Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King Is Wife Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King Is Wife Chapter 126 – He Isn't A Fool?

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Chapter 126 -He Isn’t A Fool?

The black haired beauty’s hand was like an eagle’s claw as she viciously struck at Mu Ru Yue’s shoulder. Her nails was painted with a green liquid, resembling poisonous fluid that would make most people frightened.

“Stinky girl, since you didn’t want to go the easy way, let’s do it the hard way. Our sect leader is very n.o.ble. It is your fortune to catch his eyes. Since you don’t know what is best for you, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

A vicious ray of light flashed past her beautiful eyes. Just as the black haired beauty was almost in front of Mu Ru Yue, at that moment an arm extended from the side and pulled Mu Ru Yue into an embrace.

The killing intent from the man’s body burst outward. Peng! That black haired beauty was like a small boat as she landed heavily on the ground.

The black haired beauty spat out a mouthful of blood as she looked astonished at the man who had pulled Mu Ru Yue into his embrace. She was completely dazed.

“You… Aren’t you a fool?”

It wasn’t only the black haired beauty that was stunned; everyone at the scene was.

The man tightly held Mu Ru Yue in his embrace as he looked down to focus on that impeccable appearance. His voice was clear and pleasant to hear. There was a trace of laziness in his charm.

“My wife, leave the rest to your husband.”

Mu Ru Yue was stunned as she looked with amazement at the face in front of her.

It was a familiar face, but his expression was completely foreign to her….

“Wu Chen, you… are not a fool?”

That foolish and innocent Wu Chen was one of his facades? There wasn’t a single trace of pureness in his eyes at this moment. He instead gave off a sinister aura.

“I needed to disguise myself due to the Saintess Sect.”

That’s right, it was due to the Saintess Sect and not the so-called royal clan. The royal clan wasn’t worthy enough to be the reason why he had to hide for so many years. It was the Saintess Sect that he was apprehensive of these past years.

Even the current him wasn’t confident enough to annihilate the Saintess Sect.

But now, for her, he had abandoned the entirety of his disguise? If he didn’t care and ignored her for his disguise, then it would be difficult for him to forgive himself in his entire life.

“You have actually been lying to everyone all along!” Both of the Emperor of Zi Yue’s eyes turned blood-shot red. He glared viciously at Ye Wu Chen. “We have always been fooled by you all these years!”

Who would have thought that the Ghost King was actually not a fool that had the mentality of a six-year-old? He even had enough power to annihilate a False Xiantian. It was laughable that they had always treated him as though he didn’t understand anything.

Ye Wu Chen gently raised his head, the lips on his handsome face curling up into a sinister smile. He looked like a beautiful Devil’s snare filled with an aura that consisted of mystery and danger.

The black haired beauty’s body shuddered as she shouted, gritting her teeth, “Ye Wu Chen, if we knew that you weren’t a fool, then we, the Saintess Sect, would have killed you earlier on!”

“It is a pity that you didn’t cut the gra.s.s by its roots, thus leaving me, a disaster, behind.”

“You….” The black haired beauty looked at Ye Wu Chen who was walking towards her. She was really frightened. Fear enclosed her heart, making her shudder more violently. “Ye Wu Chen, even if you possess great powers now, my Saintess Sect will still be hard to deal with. Your power is still too insufficient to oppose my Saintess Sect.”

Ye Wu Chen raised his brow. With a sinister cold ray of light in his eyes, he continued, “So what?”

That’s right, so what? He initially wanted to continue hiding until he had sufficient enough power to obliterate the Saintess Sect. But now, he couldn’t stay unexposed when he had someone that he wanted to protect.

He definitely wouldn’t regret it, even if it meant abandoning all of his current plans for her.