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Asking for flowers!

Just as everyone was worried for Xu Xuan, only Li Feng’s heart was a mess, Xu Xuan’s fist finally landed on Li Feng’s fist with a bang.


At this moment, the two of them could easily shatter a mountain and even if they met a small mountain, they would be able to collapse with a single punch. However, at this moment, the two were in a stalemate.

Xu Xuan was not blasted flying. This was something that everyone was somewhat surprised about, while Li Feng, on the other hand, was incomparably shocked in his heart. Xu Xuan actually was able to receive one of his fists.


The two people roared at the same time, and the ferocious energy struck once again, causing s.p.a.ce to tremble for a moment. Soon after, both Li Feng and Xu Xuan were pulled back more than ten meters before they finally came to a stop.

“Oh my G.o.d, it’s a tie!”

Xu Hao could not help but say this. He was shocked by Xu Xuan’s strength, and this made him feel that Xu Xuan was an existence that he could only look up to.

“Heh heh, I knew that this little handsome brother would believe it. Didn’t I hear about it before?” When he was in late stage of the Dan Profound Realm, he had already killed the people of Ghastly Puppet Cult and his subordinates, and had also heavily injured his opponent. Right now, he is at the great perfection stage of the Mysterious Base Realm! “

A pet.i.te girl was standing beside Xu Hao. She was a new disciple who had just entered the sect, and when she looked at Xu Xuan, her eyes shone with stars, and her face was filled with worship, causing Xu Hao to admire Xu Xuan even more.

“Cough cough, he’s my cousin!”

Xu Hao slowly said. As he said these words, he couldn’t help but slightly raise his head. He was incomparably proud in his heart.

“Wow, it’s your cousin. I really envy you for having such a cousin!”

Sure enough, upon hearing that, the woman looked at Xu Hao in a completely different light.

Xu Hao laughed, and then looked towards the stage once again.

“Tsk tsk, interesting, only then would it be interesting. If he were to be killed by me all of a sudden, wouldn’t that be no fun!”

Li Feng slowly stood up, and the serious expression on his face was quickly replaced by a smile, carrying a bit of playfulness.

“Is it fun? “Hur hur, then I’ll have a good play with you!”

Xu Xuan laughed, and then he took the initiative to attack. His body flickered, and in the next second he was in front of Li Feng, both fists striking at each other, like rain, he started to attack crazily.

“Such a fast speed!”

Li Feng was truly shocked now. Previously, Xu Xuan said that he had not entered a state of battle, but now, he seemed to have entered a state of battle. That speed made Li Feng feel overwhelmed, especially the speed that Xu Xuan rushed over to him.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

In the blink of an eye, they had exchanged over a hundred punches. Some disciples with slightly lower cultivations no longer knew who the two shadows were and were like two phantoms constantly clashing with each other. In the first second, they had appeared in another corner of the stage, and in the first second, they were still on the ground. However, they had disappeared in the next second.


Finally, with a loud rumbling sound, a figure fell onto the ground with a bang, before abruptly standing up and covering his chest, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

Only then did everyone turn to look, and upon seeing who the figure was, everyone including the powerful Li Yifeng, could not help but suck in a breath of cold air. It was Li Feng.

“Oh my G.o.d, it’s actually Li Feng, how is this possible?”

Someone was shouting, and in such a short time, someone was already injured. Without even thinking, they all thought it would be Xu Xuan, but in the end, it was actually Li Feng.

“Li Feng, he’s actually injured, what’s going on? The two of them clashed, was Li Feng unable to keep up with his opponent’s speed? In terms of power, it has already been proven that the difference between the two is almost the same! “

It was probably only because of this that such a situation would occur. Although the two of them had exchanged many punches, no one could count for sure, but it was only for a few breaths of time.

“Senior-apprentice Brother, the strength of this Great Elder is too strong!”

looked at Xu Xuan with a strange expression. When he thought about the first time he met Xu Xuan, she could not help but blush, as though he felt that Xu Xuan was not so hateful then. The fight between the two of them, made his want to flirt around even more!

“Mm, his combat strength does not match his cultivation. Hehe, this is a bit beyond my expectations!”

Li Yifeng looked calm and collected on the surface, but deep inside his heart, he was extremely excited. With Xu Xuan’s current fighting strength, if he were to break through to the Mysterious Base Realm, he would be even more powerful. With the Great Clan Elder here, Li Yifeng was even more confident in the rise of the Shen-men.

And at that moment, Li Feng who was on the stage, was glaring at Xu Xuan: “Shameless brat, you actually launched a sneak attack!”

When Li Feng said this, everyone was shocked, they had not calmed down even a moment ago, and this truly happened again and again.

The fists of the two collided at an extremely high speed. There was simply no chance for them to make a move. Furthermore, they were both facing each other. How could there be a sneak attack? Could it be that this Xu Xuan can be two people? Or perhaps Li Feng had been beaten into a fool by Xu Xuan.

However, to everyone’s surprise, Xu Xuan actually admitted to it.

Xu Xuan spread out his hands, and in the air, he patted the dust off his sleeves, and unexpectedly said four words: “All is fair!”

“d.a.m.n, did you really launch a sneak attack?” How did he sneak attack? “d.a.m.n, who can tell me?”

Some of the new disciples had low cultivation and were only at the sixth stage of seven stages of mystical Qi. They were even more confused.

“I don’t understand either!”

Even the old disciples of the Shen-men were all confused. He could clearly see just now, but she had not seen Xu Xuan’s sneak attack at all.

“Hehe, our Great Clan Elder, is still a Two-Star G.o.dmaster!”

Xiao Xiangcheng laughed and answered everyone’s questions. From the beginning of the battle to now, the ones who were least worried about Xu Xuan were him, w.a.n.g Batian and Huang Daniu. Only they knew how powerful Xu Xuan was.

“What, Two-Star G.o.dmaster!”

The one who had shouted out was actually Xu Qingtian. After he felt that he had lost control of himself, he could only smile bitterly, while he himself, the father, actually did not know that his own son was actually G.o.dly cardiologist.

“Senior Brother, our Shen-men actually has a G.o.dly cardiologist now!”

Zhang Xiao’s face was full of smiles. G.o.dly cardiologist was an extremely unorthodox occupation, the requirements to cultivate it was extremely harsh, but if one managed to cultivate it to Three Star Masters, or even Four-Star G.o.dmaster, then that person would truly be strong.