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With a flip of his palm, an ordinary longsword immediately appeared in his hands. He didn’t hesitate at all as he placed it on Ming Hong’s neck, and with a single sentence, he caused the other party to completely collapse, “Very simple, because the second time I attacked you, hehe, I left some of my blood on your sleeve!”

Indeed, with Xu Xuan’s eyesight, even if it was the mental strength, he was still unable to determine whether or not the two Ming Hong s were real or fake. Thus, when he was smashed into the ground, he started bleeding from the corner of his mouth, and with a sudden plan, he used his hand to wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth. During the second round of bombardment, he had taken advantage of the other party’s inattentiveness and smeared the blood on his hand onto the other party’s sleeve, leaving such a small imprint.

Since Ming Hong’s original body did not discover this, there was no tiny bloodstain on the Ming Hong that his shadow had changed into. Relying on just that, Xu Xuan was able to easily distinguish who was Ming Hong’s real body every single time.

“I am not unconvinced that I can die in your hands. The only regret is that I let you escape that time!”

Hearing Xu Xuan’s words, Ming Hong revealed a carefree smile on his face, and he slowly closed his eyes. As the top ranked first in the nocturnal tissue, he had long prepared to face death.


A shining sword fell down at a lightning speed, causing blood to splatter everywhere, filling Xu Xuan’s heart with joy. At this moment, the smile that appeared in his mind was the smile that Star Dragon gave him before he died, a majestic figure that he would never forget.

All of the faces of the spectators twitched fiercely, they felt that it was unbelievable, they did not expect Ming Hong, who was extremely strong and had reached the Perfection of the Profound Nascent Realm, to actually die in the hands of Xu Xuan, who was in the middle stage of the Nascent Soul Stage, just like that.

Without a doubt, in a few days, if news of what had happened in Demon Abyss Pool were to spread, the reputation of this seemingly unremarkable young man, Xu Xuan, would definitely soar. The name Xu Xuan, would definitely be remembered by many people.

After killing Ming Hong, it would be time for them to collect their spoils of war. Very clearly, Xu Xuan would not let Ming Hong and the others go so easily.

After taking off Ming Hong’s spatial ring, he slowly turned around and went to get White Jade Society and the rest’s spatial ring. Seeing Xu Xuan’s actions, many people’s eyes revealed envious and jealous expressions, but, at this time, no one dared to provoke such a G.o.d of death.

After taking off the few spatial rings, Xu Xuan was too lazy to check what was inside, and directly kept the ring. He then turned to the Puppet Faction and the Warrior Pavilion members who were staring at him in a daze and slowly opened his mouth: “That Grade Eight Xuan Weapon belongs to me, if you know what’s good for you, please step aside, otherwise, I won’t mind playing with you, I believe everyone is clear that since I dared to offend the Pill Pavilion, I am not afraid of offending you!”

These words were extremely domineering. A brat in the middle stage of the Nascent Soul Stage actually dared to make such a bold statement in front of so many Puppet Faction and Weapon Pavilion Elders. It was truly a powerful deterrent, giving one an inconceivable shock.

However, as these words slowly spread, no one dared to say anything. Xu Xuan’s eyes swept across the Puppet Cult members, and could all see the seriousness in the other party’s eyes. For the first time, even the people from the Warrior Pavilion felt a sense of pressure. Xu Xuan’s power was beyond their imagination, even if the Grade Eight Xuan Weapon was extremely alluring, if they did not have a life to live, it would all be for naught.

“Cough cough, our Puppet Cult members will not help you s.n.a.t.c.h that Grade Eight Xuan Weapon!”

After pondering for a moment, an old man from the Puppet Cult stood out. He was a Late stage of the Nascent Soul Stage Ranker, but, right now, his words were obviously yielding to Xu Xuan.

Everyone watching the battle revealed an astonished expression, with some astonishment in their eyes. The high and mighty Elder from the Puppet Cult had actually given in. For so many experts to actually give in to one person, this was something that was somewhat unprecedented.

However, when they stood there and thought about it carefully about Xu Xuan who had a calm expression, this made sense. Even Ming Hong and the Four Great Elders of the Pill Pavilion were not Xu Xuan’s match, even if the Puppet Cult and the Pill Pavilion’s people joined hands, it would still be very difficult to defeat Xu Xuan.

The old man paused for a moment, before changing the topic: “However, for this reason, the Puppet Faction has really lost a lot of people. If we are to give the Mystic Soldiers to you, you should at least compensate me with some losses!”

It was evident that the other party was planning on withdrawing. However, he was unwilling to do so. Therefore, he had to do his best to obtain some benefits.


In his heart, he clearly knew that the other party was just trying to find a way out. If they were to fight for it for so long, and they did not dare to retreat, it would truly be a disgrace to their Puppet Faction. No matter what benefits Xu Xuan gave them, they would not be as valuable as that Grade Eight Xuan Weapon, the other party merely wanted a little face.

Therefore, he was slightly startled, and continued to speak. “Many of your people did die, but I, Xu Xuan, did not kill any of them. Why would you want me, Xu Xuan, to compensate you? Hehe, if this gets out, wouldn’t it mean that I, Xu Xuan, will lose too much face? “

The people from the Puppet Faction were all incomparably depressed. They never thought that the brat in front of them, who had just risen to power, would already start to care about face, and had already given in. They never thought that Xu Xuan, this brat, would not even give them a way out.

The spectators in the distance looked at Xu Xuan with eyes filled with worship.

“Phew, kid, we can also give you the Grade Eight Xuan Weapon, but after receiving so many benefits, cough, at least give us some points, and treat it as a celebration!”

It was still the Warrior Pavilion that reacted the fastest. A middle-aged man’s expression changed slightly, and then he slowly walked out and smiled at Xu Xuan.

When the old man from the Puppet Cult heard this, his face violently twitched. However, he still forced a smile and said: “Right, celebrate. Hehe, little brother, you have obtained such a treasure.

“Hehe, that’s more like it!”

Xu Xuan laughed, he immediately waved his hand, and in front of the Puppet Cult and the Warrior Pavilion, eight eighth ranked profound medicine appeared, causing many people to suck in a breath of cold air.