon beast material s could not be faked, and this was the only thing that Xu Qingmo could believe.

Zhuge Haotian no longer spoke, he slowly sat down and was silent for a while. Suddenly, his eyes flashed with a wise and farsighted glint, he stood up and said: “I know what’s going on! What a cunning Xu Qingtian. “

Xu Qingmo was startled, but he still looked at Zhuge Haotian with confusion: “What does Young Master mean?”

“Haha, I think Xu Qingtian set this up deliberately to confuse us. That genius does not exist!”

Zhuge Haotian’s face was full of certainty, his eyes seemed to have seen through all of the schemes, he was full of confidence.

Xu Qingmo’s eyes lit up, he smacked his head as though he was enlightened, and immediately understood, thinking, what a Xu Qingtian, seeing that the compet.i.tion is almost here, you actually gave me a stage, you are afraid that I might not be able to get the first place in the compet.i.tion, so the Zhuge family directly attacked the Xu family.

The two of them finally thought of the same thing. How could such a stunning genius suddenly appear? No matter how he thought about it, he felt that something was wrong. Xu Qingtian must have found a different material from eight stages of mystical Qi experts to kill them, to purposely confuse them, so that the Zhuge family would have something to fear.

“Hehe, Xu Qingtian, oh Xu Qingtian, aren’t you too confident? The compet.i.tion hasn’t even started and you think that my son is not a match for Xu Mu? “Hmph, when the time comes, we won’t even need to forcefully attack you. We can still obtain the position of the Xu Family Patriarch!”

Xu Qingmo sneered in his heart, he never thought that his big brother would actually give him this sort of play.

“Then are you going to tell my father?”

Zhuge Haotian’s mouth revealed a trace of a smile, and leisurely poured a cup of wine, filling it to the brim.

“Listening to the young lord’s words, the doubts in my heart have been solved. Hehe, it’s already so late, so we don’t have to disturb Lord Zhuge. But, to be safe, we still have to make some preparations.”

Xu Qingmo chuckled, at this time, he seemed to have seen through everything, the doubt in his heart had finally dispersed.