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Xu Xuan could not help but be slightly taken aback. The girl looked to be extremely young, and even though her body did not release any profound energy fluctuations, Xu Xuan could tell at a glance that the other party was a cultivator with Middle stage of Mysterious Foundation Stage from his own mental strength. Her age should be even younger than his, and for her to be able to reach such a cultivation, she must be a genius.

The young girl wore purple clothes and had an incomparably white oval face. Her fleshy face had two shallow dimples and she looked extremely adorable.

She walked out of the crowd with a face full of indignation. She crossed her arms in front of her chest and slightly raised her little head.

Xu Xuan and the rest did not release their Qi, they did not seem to have any fluctuations in Profound Spirit Qi, thus, Chen Diudiu did not know what cultivation they had, but she could clearly see the cultivation levels of Huang Daniu and the rest.

It was completely possible for Mysterious Base Realm experts to see the cultivation levels of those at the tenth level of profound energy. This was because the profound energy within their bodies was not much, and the profound energy within their bodies was still a type of form.

In the face of Xu Xuan and the other two, their cultivations were all about the same, but it was hard for them to determine each other’s cultivation. If not for Xu Xuan’s mental strength which was like a cheat, a stage one G.o.dly cardiologist who was only half a step away, it would be impossible to see through Chen Diudiu’s cultivation with a single glance.

“Where did this little girl come from? Attack!”

She hated this kind of nosy person the most, especially the little girl. However, seeing that Chen Diudiu was extremely intelligent, she added on: “Don’t kill his for me, catch her for me, maybe we’ll sell her for a good price in the future.”

“You, wife, mother, are you courting death!?”

When Chen Diudiu heard this, he became even angrier. He didn’t like those who bully others by relying on their power, but now that the other party still dared to attack her, it immediately made her face flash with a fierce light. Just that, the fierceness in his eyes appeared on that cute and spirited face, causing his to feel that it was out of place.

She cursed as she dashed toward the bawd in a flash.

Seeing that Chen Diudiu was actually coming towards her, the old procuress’s face immediately changed and retreated. Her cultivation was too low, if he dared to stand up for his, her cultivation would not be low. He was definitely not his opponent.

“Little girl, you are quite savage, aren’t you? Let me teach you a lesson. “

The two of them were both at the tenth stage of the Spirit Qi Realm. When one of the man said this, a flash of Spirit Qi appeared in his hand, and he was about to grab Chen Diudiu.

“Humph, with just you two?”

Chen Diudiu coldly snorted, her figure suddenly swayed, and he dodged to the side, coincidentally dodging the other party’s palm. Immediately after, she bent his waist, and threw a punch towards the man and the other man who was about to attack.


Two violent collisions unexpectedly sounded out at the same time, forming a louder sound. Immediately, the two tall men were blasted flying. Since their backs were facing the door, they were undoubtedly sent flying into the outer hall of the Duo Cultivation Hall.


The two of them could not help but violently spit out a mouthful of fresh blood. They immediately lay on the ground and were unable to even stand up.

“An expert of Mysterious Base Realm!”

This time, Chen Diudiu’s attack used Profound Spirit Qi, and that kind of powerhouse aura that did not have any concealment was also released, causing the dozen or so other thugs to all have some aghast expressions.

“What’s there to be afraid of? We have more people, charge!”

One of the bald man did not believe him, and waved his hand, causing the rest of them to stop surrounding Xu Xuan and the rest, and rushed towards Chen Diudiu.

“Raging Flames Fist!”

Someone leapt up and threw a punch towards Chen Diudiu, using a Profound Skills, a fist the size of a fist flame shot out towards Chen Diudiu without hesitation.

“Wind Sand Palm!”

Someone’s palm came over, bringing about a whooshing sound of the wind, and filled with the might of rushing thunder as it struck towards Chen Diudiu’s back.

More than ten people attacked the little loli at the same time.

“Looks like there’s no need to worry, the strongest amongst them is only at the tenth stage of profound energy. This female hero who suddenly appeared is actually a Middle stage of Mysterious Foundation Stage.”

They were finally able to see the cultivation levels of these people. Originally, they thought that the people who were setting up this wind and moon arena here should have some kind of background and ability, but now, it seems that it was not that big of a deal.

“Bang, bang bang!”

The other party was obviously underestimating the strength of their Mysterious Base Realm, and although this Chen Diudiu was young, he was still at the level of his Middle stage of Mysterious Foundation Stage. Her figure was extremely agile, shuttling back and forth between the crowd, and he actually punched them easily one by one, quickly knocking all of them to the ground. Each of them covered their chests, and no longer had the strength to fight.

“You … How dare you offend my Duo Cultivation Pavilion!? “

The old procuress looked left and right, and realized that in the span of a few breaths, all of her lackeys no longer had the ability to fight. With an extremely panicked expression, she pointed at Chen Diudiu, but her voice was still trembling slightly.

“So what if I’ve offended you?”

Chen Diudiu sneered, then walked step by step to the front of the old procuress, and greeted her with a slap across her face.


A loud sound came out, it was extremely crisp, and the old procuress was actually sent flying into the hall by Chen Diudiu’s resounding slap.

“Fine, fine, fine. If you have the ability, just you wait!”

The old procuress covered her face with five scarlet handprints all of a sudden, and then she stood up from the store’s hall. Her other hand was pointed at Chen Diudiu, and her eyes were filled with hatred.

“What are you waiting for? I’m not an idiot. If you beat me up, then leave. If you have the ability, then call someone over now!”

Hearing the other party’s words, Chen Diudiu instantly understood in his heart that the other party really did have some background. Who knows, maybe this store was just a branch store or something, why would they foolishly wait for him here?

Xu Xuan finally could not hold back his laughter. This little girl’s strength was not bad, and his personality was also very cheerful, so it was worth getting to know.

“Pa Pa Pa!”

However, just as the old procuress was so furious that she wanted to vomit blood, yet she was helpless, a man quickly flew down from the second floor’s railing. He kept on clapping and then walked out, smiling at Chen Diudiu.

Xu Xuan took a glance and frowned, it was the man who held the girl previously, he seemed to be rather elegant, and his cultivation was very high, unexpectedly at the Mysterious Foundation Stage Late Phase level. It was just that he did not know why he was here at this time, but Xu Xuan faintly felt that the man had not come with good intentions.