Fanatic Divine Cultivator Chapter 581 Axe Chop + 5 Flowers!

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Three Nascent Soul Stage experts had joined hands, and one of them was at the middle stage of the Nascent Soul Stage. After making their moves consecutively, almost all of them were dealt with in the blink of an eye, and the old lady from Late stage of the Nascent Soul Stage had even lost an arm, and the other man who had sneaked an attack on them was also injured on her arm, with a long cut on her arm. This made everyone gasp, as they were extremely shocked at Xu Xuan’s combat power.

On the mountain peak below Xu Xuan, the faces of Xu Kuang and Xu Xue who were looking at his frail and frail figure finally reddened a little, and their bodies were quickly recovering, however, even if it was so, in just a few hours, they could not recover on their own to the point that they could leave on their own, after all the two of their injuries were truly too severe.

“Cousin brother is too strong. Cousin sister Xu Xue, it looks like we can leave this place alive!”

Xu Kuang finally revealed a smile and said to Xu Xuan. He knew that many Ma Clan disciples now wanted to rush up and kill the two of them, but Xu Xuan just stood there and no one could get within a few hundred meters of them.

Because he was worried about Xu Kuang and Yue Shan, after Xu Xuan killed off the three Ma Clan Nascent Soul Stage experts, he did not immediately chase after them. As long as he stood there, he could stop any one of them.

Being attacked like this by three Nascent Soul Stage experts, sure enough, those Ma Family people who had charged up with either Dan Profound Realm or Dan Profound Realm approached Xu Xuan by quite a bit.

Once again, he swept them clean in the span of a few breaths. If not for the fact that he was worried about the safety of Xu Kuang and Yue Yang, and if he was not able to pull himself away, he would have probably killed his way through the Ma family’s crowd.

“Kill them all!”

Ma Yunfei’s eyes were bloodshot, seeing the Ma Clan’s men being killed by Xu Xuan like that, he, for the first time, felt powerless, and truly regretted it. Perhaps he did not go and capture Xu Kuang and Xu Xue, and Xu Xuan might not have directly come looking for him, or maybe the people from the Pill Pavilion, would think of a way to take care of Xu Xuan, but, it was just that there were not that many, and at that moment, his numbers were dwindling, and at that moment, he actually had lost one to two thousand or so people.

One to two thousand people, perhaps not much to the Ma family, but if they were to continue fighting like this, even if their seventy to eighty thousand strong troops, it would not even take a day before Xu Xuan would be able to kill them all.

Ma Yunfei was very clear in his heart, that Xu Xuan was a strong opponent of the Ma Clan, and even if he was difficult to deal with, he had to kill him or else, he would not have any chance of winning in the future.

Having made a decision in his heart, he finally could not resist joining the battle. After he finished speaking, his powerful aura slowly released.


Ma Yunfei flashed, and in the next second, he was already in the sky above Xu Xuan. In his hand was a Seventh Rank Mystic Soldiers, which was actually a very wide and sharp axe, it gave off a heavy feeling, and was shining with a dazzling gold light.

It was a huge battle axe, and the moment the axe appeared, Ma Yunfei held the handle of the axe tightly with both of his hands, and raised it above his head. With a strong fighting intent, he chopped down at Xu Xuan’s axe.

“Axe Slash!”

Ma Yunfei suddenly hacked down, and a gigantic axe silhouette appeared in front of the axe, flying straight at Xu Xuan. The powerful aura caused everyone’s hearts to palpitate.

Facing Ma Yunfei’s brazen attack, Xu Xuan’s face finally turned serious. Clenching the Burning Heaven Sword tightly in his hand, Xu Xuan flipped his body forward and his entire body transformed into a gear, which then started spinning non-stop. Clang clang clang clang clang clang clang clang.


The gears rotated as it charged towards the axe, continuously slashing at the axe. A moment later, the glowing axe was cut in half from the middle in front of the crowd’s astonished eyes.

The current him, with his forehead full of cold sweat, had an incomparably ugly expression. Very clearly, when facing Xu Xuan, even if it was him, with Perfection of the Dan Profound Realm, he was completely at a disadvantage.

Towards Xu Xuan, they truly felt a kind of faint fear from the bottom of their heart. Now, they had no choice but to believe, that brat really killed Ming Hong, who had reached Perfection of the Profound Nascent Realm in the Demon Abyss Pool, after all, he truly had such strength.


At this time, the old granny and the other two Ma Clan Nascent Soul Stage men also flew over, and looked at Ma Yunfei with grave expressions, within their eyes, there was an unconcealable heaviness, this was the first time there was such seriousness.

“Kill him! No matter what, we have to kill him!”

At this moment, Ma Yunfei had truly unleashed his true flames. As the patriarch of the Ma family, as a Perfection of the Profound Nascent Realm master, with his esteemed position, he had not lost face for many years, and now, facing the enemy who killed his own son, he was actually helpless. His Perfection of the Profound Nascent Realm, had actually lost to a kid in the middle stage of the Nascent Soul Stage realm, which caused his face to sweep the ground.

He pointed at Xu Xuan with his finger, and his voice was trembling slightly as his face flushed red, as if his body was about to burst out with anger.


The Ma Clan disciples looked at each other and gritted their teeth before charging out once again. They were clear in their hearts that perhaps the Ma Clan really would encounter a calamity this time.

“Ha ha!”

Xu Xuan chuckled, his body flickered, and in the span of a breath, he had already run through the circle that surrounded them, and even returned to the place where he had originally stood.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

When he stood at the place where he stood before, the people who had charged up all fell down continuously. They landed on the cliff, on the mountain peak and in the forest, creating an incomparably m.u.f.fled sound. It was like rain, and every sound they made represented the death of a Ma family disciple.


But right now, the Ma family seemed to have seen their friends and relatives, and how their good brothers had all died in Xu Xuan’s hands. All of their eyes were red from killing, and they no longer feared death, pouncing towards Xu Xuan like hungry wolves.