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Chapter 788 – Trash Squad Part 9

“Since everyone has formed a team, we shall head to the first station, Eternal Night Forest.”

Eternal Night Forest was a mountain range in front of the City of Chaos.

The mountain range was over ten thousand meters, filled with endless hills and mountains. It was always night at that place. Thus, it was known as Eternal Night Forest. It was rumoured that no man had ever walked the entire mountain range. Hence, n.o.body similarly knew what was at the depth of the Eternal Night Forest.

The crowd didn’t expect that they would need to head to the life-endangering Eternal Night Forest.

Everyone instantly looked at each other with shock in their eyes.

“There’s no need to worry. I have already prepared a Teleportation Talisman for your safety. You can tear the Teleportation Talisman to successfully leave the Eternal Night Forest when you are in danger. But if a person die or tore the talisman in the team, that entire team will fail the round!”

Lin Li raised his chin as he looked coldly at the youthful faces of the crowd beneath the platform.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing that. The Eternal Night Forest was too dangerous after all. Who would dare to risk their lives without having a.s.surance of their survival?

Wouldn’t they be seeking death if they didn’t?

“If you are prepared, we will set out now!”

Lin Li’s voice was heard after sweeping a gaze through the discussing crowd.

“Hehe!” Liang Wen chuckled and with a cynical smile, he a.s.sured, “Lin Er, don’t worry. I will definitely protect you.”

He glanced at Qiancheng Yan’s youthful face with a trace of gloominess that flashed past his eyes while he said that.

‘I will certainly not let that trash Qiancheng Yan off this time no matter what!’

“Elder brother Liang…”

An Lin was touched by what Liang Wen said as she blissfully leaned into his embrace. She shot a complacent gaze toward An Xi’s team.

It was as if she was mocking them for being too weak…

“It is just a man. Does she need to always gloat about it?” An Xi muttered under her breath, “That man doesn’t seem to be good. Previously, he dared to use that gaze at Yue Er. Don’t even mention Yue Er, I won’t give him a glance if he was given to me…”

Shu Ning chuckled. “It is indeed the case. It is just that someone treats him like a treasure.”

‘Mu Ru Yue is incompatible with him?’

Shu Ning couldn’t help but smile when she thought about what An Lin said previously. She then shot a gaze to the girl with a cold expression.

‘The man that can stand by her side will undoubtedly be a dragon and phoenix among the common populace. No ordinary man can be compatible with her.

‘Her dazzling light will outshine all of them…’

“Master,” Qiancheng Yan withdrew his gaze. With a youthful smile, he said, “We need a team leader. How about Master be our leader?”

Shu Ning agreed with an elegant smile, “I have no comment on this. It will be the best if she can be the team leader.”

“I second Qiancheng Yan’s and Shu Ning’s decision.”

An Xi smiled adorably. Her pair of bright eyes on her tender and small face was like a pool of well water as she looked expectantly at Mu Ru Yue.


Mu Ru Yue raised her gaze slightly and said indifferently, “It is about time. We should follow the other teams to head out. Everyone must be vigilant in staying together after entering the Eternal Night Forest. That place is exceptionally dangerous…”

Moreover, she had an instinct that something will definitely occur in the Eternal Night Forest.

Shu Ning smiled slightly but didn’t say further. She kept the book that was in her hand as she said gently, “Let’s go…”