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Chapter 887 –Brother’s Conflict Part 2

No matter what, Ye Si Huang would need to spend some times with Zi Qian Jing to get close with him…

“Little Huang Er, those people bullied our Mother. How shall deal with them?”

Zi Qian Jing swept a glance through the crowd with a cold smile.

Ye Si Huang tossed all his current grievance to the back of his mind upon hearing that. An intense tempest was stirred up within his purple eyes.

“You’re all too gutsy!” Shi Hua yelled furiously as he continued, “You’re acting too impudent in the presence of the head of the sect. If you don’t apologise, the lord head of the sect will definitely not let you off!”

Just as Tian Mo wanted to explain, he almost knelt down to his knees when he heard what Shi Hua said. He raised his hand to smack Shi Hua flying.


Shi Hua crashed heavily on the ground. He spat out a mouthful of blood with his complexion void of any colours.

Everyone was stunned as they didn’t expect Tian Mo to make a move on Shi Hua…

“Idiot!” Tian Mo glared at Shi Hua was he said angrily, “How allowed you to act so disgracefully? Do you know who that devil is? He is the current head of the Devil Sect. You mother f.u.c.ker still dares to make a move on him! If you’re sick of living, just commit suicide. Don’t implicate me. I still want to continue living!”

Shi Hua swallowed all of his words that he was about to say.

He then widened his eyes in astonishment as he looked with disbelief at that pet.i.te figure under the breeze. Dread infiltrated his heart at that instant, making his entire body tremble.

‘This boy is the mysterious current head of the Devil Sect?

‘Moreover, he is the son of that girl?

‘Oh heavens, just who have I offended…’

Currently, Shi Hua was so remorseful that he even thought about ending his own life.

‘If I knew that her son is that mysterious lord head of the sect, how can I still decide to do such a matter?’

It was a pity that there was no return for Shi Hua no matter how much he regretted…

Dou Wei Wei was so shocked that she covered her lips with her complexion instantly turning gravely pale. Her body was shuddering at this moment.

‘I didn’t expect that the girl that I thought to have no background will be the mother of the head of the Devil Sect. It was laughable that they treated her as an easy target where they could do anything to her…’

“I’m doomed. It’s over…”

Liu Lu staggered a couple of steps before sitting on the ground. She looked in despair at Ye Si Huang’s jade carved-like face. An unprecedented regret brimmed in her heart.

However, the one that regretted even more was Dou Lin.

‘She was initially my granddaughter and the head of the Devil Sect was my great-grandson. Now? I had actually given up a connection with the head of the Devil Sect for an Elder.

‘If my life can restart, I will certainly make different decisions!’

“Tian Mo!”

An intense fury erupted from Ye Si Huang’s body. The sky dimmed at that instant as a tempest surrounded his body. He yelled, “Roll down here for This Emperor this instant!”


Tian Mo got a fright as he immediately rolled down from the sky, rolling a couple rounds before stopping before Ye Si Huang. He then said flatteringly, “Lord, what instructions may you have?”

Ye Si Huang lowered his long eyebrow slightly.

With his lips gradually curling into a bloodthirsty smile, he ordered, “Kill everyone that had partic.i.p.ated in this incident without exception!”

Without exception…

Everyone’s heart shivered for an instant. They couldn’t believe that those bloodthirsty words had come from a little boy’s mouth. It was especially so when the little boy had such an adorable appearance…