Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King Is Wife Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King Is Wife Chapter 1013 –The Gathering Part 5

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Yan Tai laughed brazenly. His sinister expression made hair stand up on the back of everyone’s neck.

Murong Qin glanced at him coldly. With a ray of light that shot out from the sword in his hand, it had easily penetrated through his throat…

“Not good!”

When Yan Yu and Wu Xu saw Yan Tai had already died and was also at their limits, they rapidly retreated backward. Yet, the two of them died beside Yan Tai after Murong Qin and Yao Sheng joined in the battle once again.

The current scene was too dramatic. Who would expect the previous three people of the North Devil Palace that was just haughtily threatening them die so quickly…

Dou Yi Jun snapped out from his shock, hastily walking toward the crowd. “Thank you for the four of you to come for the rescue. I, Dou Yi Jun, will never forget this great favor and virtue.”

“Don’t thank me,” Yao Sheng swept past a gaze at Dou Yi Jun’s face as he explained coldly, “It is only due to me fancying this brat Qian Cheng Yan. Mu Ru Yue of your Dou family is his Master. How can I reject his request? However, where is Mu Ru Yue now?”

Dou Yi Jun’s expression turned gloomy.

Everyone looked at each other for a moment. The atmosphere in the surrounding tensed up.

“Can it be something happened to Yue Er?” An Xi became nervous as she continued, “I had heard from Shu Ning that Mu Ru Yue was previously in the Dou family sometimes ago. I had pleaded my Master to come and help after knowing about the Dou family’s crisis. Can it be Yue Er…”

An Xi’s heart clenched subconsciously upon thinking about the answer to her question.

‘I will never forget the woman that helped me when I was facing An Lin’s humiliation previously at the Chaos City.

‘It was from then on that I swear I would chase after her back for all my life and eternity. Hence, I joined the Martial Sect after that compet.i.tion ended. I was then recruited by Mo Fei as his disciple. I had done all of that due to hoping I will be able to help Mu Ru Yue one day in the future…

‘Thus, it will be unimaginable to me if something were to happen to Mu Ru Yue. What will be my drive in improving my might if something really happened to her?’

Dou Yi Jun smiled bitterly and shook his head. “Nothing has happened to her. She had just gone missing. Even we don’t know where Ye Wu Chen and Yue Er have gone to.”

An Xi obviously heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing that. She then said, “Everything will be fine then. Yue Er is so awesome that she won’t be in any danger. Even if she does face some crisis, she will have ways of solving them.”

Even An Xi herself didn’t understand why she had such great trust toward that woman…

“Let’s head in and have a chat.” Murong Qin frowned slightly as he surveyed the crowd in the courtyard. “I’m sure people of the two large power will be able to deal with the after mess. You won’t need to worry that there will be more problems since we will be here from now on.”

Xiao Tian Yu and Madam Sheng Yue looked at each other, sighing slightly.

‘It seems that currently, this is the only way in dealing with the situation…’

“Head leader, there’s good news!”

A voice was suddenly heard at this instant.

Dou Yi Jun frowned with slight displease. “What happened? How can there be any good news for us now?”

“It… it is Sir’s niece…” That person was panting profusely as he continued to report, “She has already entered the Tian Mo City with her husband by her side.”

“What?” Dou Yi Jun’s body jolted. He was jubilant as he commented, “Yue Er and Wu Chen? They are back? Quickly come with me to greet them!”

The crowd was excited at this moment. Xiao Tian Yu and Madam Sheng Yue hastily raised their heads to look at the entrance of the manor.

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