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Chapter 374 -The ‘Mistress’ Outcome Part 3

The protector advised Fu Li, making Fu Li swallow his anger. Fu Li then said coldly, “I will seek that old man Song Ran first. I will settle this debt with him after getting the pills to treat Ruo Ying. If he doesn’t give me an explanation, I won’t let him off scot-free even if I have to go to the dean!”

In the Alchemy Hall, Song Ran listened to the report about the commotion. He chuckled as he heard it and commented, “The Martial Hall took such a blow. I guess that old man Fu Li will be coming here really soon.”

Just as he said that, a report came in from outside, “Elder Song, Elder Fu Li has come to seek an audience.”

Song Ran was startled. When had that old man not barged in here whenever he came? He really changed his personality this time.

“Tsk! Tsk!” Song Ran shook his head before replying high spiritedly, “I just said that the old man would come here. Let him in.”

Once he instructed that, Fu Li with his ashened expression walked briskly in.

When he saw Song Ran expressing happiness from his misfortune, anger surged forth. But when he thought of his goal in coming here today, he suppressed it all once more.

“Elder Song Ran, I’ve come here to request a Mundane Stage pill from you.”

“Mundane Stage Pill?” Song Ran’s brows were raised as he expressed shame. “It is not that I don’t want to give that pill to you. It is just that… it is just I really don’t have any Mundane Stage pills at hand.”

Fu Li’s expression darkened as he said, “You just have to manufacture the pill and I will provide the ingredients.”

“Hehe! I feel really bad, but I had just tripped a couple of days before and broke my wrist. Hence, I won’t be able to manufacture pills.”

‘Broke his wrist?

‘Are you f.u.c.king treating me as a fool?’

Fu Li had the impulse to shout at him. Did he treat cultivators as trash? With his ability, he would survive a fall even if he fell off a cliff. He broke his wrist from tripping?

“Song Ran, are you really unwilling to help me?” A ball of flaming fury burned in Fu Li’s chest as he asked with narrowed eyes.

Song Ran sighed helplessly as he replied, “It is not that I don’t want to help you, but it is just that I can’t help even if I wanted to.”

“Good. Very good! Song Ran, I will complain about this to the dean. It is natural for the Alchemy Hall to distribute pills to the Martial Hall. You are just abusing your authority to avenge your grudges! I will also make those disciples under you pay the price for what they have done today! You just have to wait and see! Hmph!”

Fu Li shook his sleeves before turning to leave after tossing out those word. Thus, when he turned around he didn’t see Song Ran’s smile that was like a blossoming flower.

“It is useless even if you complain to the dean.”

He stroked his white beard as he looked with elation at the fleeting Fu Li’s back…

The dean was carefully inspecting Silver Leaf that was on a table in his luxurious and grandeur study room. His expression was as though he were looking at his son. But then a wailing sound came from outside his room. He was shocked and his fingers jerked, almost making Silver Leaf fall off the table.

At that instant, his face turned black.

“Dean, you must seek justice for me.”

Fu Li walked briskly in from outside.


He knelt before the dean.

“That b.a.s.t.a.r.d Song Ran was too much. He is harbouring his disciples’ wrongdoings, especially the ones known as Mu Ru Yue and Zi Qian Jing. They injured several of my Martial Hall’s disciples and made my disciple fall into a vegetative state. Her current health condition is unknown.

“My disciple was in the wrong initially so I won’t bother with her outcome. As long as Song Ran takes out pills to save my disciple, I will let it pa.s.s. Who knew that Song Ran would say he didn’t have any Mundane Stage pills at hand. He even used an excuse that he broke his wrist which resulted in him unable to refine pills. He is clearly driving my disciple to her death!” Fu Li complained with tears at the end of each of his words, blood in each of his sentences as he cried with the same fervor as though he’d just suffered immense grievance.